Metal Concrete Forms Advantage

1. The Metal Concrete Forms appearance of pouring is perfect, and the safety is relatively high.

2. TSX Metal Concrete Forms width can be enlarged, reducing the joints of the template assembly.

3. Great thermal insulation performance, which is conducive to the thermal insulation of concrete in winter.

4. Reinforcement system, high component strength, high combined rigidity and high precision of plate making.

5. The joints are tight, not easy to be deformed, the template has good integrity and strong earthquake resistance.

6. Light weight, less steel consumption, which can be reduced by 1/2 compared to the combined Metal Concrete Forms.

The matal concrete forms is used to control the structural size of the concrete pouring building.

The Metal Concrete Forms System generally consists of 3 parts: Metal Concrete Forms,Steel Bracket and Connectors.

The Metal Concrete Forms provides a flat surface. The bracket is to solve the support problem. Fasteners make the connection between the metal concrete forms reliable.


Metal Concrete Forms Construction Requirements

1. During the installation of the formwork, the formwork, and its support should be observed and maintained. When an abnormal situation occurs, it should be dealt with in a timely manner according to the construction technical plan.

2. When installing the upper formwork of the cast-in-place structure and its support, the lower formwork should have the capacity to withstand the load of the upper layer, or support should be added, the uprights of the upper and lower support should be aligned, and the pad should be laid.

3.  The joints of the formwork should not leak. Before pouring the concrete, the formwork should be watered and moist, but there should be no accumulation of water in the formwork.

4.  The contact surface between the formwork and the concrete should be cleaned up and coated with a release agent, but no release agent that affects the structural performance or hinders the decoration project should be used. When applying the release agent, do not contaminate the joints between steel bars and concrete.

5. The debris in the formwork should be cleaned up before the cast-in-place concrete.

6.  For fair-faced concrete projects and decorative concrete projects, formwork that can achieve the design effect should be used.

7. For the embedded parts fixed on the formwork, the reserved holes, and reserved holes shall not leak grout and shall be installed firmly.


1. What are Metal Concrete Forms?

Metal Concrete Forms are supports or molds for pouring concrete.

2. What kind of Metal Concrete Forms is good Metal Concrete Forms?

Good Metal Concrete forms need to be strong and light and have a rigid structure that maintains their shape under pressure.

3. Why choose TSX Metal Concrete Forms?

Metal Concrete Forms panels are strong enough to bear the weight of the concrete without sliding, cracking, or bending.

4. Can you reuse Metal Concrete Forms?

Reuse. You can purchase the Metal Concrete Forms once, and reuse them over 100 times.
In other words, the reusable Metal Concrete Forms will save you money and time again.

5. How much is the price of Metal Concrete formwork?

The price of the Metal Concrete Forms is calculated according to the size and weight. The price is not fixed.
It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials.

6. What is Metal Concrete Formwork?

Metal Concrete Forms means the surface of the form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting.
Metal Concrete Forms includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing which provide stability.

7. Are you use the new raw material or the returns raw material to produce metal concrete forms?

Our company always persist in adopting a brand new steel raw material to ensure our formwork’s quality and we never use steel return materials for sell shoddy as good.
We always stand out in this industry because we control every production detail seriously, leading the industry.

8. How to send my metal concrete forms inquiry?

You can send your metal concrete forms inquiry to our email on your homepage directly.

9. How to get the specific price for the metal concrete forms?

Please inform us of the various specific sizes of the metal concrete forms.
If you do not have detailed specifications, please give us your application of the metal concrete forms, and then we can recommend suitable metal concrete forms accordingly.
Our metal concrete forms also support customization.

10. What are the principles of metal concrete forms?

1)Ensure that the shape, size, and mutual position of the components are correct.
2)Make the metal concrete forms have sufficient strength, rigidity, and stability.
3)For the metal concrete forms, general-purpose, large-block metal concrete forms should be preferred.
4)The support should be arranged simple and the force should be reasonable.
5)The longitudinal splicing of the metal concrete forms should be staggered to increase the overall stability of the metal concrete forms.
6)The supporting system of the formwork should be arranged according to the load of the formwork and the rigidity of the components.
7)Use horizontal and vertical rows as much as possible for metal concrete forms, and try not to use both horizontal and vertical rows.

11. What are the accessories of the metal concrete forms?

U-Clip, L-shaped bolts, hook bolts, tie rod, wing nut, etc. The most widely used is the U-Clip.

12. Where can the metal concrete forms be applied?

The flat metal concrete forms are used for the plane parts of various structures such as foundations, walls, beams, slabs, columns, etc.
It consists of panels and ribs.
The metal concrete forms are made of Q235 steel plate and thickness is 2.5 or 3 mm, and the rib height is 55mm.
There are U-shaped card holes and bolt holes, which are assembled into a large board by using U-shaped cards and L-shaped bolts.

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