Concrete Metal Forms

The characteristic of the Concrete Metal Forms is to fix the large steel plate and steel bar, tie rod or U clip and other accessories together, which is called “Concrete Metal Forms”.

Its function is to use concrete metal forms when pouring concrete to help cool the liquid form of the concrete into the desired shape.

Advantages of Concrete Metal Forms

  • Reused about 200-300 times
  • The concrete metal forms is sturdy and durable
  • Provide a uniform and smooth surface finish for the structure
  • The concrete metal forms is easy to fix and also easy to disassemble

The Basic Requirements Of a High-Quality Concrete Metal Forms

The material of the concrete metal forms should be structurally stable and can effectively support the liquid concrete in both horizontal and vertical directions. At the same time, its strength should be sufficient to withstand all types of static and live loads.

The joints between the concrete metal forms should be tightly connected by accessories to ensure that the cement slurry is prevented from leaking, which will damage the shape and aesthetics of the building.

At the same time, during the construction process, when the concrete metal forms is removed, the demolished concrete metal forms will not have any influence on the already formed concrete, which plays a role of reuse.

On the basis of ensuring the bearing capacity, the concrete metal forms should be more portable and convenient for workers to construct.

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