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Automatic Scaffold Production Line

Certificated Scaffold and Formwork Products Factory

As one of the best Scaffold & Formwork Products manufacturer in China, TSX Scaffold & Formwork Products conform or exceed the industry standards, SGS tested and certified withJIS/ EN / BS Standards.

Send us your project requirements, and we will provide you with the best scaffolding and formwork product solutions based on your detailed requirements.

Steel Acrow Prop

Standard Steel Acrow Prop Or Custom Your Own Design.

Frame Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding with Ladder and Walk Thr Type

Steel Formwork

Steel Formwork with all different sizes & Shape Designs.

TSX: Your Reliable Scaffold and Formwork Products Supplier in China

If you Business or Project requires scaffolding and formwork products, TSX will be your best Supplier choice for the Scaffolding and Formwork Products in China.

As one of the high-quality suppliers of scaffolding and formwork products, All of our scaffolding and formwork products can meet customer or industry standards.

TSX will provide competitive prices according to your project requirements.

TSX will provide you the best solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team’s Support.

If you are looking for an OEM manufacturer of scaffolding and formwork products, TSX will 100% support your brand development.

Please email us your detailed requirements now.

TSX Scaffolding & Formwork Products Manufacturing

Scaffold and Formwork Related Products

TSX Scaffold and Formwork Products

Quality scaffolding and formwork products come from high requirements and advanced manufacturing technology.

TSX produces different types of one-stop Scaffolding and formwork products.

You can choose different types of Products, Different sizes and different colors.

Provide us your Project’s request, we will provide you with the best proposal solution.

Your Scaffold and Formwork Products Surface Types

We also can custom your Scaffold & Formwork Products based on your designs

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