Steel Bridge Formwork


  • Construction concrete formwork can be made in various sizes or shapes for different types concrete structure.
  • The material of the formwork panel is a Q235 steel plate, which has good stiffness and ductility, not easy to deform.
  • Fixed by screw or u fastener, this construction formwork panel can be quickly combined together piece by piece without limit.
  • Steel concrete formwork is long-lasting than wood panels as it is water-proof and anti-corrosion.
  • The smooth surface of the steel panel can work out a perfect concrete finish.

Steel Bridge Formwork


Technical Specifications

  1. The Specifications can be broadly divided into the following types: Flat Forms- These are used for forming plane surfaces.They are fabricated into rectangular panels of various standard widths and lengths.
  2. Inner Corner Forms- These are used for forming inner right-angled corners of a structure.
  3. L-shaped Forms These are short inner corner forms for forming shot lengths of inner right-angle corners of structure. They consist of two form faces of various dimensions.
  4. Square Corner Forms- These are used for connecting inner corner forms of L-shaped forms (S-Forms) at the intersection of 3 surfaces.
  5. Corner Angles-These are used for forming external angles by combining 2 flat forms into a right-angled corner.

Steel Bridge Formwork

Steel Bridge Formwork

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    1. What color you can do for steel bridge formwork?

    The most popular colors for the steel bridge formwork are Brick red, blue, etc.
    If you need any other colors of steel bridge formwork, we can do it according to the color samples you provide.

    2. What kind of payment does your company support for the steel bridge formwork?

    We can accept the payment terms of steel bridge formwork as below :
    1) TT: TT 30% in advance, the Balance 70% against the Shipping Documents Draft if CIF Terms, or the Balance 70% before loading the container if FOB Terms.
    2) L/C: 100% L/C at sight.

    3. What’s the quality assurance you can provide and how do you control quality for the steel bridge formwork?

    TSX Establishes a procedure for the steel bridge formwork to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process – raw materials, in-process materials, validated or tested materials, finished goods, etc.

    4. Why choose TSX steel bridge formwork?

    TSX steel bridge formwork is exported to around 50 countries and Won unanimous praise from overseas customers.
    TSX steel bridge formwork meets different countries’ standard requests, and some already passed the local test.
    TSX steel bridge formwork is processed strictly according to our
    QC’s inspection request online.

    5. What is steel bridge formwork?

    The composite steel bridge formwork system is mainly used for structured buildings without beams.
    The excellent steel bridge formwork system can easily realize the integrated pouring of the wall panels.

    6. What are the characteristics of steel bridge formwork?

    Steel bridge formwork is with High rigidity, perfect concrete molding.
    The operation of the Steel bridge formwork is simple and labor-saving.
    Steel bridge formwork is Rapid prototyping, repeated turnover.

    7. Is steel bridge formwork suitable for bridge construction?

    Yes, steel is the most versatile and effective material of steel bridge formwork for bridge construction.
    Steel bridge formwork can not only withstand tensile, compressive, and shear loads but is also suitable for the superstructure of bridges from the smallest to the largest.
    Steel bridge formwork has a good bearing capacity and matches different forms of bridges.

    8. What are the advantages of steel bridge formwork?

    Compared with other materials, the lower construction cost of steel bridge formwork can help save money for the municipal government.
    Faster construction also reduces traffic interruption, and steel bridge formwork is more durable than other types of formwork.
    The recycling of steel bridge formwork is also suitable for environmental protection and can be recycled 200-300 times to save budget.

    9. How do I know the budget for the steel bridge formwork?

    Our technical department will match the corresponding accessories and some specifications for the steel bridge formwork according to the drawings you provide.
    Under the premise of ensuring the steel bridge formwork‘s quality, we will save your budget to the greatest extent.
    To save time, will first calculate the estimated price of the steel bridge formwork for your reference, and then take the details.

    10. What are the features of Steel Bridge Formwork?

    The Steel Bridge Formwork is with High stiffness, make the perfect shape for concrete.
    Steel Bridge Formwork is an Easy operation, save labor and force.
    Steel Bridge Formwork is Repeatedly turnover is available.

    11. How to transport Steel Bridge Formwork?

    We’ll put Steel Bridge Formwork in a 20-foot container or a 40-foot container and ship it by the shipping company.
    It means transporting the Steel Bridge Formwork by sea.

    12. How to ensure Steel Bridge Formwork quality?

    First of all, we have a test report about the Steel Bridge Formwork.
    Secondly, you can find a third-party testing agency to verify our quality for the Steel Bridge Formwork.