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TSX Modular Scaffold Hot Sale Countries

  • North America - Mexico
    North America - United States
  • South America - Chile
    North America - Mexico
  • East Africa - South Sudan
    South America - Chile
  • North America - United States
    East Africa - South Sudan
  • Southeast Asia - Philippines
    Southeast Asia - Philippines
  • South Asia - Sri Lanka
    South Asia - Sri Lanka

Types of Modular Scaffold Most Frequently Enquiry and loading

The following six types of modular scaffold are mainly sold to South America, North America, Europe and Africa based on our Ten-Year export experience

Powder-coated Modular Scaffold Door Frame
Hot-selling door style modular scaffold
Modular Scaffold Door Frame With C-Lock Pins
Installed gravity drop C-Lock and rust resistant insert pins
Modular Scaffold Door Frame Loading
Blue powder-coated Modular door frame, 800*1700mm, in bulk
Powder-coated Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame
Hot-selling ladder style modular scaffold
Modular Scaffold With Canada-Lock Pins
Install Canda Lock,suitable for South America
Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame Loading
Red powder-coated Modular ladder frame, 1524*1700mm, in bundle

Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame With Disposable Guardrail

1.The surface treatment of the modular scaffold system is powder-coated
2.Modular scaffold style Size: width * height-1219*1700mm
3.The distance between the two modular scaffold frame is 1829mm
4.The width and length of the ladder is 100*1780mm

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    TSX-Modular Scaffold System

    TSX modular scaffold is sold all over the world, popular markets include North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

    At the same time, our modular scaffold systerm have attracted many loyal customers in public construction, mechanical maintenance, house decoration, and other chemical industries.

    TSX Modular Scaffold has passed ISO-9001 certification and registration ,to ensure the quality assurance of modular scaffold raw materials and the service guarantee for customers.

    Save Costs for Modular Scaffold
    Mass production capacity for Modular Scaffold around 1,000 tons per month
    Customized Design for Modular Scaffold
    TSX is a modular scaffold manufacturer that supports OEM.
    Fast Delivery for Modular Scaffold
    According to the quantity for The Modular Scaffold, the fastest time is one week
    Free Estimated Project Cost for Modular Scaffold
    Specialized modular scaffold system cost estimation department

    Modular Scaffold Manufacturer-TSX Group in Tianjin, China


    Modular scaffold or system support is a type of scaffolding, which consists of a single part or unit, used for construction and maintenance in buildings.

    With the development of the Modular scaffolding industry, many new systems of scaffolding have appeared, such as ringlock scaffold, door frame scaffold, shoring frame scaffold, modular scaffold, and A-frame scaffold.

    According to different scenarios and regions, we cannot say which system is ranked first, but the only thing that can be determined is that existence is reasonable, and the scaffolding of each system is all with its advantages and disadvantages.

    At the same time, we provide Various types of modular scaffold accessories, such as steel planks, ladders, guardrails, base jack, wheels, etc.


    1. What are the advantages of a Modular scaffold?

    Modular scaffolds are resilient and have a longer life span in comparison to other scaffolds.
    Since there are no loose parts involved, Modular scaffold systems require less maintenance.
    The components used in all-around system scaffolds are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with higher durability, lower cost, and less risk of components loss.

    2. What is a Modular scaffold?

    A modular Scaffold is the industry standard for modular scaffolding, surpassing standard conventional scaffolding construction methodologies.
    This universal modular scaffold system offers unbeatable adaptability, flexibility and is the scaffolding of choice globally for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites.

    3. What does a Modular scaffold consist of?

    A Modular scaffold consist of components as below:
    Base jack
    Base collar
    Ledger / transom
    Vertical brace
    Side bracket
    Steel decks

    4. What is modular scaffold used for?

    This modular scaffold system contains a variety of individual components, which can be flexibly connected to each other to build the most suitable scaffolding for the project.
    Individual components for the modular scaffold are also easier to stack, transport, and connect.

    5. What is the modular scaffold?

    Modular scaffold based on the traditional tube and coupler method is today’s modern scaffolding. Unlike in the past, people now tend to design buildings with unique appearances and complex structures.
    The modular scaffold is just a working structure to be set up when constructing such buildings.
    In addition to the adaptability it provides, the components of the modular scaffold are also very easy to store and transport because they can be stacked together.

    6. What are the advantages of modular scaffolds?

    The advantage of modular scaffold is that its flexible components can be adjusted to the task at hand, which means that the same equipment can be used for various projects.
    It makes modular scaffold a very cost-effective type of scaffolding.
    And modular scaffold is quite easy to set up.
    It involves connecting horizontal pipes to vertical columns at different points.
    Due to its many advantages, the modular scaffold is used in many applications in different industries, including oil refineries and shipyards.

    7. What is Modular Scaffold?

    Modular Scaffold is used for the construction and maintenance of different types of projects from simple residential buildings to complex industrial buildings.

    The modular Scaffold is a kind of temporary frame used on construction sites to provide support for buildings.

    8. Each type of Modular Scaffold has 3 key parts:

    One Modular Scaffold including 2 Modular Scaffold Frames +2 Modular Scaffold +4 Modular Scaffold Joint Pins + 1 Modular Scaffold Steel Plank.

    9. Why is Modular Scaffold more and more popular?

    Modular Scaffold is made of steel pipes with steel couplers or accessories set together.
    Nowadays, steel scaffolding is widely used in different types of construction projects and is known for its sturdiness, strength, and durability.
    Most importantly, it can be assembled and disassembled very easily.

    10. Can you do OEM modular scaffold for me?

    We accept all OEM modular scaffold orders, just contact us and give me your design.
    We will offer you a reasonable price and make samples of the OEM modular scaffold for you.

    11. How can I place the modular scaffold order?

    First sign the PI of the modular scaffold order, pay a deposit for the modular scaffold order, then we will arrange the production of the modular scaffold order.
    After finishing the production of the modular scaffold order, we will inform you to pay the balance.
    Finally, we will ship the modular scaffold order accordingly.

    12. Can you send a modular scaffold to my country?

    Yes, Sure.
    If you do not have your own ship forwarder, we can help you find one to deliver a modular scaffold sample for you.
    But You need to pay for the freight charge of the modular scaffold.

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