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TSX GI Pipe 114.3mmx3mmx6m

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TSX GI Pipe 48.6mmx2.4mmx6m

TSX GI Pipe 48.6mmx2.2mmx6m

Why Choose TSX GI Pipe

  • GalvanizedProtect GI Pipe from corrosion
  • Slider Section HeadingTSX GI Pipe Packing and shipping
  • AutomationTSX GI Pipe Fully automated machinery and equipment
  • Precision cuttingTSX GI Pipe Precise cutting to reach the required size perfectly
  • Slider Section Details:  Professional QC is responsible for the TSX GI Pipe  inspection and packing

TSX GI Pipe Packing and shipping

Professional QC is responsible for the TSX GI Pipe  inspection and packing

GI Pipe Delivery

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GI Pipe Loading Way

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GI Pipe Inspect

GI Pipe Inspect

GI Pipe Inspect

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What benefits do customers get:

We are a GI Pipe factory, the price of the GI Pipe is more advantageous.

Customers can obtain high-quality GI Pipe products and efficient services.

Our suggestion is that when the GI Pipe’s price drops, the customer buys the product.

Customers can get high-quality GI Pipe products at low prices, and we can get many GI Pipe orders.

We will regularly update the GI Pipe price for customers based on the market price of steel.

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1. What is GI Pipe?

Gi Pipe or galvanizing pipe is a process of applying a protective zinc coating on steel or iron to prevent corrosion.
The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing, in which the part is immersed in a molten zinc bath.

2. What are the advantages of GI Pipe?

GI pipe has higher durability and longevity.
GI Pipe is with welding consistency and integrity.
GI Pipe has able to withstand strict manufacturing.

3. Why choose TSX GI Pipe?

TSX GI Pipe has an excellent finish and anti-rust coating.
TSX GI Pipe has stronger corrosion resistance.
TSX GI Pipe has the excellent bending ability, easy to cut and thread.
TSX GI Pipe has strict compliance with quality standards.

4. What are the advantages of GI Pipe?

Because of its toughness and ruggedness, the GI Pipe stays durable and functional for a longer period of time.
These GI Pipe invariably proves cheaper in the long run as they do not corrode and provide resistance from the impact as well as leakages.

5. How do you cut GI Pipe?

Yes, we can cut the GI Pipe to the size you want, you can also cut the GI Pipe by yourself, when using the metal cutter, you should aim the tool at the marked position on the GI Pipe and turn to make the wheel cut deeper until cut off.

6. What are the Quality Certifications can provide for the GI Pipe?

We can provide the Mil Cert for the GI Pipe, the ISO Cert for the GI Pipe, and also the SGS certifications for the GI Pipe.

7. Can I have a trial order only for several tons?

Of course! We can ship the cargo for you with LCL service.

8. What is the surface treatment of the GI Pipe?

GI pipe has 3 types: Hot Dip Galvanized, Pre-Galvanized, and Electro-Galvanized.

9. May I customize the GI Pipe?

Yes, OEM of the GI Pipe is available.
We can manufacture the GI Pipe according to your requirement, you can send the design or drawing of the GI Pipe to us.

10. What are the advantages of GI pipe?

GI pipe has a zinc layer thick, coating evenly, smooth surface, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, long service life, and other advantages.

11. How to package GI pipe?

1) in a bundle with 8-9 steel strips for the small outer diameter of the GI Pipe.
2)The GI Pipe Wrapped the bundle with water-proof cloth and then bundled by steel strips, and with the nylon lifting belts at both ends.
3)Loose package for the big outer diameter of the GI Pipe.
4)GI Pipe can be Packaged as per customer’s requirement.

12. What is the MOQ of GI pipe?

If it is our regular specification, such as 48.3*2.4*6000mm, 48.3*2.0*6000mm, the minimum order quantity is 10 tons, and we also have stock.
But for some special items, the MOQ should be one full container around 25-27 Tons.

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