Formwork System

Formwork System is not traditional wood formwork, plywood formwork, but it is made from Steel Material.

Formwork System can be made into a variety of shapes.

Formwork System is widely used in architecture.

Formwork System’s Multi-purpose Advantages :

  • Formwork System can Anti-seismic resistance.
  • Formwork System with Good deformation and integrity.
  • Formwork System with better quality can be reused 100-200 times.
  • Formwork System With a Good reinforcement system and high strength.
  • Formwork System with High production precision, tight patchwork, not easy to disassemble.


Acrow Formwork Drawing Draft
Acrow Formwork Drawing Draft


1.How does The Formwork System Meet The Load-Bearing And Height Requirements?

The welds of each template are at a right angle of 90 degrees to obtain maximum strength while maintaining the thickness of the entire plane without adding extra weight.

2.What is The Application Scope Of The Formwork System?

The Formwork System provide vertical strength and a foundation to which additional support products can be added. It also provides compatibility with other products, making it versatile and cost-effective to use. They can be used for building walls, bridges, sewers, etc.

3.How To Ensure The Safety Of Workers Using Formwork System?

Do well in the training knowledge of the workers, and do not move the Formwork System by yourself when using the Acrow formworks by multiple people. Regularly check the lie of the Formwork System


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