Mason Scaffold
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Mason Scaffold's Accessories

  • Mason Scaffold Joint Pin
    Mason Scaffold Joint Pin
    Connect The Second Layer Of Mason Scaffold
  • Mason Scaffold Steel Plank
    Mason Scaffold Steel Plank
    Convenient For Workers To Construct
  • Mason Scaffold Base Jack
    Mason Scaffold Jack Base
    Adjust The Height Of The Mason Scaffold
  • Mason Scaffold Wheels
    Mason Scaffold Wheels
    Movable and Applicated In The Mason Scaffold
  • Mason Scaffold Outriggers
    Mason Scaffold Outriggers
    Used To Support Additional Steel Plank
  • Mason Scaffold Cross Brace
    Mason Scaffold Cross Brace
    Connect Two Pieces Of Mason Scaffold Frame

Types of Mason Scaffolds For Sale

The following six types of mason scaffolds are mainly sold to South America, North America, Europe and Africa based on our Ten-Year export experience

Powder-coated Mason Scaffold
The surface treatment of the mason scaffold is powder coating
Pre-galvanized Manson Scaffold A Frame
Hot-Selling Ladder Type Mason Scaffold
Pre-galvanized Mason Scaffold A Frame
Hot-Selling Walk Through Type Mason Scaffold
Mason Scaffold With V-Lock Pins
Install V-lock, suitable for the US market
Mason Scaffold With C-Lock Pins
Installed gravity drop C-Lock and rust resistant insert pins
Mason Scaffold With Fast Lock Pins
Install Fast Lock, suitable for South America

With Ladders and Handrails, Necessary Accessories for Mason Scaffold Towers

  • The surface treatment of the mason scaffold system is galvanized

  • Mason scaffold style is ladder frame, width * height-1524*2130mm

  • The distance between the two mason scaffold frame is 3450mm

  • The width and length of the ladder is 480*3620mm

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    Committed to Providing Customers with one-stop Mason Scaffold solutio

    In order to make our customers enjoy service and quality beyond expectations, TSX mason scaffold provides scaffolding products and formwork materials to 66 countries/regions around the world.

    As a Mason Scaffold factory for 10 years, Our customers and partners include contractors, construction companies, leasing, resale, engineering companies, mason scaffold factories and wholesalers.

    Save Costs For Mason Scaffold
    TSX is a trading company with factory. The production capacity of Mason Scaffold with more than 1,000 tons per week can be faster and cheaper.
    Free Estimated Project Cost For Mason Scaffold
    TSX's strong mason scaffold technical team will estimate the cost based on the height and width of your building.
    Customized Design For Mason Scaffold
    We are OEM/ODM mason scaffold manufacturer. Our design department can provide special designs according to each customer’s project and construction requirements, TSX will be your best mason scaffold partner.
    Fast DeliveryFor Mason Scaffold
    While having a strong mason scaffold production capacity, we also have an extensive transportation and logistics network to ensure the fastest mason scaffold delivery for your scaffolding materials

    Your Best Choice for Chinese For Mason Scaffold Manufacturer-TSX

    • TSX is a professional mason scaffold manufacturer in China.
    • Mason scaffold is widely used in construction and concrete supports, its cost and heavy load capacity are cheaper.
    • TSX is not only able to manufacture your mason scaffold frame style and size, but also can design related scaffolding products according to your construction scaffolding and formwork design and safety bearing capacity requirements.
    • Mason Scaffold Surface Treatment including powder coating and galvanized.
    • Powder Coating Mason Scaffold: Powder coating is the most popular surface treatment method in the United States.
    • This surface treatment is suitable for all types of mason scaffolds.
    • Before coating, sandblasting is required. Therefore, the powder-coated mason scaffold has very strong adhesion strength, the surface of the mason scaffold frame is very smooth and shiny.
    • It has anti-corrosion and resistance to external forces.
    • Galvanized Mason Scaffold: The pre-galvanized mason scaffold is made by welding galvanized pipes.
    • After welding, the mason scaffold needs to be further sprayed on the welding line to make the zinc better adhere to the surface after the welding process.


    1.How To Use Mason ScaffoldSafely On The Lawn?

    After heavy rain, the tripods used to build feet or mason scaffolds are likely to be unstable.

    The softer the shelf, the easier the mason-scaffold steel structure under your feet will sink.

    As a result, the whole process may sink if you don’t want to fall off it.

    The best way is to put wood on each mason-scaffold foot to prevent it from sinking on the slide.

    2.How To Prevent Falling From Mason Scaffold?

    Even if you rush to finish the day’s construction work before the heavy rain, be very careful when climbing on the mason scaffold.

    Now, the construction workers had to climb up and down the structure many times. The mason scaffold becomes very slippery during the rainy season, which may cause a slipping hazard.

    If you want to stay safe, climb up the mason scaffold slowly and lift the other foot only after the first foot is stable.

    You should also always hang on to the structure.

    3.How To Ensure MasonScaffold Worker Safety?

    Before using mason-scaffold, workers should do a good job of safety training knowledge and check whether the mason scaffold is rusty.

    And always check the links of the mason-scaffold to prevent fission

    4.What Are The Specification Of The Mason Scaffold?

    The usual specification is 1219*1930mm, 1219*1700mm, 914*1700mm, 1524*1524mm.

    Of course, we can also customize it according to your needs.

    5.What’s Your MOQ Of MasonScaffold?

    One full 40ft container is estimated at 300-400 Sets.

    The amount of packing depends on the specification of the mason scaffold.

    6.What Is Included In A Set Of Mason Scaffold?

    2 pieces of Frames, 2 pieces of cross brace, 4 pieces of a joint pin, 1piece of steel plank, 4 pcs of Jack Base, 4 pcs of Wheels.

    7.What Is The Purpose Of Mason Scaffold?

    Scaffolding is a temporary platform used to lift and support workers and materials during construction, repair, or cleaning of structures or machines.

    It can be moved flexibly to facilitate construction and improve efficiency.

    8.How High Can Mason Scaffold Go?

    The safety of construction scaffolding is the most important.

    Scaffolding with a height of more than 125 feet above the base must be designed by a professional registered engineer.

    9.How Is Mason Scaffold Packed?

    Generally, a 40-foot container can hold 300-400 sets mason-scaffold, and a 40-foot container can hold 400-600 sets of mason-scaffold

    10.There Are Several Surface Treatments For MasonScaffold? 

    The mason scaffold has two kinds of surface treatment, one is galvanized, the other is Powder coated.

    Both Powders coated and galvanized can meet your different demands.

    11.How Do I Know How Many Sets Of MasonScaffold I need?

    You can tell us the area of the building, the length, width, and height of the building, and we can match the quantity of mason scaffold needed according to your size.

    12.What Is the Size Of Mason Scaffold?

    The Sizes can be customized.

    Generally the Width is 0.9m/1.2m/1.5m ,Height is 1.5m/1.74m/1.9m.

    13.How Many Sets For One Container?

    The loading quantity is based on mason scaffold size.

    Size 0.9*1.7m , 40HQ Container—500 sets

    Size 1.2m*1.7m , 40HQ Container—400 sets

    Size 1.5m*1.7m, 40HQ Container—250sets

    Size 1.5m*1.5m, 40HQ Container—200sets

    14.What’s the Application Of Mason Scaffold?

    It’s a temporary structure used to support staff and materials to help construct, maintain, and repair buildings, bridges, and all other man-made structures.

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