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  • Acro Supports usually can be used for 5-10 years.
  • Acro Supports Three types : 40/ 48 mm; 48/56 mm; 48/60 mm.
  • Acro Supports Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Spanish Type Acro Supports For Sale

Adjustable Nut Acro Supports

  • Inner Tube: 48 mm
  • Outer Tube: 60 mm
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm-4 mm
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Tri-pod Building Props
  • Blue Building Props
  • Acro prop Tri-pod

The Various Types Of Acro Supports

Acro Supports system

  • U-head: It supports the beams on the roof
  • Tripod: It makes the support system more stable

Acro Supports For Sale

Our scaffolding manufacturing department in Tianjin, China manufactures Acro Supports according to standards and specifications based on different markets.

We manufacture supply and export Acro Supports in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar in the Middle East and Djibouti, Kenya, Guinea in Africa, and the European and American markets.


1. What is the weight of the Acro Supports with 1.8mm thickness and 2.7m inner tube length and 2.5m outer tube length?

The weight of the Acro Supports size same as the question is 13.55KG/PCS.

2. Can I customize the color of Acro Supports?

The answer to this question must be yes, we are the professional manufacturer of Acro Supports, your order quantity is more than 1000pcs then can customize the color of Acro Supports.

3. How many kinds of Acro Supports are there?

Our factory mainly produces three types of Acro Supports, which are Middle East type Acro Supports, Spanish type Acro Supports, and Italian type Acro Supports.

4. How high can the Acro Supports be adjusted?

When you need how high to extend the Acro Supports, insert a pin into a hole in the inner tube and you can fasten the Acro Supports. Many Acro Supports are used to support the ceiling make sure the Acro Supports have a tight connection between the floor and the surface that needs to be supported. It is important to use the correct sized stanchions for the job, the required stiffness of the Acro Supports will depend on the height and weight of the required Acro Supports and each type of Acro Supports has different specifications.

5. What are the advantages of Acro Supports?

①Acro Supports are the easiest, quickest, most reliable, and most economical method of temporary support.
②The Acro Supports are available in 3 different sizes and the height can be adjusted.
③Acro Supports are the most cost-effective method for your project.

6. What types of projects are suitable for using Acro Supports?

Acro Supports are mainly used for bracing: temporary support during building repair or renovation work. A typical application for Acro Supports are to support existing horizontal beams when removing or repairing their original masonry supports. Then use a pair of Acro Supports, one on each end. Existing windows or doorways can be supported directly or through Acro Supports. The bottom and top plates of Acro Supports are small, generally 120*120mm steel plates, so the Acro Supports are suitable for supporting vertical loads.

7. When should Acro supports be removed?

The Acro supports should never be removed until the structure is completely sound. The same is true of a load-bearing wall – the Acro supports should only be removed once new supports have been placed

8. When should I use Acro supports?

Generally, Acro supports are used for scaffolding or building support to aid in the completion of the following tasks or projects:
1. Acro supports used construction or renovation of a building
2. Acro supports are used to add a window, doorway, or archway to a wall.
3. Acro supports used Installing reinforced beams and concrete sections.

9. What are the surface treatment methods of Acro supports?

Acro supports have four types of surface treatment: Painted、Pre-galvanized、powder coated、Hot-dip galvanized. Pre-galvanized Acro supports、powder coated Acro supports are the two best-selling surface treatment

10. What are Acro Supports?

The Acro Supports is a simple but innovative construction device that provides temporary and adjustable vertical load-bearing support.
Also known as Acro Supports, shore pillars, or pillars, are often used for support during building repairs—for example, to support beams, doors, and window frames during renovations.

11. How does the Acro Supports item work?

Acro Supports has a variety of designs, but most include:
Two sections of adjustable high-strength telescopic steel pipes-including an inner pipe with a welded top plate and an outer pipe with a welded bottom plate.
And a pin mechanism that locks these tubes in place when the required length is reached

12. What are the benefits of using Acro Supports?

Versatility: Acro Supports can be used to perform a variety of temporary support tasks, including supporting scaffolding.
Simple: In order to be easy to use, most Acro Supports require a quick 3-step setup, which can be installed by only one person.
Flexibility: The double adjustment system of adjustable steel prop allows fine adjustments after the Acro Supports are in place.

13. What to know before buying Acro Supports?

Before you prepare to buy, need to keep the following points :
1. Whether the price is really the most favorable;
2. What kind of after-sales service can the merchant provide;
3. Whether the delivery date is accurate;
4. Quality issues.
We expect to ship ten containers of Acro Supports products every month to serve customers around the world with the best service and good quality.

14. How to install Acro Supports?

Before shipping, our Acro Supports are fully installed and ready to use.
If you are buying parts,
1. Place the outer tube and tighten the nut.
2. Put the G pin on the inner tube and put it in the outer tube.
3. Insert the G pin into the hole on the inner tube to adjust the height.

15. What is Acro Supports used for in construction?

Acro Supports is a structural component system used to temporarily support loads during construction. The forces generated by these loads must be completely resolved. Acro Supports are used to provide all necessary support for the work in progress, such as workers’ working platforms, beams, formworks, etc.

16. What is Acro Supports?

Acro Prop Supports are used to provide support to brickwork and other construction support structures. Also known as Strongboys these are used as an adaptation to an adjustable steel prop. Due to the robust dynamics, it can be fitted between courses on a double-skin, brick cavity wall from either side.

17. How much weight can an Acro prop Support?

Approximately 4,300kg.
The axial compression load limits of Acro props range from 7kN right up to 42.5kN. The maximum weight Acro prop Supports can support is approximately 4,300kg.

18. Can Acro Supports be used permanently?

My understanding is although acrows must obviously provide adequate support they are generally a temporary measure and permanent use would required some sort of inspection regime.

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