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TSX Scaffolding Pipe In Packing And Shipping

Protection-Pack carefully to protect the Scaffolding pipe.

Check-Professional QC is responsible for the TSX Scaffolding Pipe inspection and packing

Communication-Will communicates with customers in real-time about the packing process for the Scaffolding pipe.

TSX Scaffolding Pipe Product Description


Scaffolding Pipe which can be galvanized used in building greenhouses skeleton material.

Scaffolding Pipe’s coating is relatively uniform, its adhesive ability is strong and its useful life is long.

Our professional production staff, Scaffolding Pipe provided by our company, are well received by customers, and the products are spread all over the world. Known for its best quality.


1. Where can Scaffolding Pipe be applied?

Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Curtainwall, architecture
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Machinery manufacturing, steel construction projects
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in shipbuilding
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Solar power bracket
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Steel structure engineering
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in car chassis
Scaffolding Pipes can be used in building airports.

2. What is Scaffolding Pipe be applied?

A scaffolding Pipe is a lightweight thin-walled steel tube with a hollow section, also known as a steel cooling and bending profile.
A scaffolding Pipe is around a sectional shape formed by high-frequency welding and is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel or rolled steel plate.

3. What are the characteristics of Scaffolding pipes?

Scaffolding pipes are Corrosion resistant.
Scaffolding pipes are Good mechanical properties.
Scaffolding pipes are Good low-temperature toughness.
Scaffolding pipes are Welding, cold resistance, heat treatment.

4. What is the size of the scaffolding pipe?

The Popular Diameter of the scaffolding pipe is 48.3mm, the thickness of the scaffolding pipe is 2.2mm, 2.4mm, 2,75mm, 3mm, 3.75mm, and 4mm.

5. How can I know how my scaffolding pipe order is being done?

Our QC will inspect and test the scaffolding pipe in order to avoid damage and missing parts before delivery.
The detailed inspection pictures of the order will be sent to you for your confirmation before delivery.

6. Can we visit your scaffolding pipe factory?

Warmly welcome to our scaffolding pipe factory, once you confirm the visiting schedule we will pick you up in the airport.

7. What is the normal size of the scaffolding pipe?

The scaffolding pipe shall comply with the EN39 standard and shall be galvanized steel.
The diameter for the scaffolding pipe should be 48.3 or 48.6 mm, and the thickness is usually 2.0 mm-4.0 mm.
The scaffolding pipe should be straight visually, in order to adapt to the size of the container, the length of the scaffolding pipe is usually 5.8m or 6m.
For example, the scaffolding pipe size can be 48.3*2.2*6000mm.

8. What are the features and benefits of scaffolding assembled by scaffolding pipe?

The scaffold formed by the scaffolding pipe can avoid almost any obstacle.
The scaffolding pipe’s versatility allows access to 99% of scaffolding applications in crowded or restricted areas.
Used as a supplementary or independent scaffolding structure, scaffolding pipe can fit any shape, height, or width.

9. Where is the scaffold composed of scaffolding pipe used for?

Scaffolding pipes and couplers are integrated into our system scaffolding and are often used in power plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical plant environments.
Scaffolding pipes Can provide complete flexibility and easy and safe assembly, And quickly adapt to the most complex tasks.

10. What is a scaffolding pipe?

The 48.3mm galvanized steel scaffolding pipe is specially designed for scaffolding pipes and connectors.
The surface of the pipe is hot-dipped galvanized to provide excellent appearance and sufficient durability and is suitable for applications where salty air is inevitable or long-term exposure to the weather.

11. Where can Scaffolding Pipe be used?

Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Piling works.
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in the Heating project
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Transporting drinking water, drainage, coal gas, gas, mineral slurry, etc.
Medium pressure fluid.
Scaffolding Pipes can be used in oil and gas pipelines.
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in the Chemical industry.
Scaffolding Pipe can be used in Power engineering circulating pipe.

12. What are the specifications of a hot-dip galvanized scaffolding steel pipe?

1)Scaffolding steel pipe’s Standards: BS1139, EN39, EN10219, GB/T13793, JIS G3444
2)Scaffolding steel pipe’s Outer diameter is 48.3-48.6mm
3)Scaffolding steel pipe’s Wall thickness: 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3.0mm, 3)25mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm.
4)Scaffolding steel pipe’s Length: 5.8m, 6.0m, 6.4m, 6.5m, 0.3-18m
5)Scaffolding steel pipe’s Surface: black or galvanized.

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