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Steel Prop Production Process

Steel Props Prenatal Inspection 3 times :  Choose the Raw material ( Q235 Material )

Steel Props Inline Inspection 4-6 times: Cutting Pipe -Outer Tube Wire – Inner Tube Punching – Stamping Hole – Welding

Steel Props Final Inspection all the time: Packing – Loading

Heavy Duty Steel Props

Light Duty Steel Props

U Head Steel Props

Steel Props With Tripod

Triangle Head Steel Props

Steel Props with Reinforced Tube

TSX Italia Light Steel Props For Construction

TSX Italia Light Steel Props ( 1.6-2.9M) , Load Capacity 13.2 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Steel Props ( 1.7-3.0M) , Load Capacity 12.06 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Steel Props ( 1.8-3.2M) , Load Capacity 10.85 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Steel Props ( 2.0-3.6M) , Load Capacity 8.14 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Steel Props ( 2.2-4.0M) , Load Capacity 6.2- 15.62 KN

Steel Props Production Processes

Cutting The Steel Props Pipe

Automatic Cutting The Pipe By Machine

Welding The Steel Props Screw

Weld The Steel Props Screw In Outer Tube

Welding The Steel Props Plate

Steel Props Welding The Plate On The Tube

Powder Coating the Steel Props

Powder Coating after the Welding

Packing the Steel Props

Packing the Steel Props in Bundle

Finished Steel Props

Packing the Steel Props in the Waregouse

DIN EN 1065 Class D Steel Props

TSX Steel Props Class D 30 T (1.82-3.0M),Load Capacity 21.1 – 39 KN

TSX Steel Props Class D 35 T (2.1-3.5M),Load Capacity 20.6 – 30 KN

TSX Steel Props Class D 30 (1.73-3.0M),Load Capacity  29.3 – 39 KN

TSX Steel Props Class D 35 (1.98-3.5M), Load Capacity 23.9 – 39 KN

TSX Steel Props Class D 35 ( 2.10-3.5M),Load Capacity 20.6 – 30 KN

Steel Prop Accessories

Steel Props Manufacturer-TSX Group

The Steel Props is adjustable vertical pipe support used for concrete formwork support.

High-strength steel props pins pass through the outer groove and the inner hole for coarse adjustment.

A steel props cast collar located under the pin allows fine adjustment of leveling or percussion.

The steel props thread ensures that no material or strength is lost at this critical point.

This is to ensure the safety of steel props during construction.

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Frequent Question

Do you have any question

1.What SizesOf of Steel Props Can Be Provided?

Steel Props size can be customized.

Height 1050mm-4900mm with axial compression working load limits ranging from 7kN to 42.5kN.

2.How Can We Choose the Right Size?

Please confirm the building height and area, we will match the size for you or Recommend you the right size that suits your market.

.WhatIs the MOQ Of Steel Props?

If delivered to them in China, MOQ is 10 pcs.

If delivered Worldwide, MOQ is 1750 pcs for one 20GP container.

4.What Types Of Steel Props Are There?

There are three types, the Middle Eastern type(60/48MM), the Spanish type(48/40MM), and the Italian type(56/48MM).

5.How Do I Know Which Type I’m Using?

Different regions use different types, you can tell me which country you are from, I can recommend based on our experience.

6.How Do I Know How Many PCS I Need?

You can tell us the total area of your building, and we will match the number of steel props according to the area. Usually, 4 pcs steel props are used per square meter

7.How Long Is Your Delivery Time?

Normally, it takes around 3-5 weeks after the advance payment is received.

8.Are There Any Activities To Buy Steel Props Now?

2021 is our tenth anniversary, and samples or formal orders are all eligible.

Any more discount activities, please contact our sales for more information.

9.Can You Design a logo For Me?

Yes. And we also can provide you with choices and suggestions, such as color, content, and size.

10.What Are The Surface Treatment Methods Of Steel Props?

Painted, Pre-galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot-dip galvanized.

11.How Can I Choose Suitable Specification?

You can tell us the height you need or we can advise you of a suitable specification base on our experience in your market.

12.How Many Steel Props Can Fit In A20 ft Container?

If it’s a flower plate, the whole bundle can hold 2020pcs based on the length below 4m, and weight below 13.5kg.

If it’s a square plate, the whole bundle can hold 1500pcs based on the length below 4m, and weight below 18kg.

13.What Is Construction Steel Props?

Steel Props is a system of structural members used temporarily to support loads during construction.

The forces arising from these loads must be fully resolved, using Steel Props or columns to provide all the support needed for the work under construction, such as beams, formwork, etc.

14.What Should I Consider When Buying Steel Props?

The design of Steel Props support system is a professional discipline, and complex forces must be considered, including the load to be supported; the inherent strength of the Steel Props support structure and its sturdiness, and the ability to resist external loads and wind loads;

15.What Rules Should Be Followed When Designing Steel Props Support Systems?
  1. It must calculate all the loads to be supported.
  2. It must consider the characteristics of the support points.
  3. It must select appropriate materials.
  4. Calculate all the forces and make a propping design to resolve those forces.
16.What are the requirements of good formwork?

1.It should be strong enough to withstand various dead and live loads. For example, self-weight, the weight of steel bars, the weight of wet concrete, worker’s load, and any other load during and after concrete placement.

2.It should be inflexible to build and effectively support and support to maintain its shape without excessive deflection.

3.The joints in the formwork should be tight enough to prevent leakage of cement slurry.

4.The formwork system should be created in a way that allows the different parts to be evacuated in the required order without shaking or damaging the concrete.

5.The material of the template should be cheap, easily available, and reusable many times.

6.The surface of the template should be flat and smooth and set appropriately to the required line and level.

7.When pouring concrete, the formwork material should not be bent or deformed due to sunlight, rain, or water.

8.It should be easy to remove.

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