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  • Acro Jacks usually can be used for 5-10 years.
  • Acro Jacks Three types : 40/ 48mm; 48/56mm; 48/60mm.
  • Acro Jacks Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Spanish Type Acow Jacks For Sale

Adjustable Nut Acow Jacks

  • Inner Tube: 48mm
  • Outer Tube: 60mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm-4mm
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Tri-pod Building Props
  • Blue Building Props
  • Acro prop Tri-pod

The Various Types Of Acow Jacks

Acro Jacks system

  • U-head: It supports the beams on the roof
  • Tripod: It makes the support system more stable

Acro JacksFor Sale

Our scaffolding manufacturing department in Tianjin, China manufactures acro Jacks according to standards and specifications based on different markets.

We manufacture supply and export acro Jack in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar in the Middle East and Djibouti, Kenya, Guinea in Africa, and the European and American markets.


1. What packaging method is used for Acro Jacks?

Our factory package Acro Jacks is usually in a bundle,50PCS Acro Jacks/bundle. This way can protect Acro Jacks from bumping.

2. What are the components of Acro Jacks?

The Acro Jacks consist of seven parts: top plate, bottom plate, inner tube, outer tube, sleeve, pin, nut.

3. Which shape can be provided of Acro Jack top plate?

Our factory produces 3 shapes of Acro Jack top plate: square top plate, flower top plate, and U shape top plate.

4. What are Acro Jacks?

The Acro Jacks is a simple but innovative construction device that provides temporary and adjustable vertical load-bearing support. Acro Jacks, also known as shore stanchions or shore back stanchions, are commonly used for support during building repairs – such as supporting beams, doors, and window frames when undergoing renovations.
Acro Jacks are designed to replace custom wooden pillars with a more cost-effective and flexible form of temporary building support. Acro Jacks can be found on construction sites around the world.

5. How do Acro Jacks work?

Adjustable high-strength telescopic steel tubes in two lengths – including an inner tube with a welded top plate and an outer tube with a welded bottom plate; and locking the tubes to pins when the desired length is reached.

6. What are the benefits of using Acro Jacks?

①Versatility: Acro Jacks can be used to perform a variety of temporary support tasks.
②Simple: For ease of application, most Acro Jacks require a quick 3-step setup, which can be installed by just one person.
③Flexibility: Acro Jacks’ dual adjustment system allows fine-tuning after the props are in place.

7. When should Acro Jacks be removed?

The Acro Jacks should never be removed until the structure is completely sound. The same is true of a load-bearing wall – the Acro Jacks should only be removed once new supports have been placed

8. How to prevent Acro Jacks accidents?

Methods to prevent Acro Jacks accidents:
Inspect Acro Jacks before use
Observe the use of Acro Jacks rules
Train workers in the proper use of Acro Jacks
Ensure the stability of Acro Jacks

9. Where is Acro Jacks used?

Acro Jacks can be used in building houses, etc. It can also be used to Acro Jacks up buildings, ships, or ditches when they are in danger of collapse or when they are being repaired or rebuilt. Acro Jacks can be vertical, slant, or horizontal.

10. How is the adjustable length of the Acro Jacks determined?

Acro Jacks used as scaffolding and concrete formwork columns have become more and more popular among construction workers in recent years.
Acro Jacks are adjustable, and the adjustable height is customized according to the floor and floor height.

11. What are the Acro Jacks made of?

The Acro Jacks are mainly composed of upper and lower bottom plates, outer pipes, inner pipes, nuts, etc.
Acro Jacks’ height of the inner tube can be adjusted automatically, and the outer tube stabilizes the entire bracket through the bottom plate.

12. Where are Acro Jacks mainly used?

Acro Jacks are widely used in the construction and repair of buildings, mainly to provide ideal support for various buildings and beams of various shapes.
Acro Jacks can be divided into light steel supports and heavy steel supports according to their bearing capacity

13. What is Acro Jacks?

Put simply, an Acro Jack is a temporary vertical support used in the construction industry to hold up load bearing objects, preventing them from colapsing while building or repair work is carried out below.

14. How much weight can an Acro Jacks take?

An Acro Jack can take approximately 4,300kg.
The axial compression load limits of Acro Jacks range from 7kN right up to 42.5kN. The maximum weight Acro Jacks can support is approximately 4,300kg.

15. Can Acro Jacks be used permanently?

My understanding is although acro must obviously provide adequate support they are generally a temporary measure and permanent use would required some sort of inspection regime.

16. How much is weight can the Acro Jacks bear?

The bearing capacity of the Acro Jacksdepends on the thickness and height.
When the height of the Acro Jacksis the smallest, the bearing capacity of the corresponding specifications is the largest.
Normally, the bearing capacity of the Acro Jacks can reach up to about five tons, If you need to know the bearing capacity of other Acro Jacks specifications, please contact us.

17. How does Acro Jackswork?

The screw of each Acro Jacks is completely welded to the outer tube to obtain maximum strength.
The working principle of the Acro Jacks is to adjust the length of the inner and outer tubes to meet various height and load-bearing requirements.

18. How to install Acro Jacks?

Before shipment, our Acro Jackshas all been installed and can be used directly.
1)Place the Acro Jacksouter tube, screw the Acro Prop nut.
2)Put the Acro Jacks G pin on the Acro Prop inner tube, then put it in the Acro Prop outer tube.
3)Insert the Acro JacksG pin into the hole on the inner tube to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height.

19. Why choose TSX Acro Jacks?

TSX Acro Jacksis robust and durable.
TSX Acro Jacks is made of high-quality steel.
Acro Jacks has outer pipes with rolled threads, which can maintain the thickness of the pipe wall to maintain maximum strength.
Acro Jackshas a galvanized finish to provide long-life corrosion protection.

20. What is the process of TSX Acro Prop?

TSX Acro Jacks is made of high-quality raw materials and then hot-dip galvanized when it is manufactured.
The Acro Jackswelding and threading processes are completed before the Prop hot-dip galvanized, which means that all surfaces of the Acro Jacks exposed to the environment are fully protected by the process.
All components of Acro Jacks, including inner and outer pipes, bottom and top plates, and threads are fully galvanized.

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