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What is Shoring and Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure built solely for the purpose of elevating workers, materials and equipment.
Shoring systems are also temporary. However, they’re intended to support the building or bridge, not the workers.

The Details Determine The Safety, Stability and Quality of Shoring and Scaffolding

1.The distance between the two Shoring And Scaffolding frame is 1829mm
2.The surface treatment of the shoring and scaffolding system is galvanized
3.Shoring and scaffolding style is ladder frame, width * height-1219*1700mm
4.The video shows how to build the second level for shoring and scaffolding

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    Shoring and scaffolding are the most frequent temporary structures in building construction.

    In a multi-story building, the support of newly poured concrete must be supported by the lower floors, which may not have reached their full strength.

    The building load may be much greater than the design load.

    Therefore, sufficient shoring andscaffolding must be provided for the floor slab to develop the required capacity to support the applied load without generating excessive stress or deflection.

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     Why Choose Shoring And Scaffolding ?


    This question is often asked during the installation of support equipment. Often the situation will be misdiagnosed.

    Does it make sense to determine the difference between shoring and scaffolding? Do different types of shoring and scaffolding affect the safety of installers or users?

    The first step is to determine the basic difference between shoring and scaffolding. Scaffolding is any temporary elevated platform and its supporting structure used to support workers and materials.

    On the other hand, as described in the TSX shoring and scaffolding, Support and Forming Institute, the shoring functions as a load-bearing formwork. These definitions certainly indicate a significant difference between shoring and scaffolding.

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