TSX Scaffolding Props
Scaffold Props Owned Certification
  • Building Prop Element
  • Adjustable Props SGS Certificate
  • Building Props Stork
  • Adjustable Props Certificate

Scaffold Props Production Line


  • Mechanical cutting the Scaffold Props Pipe to minimize the deviation.
  • Uniform mechanical drilling to ensure proper hole spacing in the Scaffold Props.
  • Welding the Scaffold Props top & base plate and the screw for easy adjustment and support.

Types of Scaffold Props For Sale

TSX-a company that has been manufacturing scaffold props suitable for all workplace needs for ten years
The following are six styles of scaffold props used in construction and various support systems
Light Duty Scaffold Props
Historical economic and versatile models made in Italy. Made of steel, have pre-galvanized and powder-coated.
Heavy Duty Scaffold Props
High capacity props, This model is popular in many continents, such as Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Fork/U Head Scaffold Props
Replace the scaffold props top plate with a U head to support the beams of the entire system.
Custom Made Scaffold Props
Provide drawings or other necessary documents, we provide custom products.
Franch Scaffold Props For Sale
Scaffold Props of french type, the most used in the French-speaking countries.
Push-pull Scaffold Props
The scaffold props operate pulling and pushing to hold the formworks in position.

TSX Scaffold Props Customized Product

Fix the hole position on the screw of the Scaffold Props to fine-tune the height.

Laser cut the scaffold props tube  to directly adjust the height using an hydraulic pump.

FRP Scaffold Props Mainly used in Electricity Industry, the material is FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics) to protect the safety of workers.


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  • OEM Scaffold Props
  • FRP Scaffold Props
  • Scaffold Props
  • Square Plate Scaffold Props
  • U Head Scaffold Props

Scaffold Props Head Plate Sizes

T Head(mm) : Length – 540

Square Plate(mm) : Width*Length*Thick – 120*120*4

U Head (mm) : Width*Length*Height*Thick – 120*110*45*5

Scaffold Props Producing Processes

Raw Material For Scaffold Props
Determine the type of raw material according to the style of scaffold props.
Cutting Pipe For Scaffold Props
Cut precisely to obtain the required length of scaffold props.
Drilling For Scaffold Props
Accurately drill holes with a distance of 110mm on the inner tube.
Welding Plate For Scaffold Props
Weld the top plate and bottom plate with the tube.
Welding Screw For Scaffold Props
Weld the roll-formed thread to the scaffold props outer tube.
Powder Coating For Shuttering Props
Anti-rust treatment for semi-finished products.
Scaffold Props For Customization
Customized products can be provided upon request: for example, specific colors or logos for scaffold props.
Inspection for Scaffold Props
Use calipers and other tools to measure the diameter,thickness and length of the finished scaffold props.
Packaging For Scaffold Props
After packing 50 pieces per pack, the finished products are then loaded into trucks or containers and transported.

Simple Flexible, and Safe Scaffold Props Project

The scaffold props do not only have the characteristics of a wide application range and strong bearing capacity but also can effectively reduce the number of scaffold props and construction costs.

The most important thing is that the distance between the scaffold props and the cross beam can be adjusted in time according to the load of the beam, without being restricted by the horizontal connecting rod.

Establishing a safe construction site requires strict compliance with various standards, which can be seen from the selection of materials used on the construction site, take the Scaffold Props as a sample.

This is also the scaffold props quality that We-TSX has been strictly implementing and continuously optimizing for the safety of our customers, and similarly, for our customers’ clients.

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