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What Is TSX GI Square Pipe

GI Square Pipe has long been one of the most widely used building materials in the world

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Why choose TSX GI Square Pipe

GI Square Pipe is compatible with all types of couplers and fittings.

GI Square Pipe comes supplied with Full Inspection.

GI Square Pipe tested and in compliance.

TSX GI Square Pipe Product Description


We provide GI Square Pipe according to international quality standards.

The whole range of GI Square Pipe has different sizes, shapes, and sizes, which can adapt to different needs.

This GI Square Pipe is widely used in government organizations as well as engineering and construction.


1. How many types of GI Square Pipe Normally?

GI Square Pipe can be used for SHS (square) and RHS (rectangular) applications for structural purposes.

2. What are the common sizes of GI Square Pipe?

GI Square Pipe: 25mm X 25mm.
GI Square Pipe: 32mm X 32mm.
GI Square Pipe: 40mm X 40mm.
GI Square Pipe: 50mm X 50mm.
GI Square Pipe: 65mm X 65mm.

3. What are the standards for GI Square Pipe?

The size range complies with ASTM, ASME, and JIS, BS, EN standards for different countries’ demands.

4. What is GI Square Pipe?

GI Square Pipe is a hollow square section steel pipe made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled galvanized steel strip or galvanized coil as the blank.
GI Square Pipe is formed by cold bending and then welded by high-frequency welding.

5. What is the anti-rust principle of GI Square Pipe?

The corrosion resistance of GI Square Pipe, the entire structure is made of zinc, forming a dense quaternary crystal, which forms a barrier on the steel plate, thus effectively preventing corrosion factors from penetrating.

Therefore, when zinc of the GI Square Pipe is used for sacrificial protection on the cut edges, scratches, and scratches of the coating, the zinc forms an insoluble oxide layer and exerts a barrier protection function.

6. What is the difference between GI Square Pipe and Carbon Steel Square Pipe?

The surface of the GI square pipe adopts the galvanizing process to form a galvanized film on the inner and outer surfaces of the square tube to protect the surface of the square tube and prevent the surface of the square tube from rusting.
The surface of the carbon steel square pipe is not protected by a galvanized film, and it is prone to surface corrosion due to the influence of the external environment.

7. What is GI Square Pipe to be applied?

GI Square Pipe is a lightweight thin-walled steel tube with a hollow square cross-section, also known as a steel cooling and bending profile.
GI Square Pipe is a square cross-sectional shape formed by high-frequency welding and is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel or rolled steel plate.

8. What is GI Square Pipe made of?

GI Square Pipe is normally made from hot-rolled Carbon Steel.
Some Special Materials of GI Square Pipe can be made as to the client’s request.

9. What are the advantages of GI Square Pipe?

Because of its toughness and ruggedness, the GI Square Pipe stays durable and functional for a longer period of time.
These GI Square Pipe invariably prove cheaper in the long run as they do not corrode and provide resistance from the impact as well as leakages.

10. What about the lead time for GI Square Pipe production?

Honestly, the lead time for GI Square Pipe production will depend on the order quantity, specification, and the season you place the order.
We have a huge quantity of gi square pipes in regular sizes in stock, which could shorten delivery time.

11. Are you professional at your GI Square Pipe products?

We have over 10-year experience with service end-user and knows well about characters and usage of material, professional suggestion about products can be offered when you needed.

12. How do you make our GI Square Pipe business long-term and good relationship?

1)We keep good quality and competitive prices for the GI Square Pipe to ensure our customer’s benefit.
2)We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do GI Square Pipe business and make friends with you, no matter where do you come from.

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