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    Scaffold Shoring Frames
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Different Types of Shoring Frames

Our Shoring Frames meet the strictest tolerance tests in the industry. With safety in mind when designing, and provide excellent quality and extremely high durability according to the different requirements of customers.

TSX -02 Shoring Frames
Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes for Durability
TSX -02 Shoring Frames
Rich Porduction Experience for 15 years
TSX -05 Shoring Frames
Competitive Pricing For Your Requirements
TSX -04 Shoring Frames
ISO9001 Management Shoring
TSX -05 Shoring Frames
OEM Shoring Frames Manufacturer
TSX -06 Shoring Frames
More Size can be Customized

Shoring Frames For Sale

No.ItemsWidthHeightMain Tube
TSX-V011.83m V Shoring Frame1.22m1.83mOD60x3.5mm
TSX-V022.13m Shoring Frame1.22m2.13mOD60x3.5mm
No.ItemsWidthHeightTube Size
TSX-HV01Australian H Shoring Frames1.2m0.9mOD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV02Australian H Shoring Frames1.2m1.2mOD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV03Australian H Shoring Frames1.2m1.8mOD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV04Australian H Shoring Frames1.2m2.1mOD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV05Australian H Shoring Frames1.25m1.0mOD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV06Australian H Shoring Frames1.25m1.5mOD48.3×3.5mm
No.ITEMSDIMESION(W*H)Lock DistanceWeight  (LBS)
TSX-2W-3HShoring Frame -2*32’x3′2′25
TSX-2W-4HShoring Frame -2*42’x4′3′37
TSX-2W-5HShoring Frame – 2*52’x5′4′45
TSX-2W-6HShoring Frame – 2*62’x6′4′58
TSX-4W-3HShoring Frame – 4*34’x3′2′34
TSX-4W-4HShoring Frame – 4*44’x4′3′46
TSX-4W-5HShoring Frame – 4*54’x5′4′54
TSX-4W-6HShoring Frame – 4*64’x6′4′67
TSX-W-4W-6HWalk Through Shoring Frame-4*64’x6′ Walk Through4′69
TSX-5W-6.6HShoring Frame-5*6’65’x6’64′75


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    Shoring Frames For Sale The Shoring Frame Height Range Between 4' to 18'

    The Shoring Frame For Suspended Slab Support Shoring for Low Rise Building.

    Shoring Frames Used As Temporary Replacements For the Building’s Columns or Walls.

    A full set Shoring Frame includes components as follows: 4 pcs U Head Jack, 2 pcs Shoring Frame, 2 pcs Cross Brace, 4 pcs Joint Pins and 4 pcs Base Jack.

    99.9% Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Ensure Product Quality and Ruduce Loss
    24 Hours Online Service
    Provide Great Quality Service with 24H
    6-7 times of Quality Inspection
    Control from the Raw Materials until the Shipment is finished
    Manufacture 15 years
    Manufacture 15 years of Shoring Frame

    TSX Shoring Frames for Sale


    In fabrication, the Shoring Frames are manufactured according to ISO 9001.

    Our Shoring Frames are renowned for high stability, ease of erection, and quality.

    Shoring Frames are almost universally used systems in the industry, ideal for most construction applications.


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