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Product NameSteel formwork
ColorDepend on customer
ShapeInner Corner Form
Delivery TimeWithin 20 days after received the deposit
UsedBuilding, Bridge

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1.Can you accept the customized Inner Corner Formwork?

Yes. If you have special requirements on products or packages, we can do customization for you.

2.How to buy your ideal Inner Corner Formwork product?

You can provide us your drawing, and we will product as your drawing. Or we can design as your requirements if you do not have a clear plan.

3. What is your Packing for the Inner Corner Formwork Item?

Generally, we pack the Inner Corner Formwork in strip and in bundle or load into the container in bulk if the container is so full, or can be as customers’ request.

4. How much is the price of Inner Conner Formwork?

The price of the Inner Conner Formwork is not fixed, it is calculated according to the size and weight.
It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials for the Inner Conner Formwork.

5. What is the purpose of using Inner Conner Formwork?

The Inner Conner Formwork shall be used as a formwork for the concrete structure, which is used to connect the flat formwork to make it a square column type or on wall corners.

6. Can you reuse Inner Conner Formwork?

Yes, The Inner Conner Formwork can be reused more than 100 times.
You can purchase the Inner Conner Formwork once, and reuse them for several Projects.
In other words, the reusable Inner Conner Formwork will save you money and time always.

7. What are the advantages of Inner Conner Formwork?

Inner corner formwork is durable and strong.
Inner corner formwork Provides a uniform and smooth surface finish to the structure.
Great reusability makes the Inner corner formwork assemble the flat formwork easily, and also easy to unassemble.

8. What are the different types of Inner Conner Formwork applied for?

Inner Conner Formwork is mainly applied for square column formwork, an inner corner for the wall, and etc.

9. What is the Inner Conner Formwork advantage?

The inner corner formwork can connect with the different pcs of steel formwork stably.

10. What is an Inner corner formwork?

Inner corner formwork is Combined using special corners and compensation plates, right-angle walls, three-way T-shaped walls, and four-way horizontal walls that can be easily formed.

11. What are the main features of the Inner corner formwork?

Inner corner formwork is Easy to set up.
Inner corner formwork can Modular work.
Inner corner formwork is with Strong tolerance.

12. Why do more and more people choose Inner corner formwork?

The Inner corner formwork helps shorten the time and cost of the project by shortening the floor-to-floor construction cycle time, which means that more projects can meet their budgetary needs.

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