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Different Types of Shoring Frames

Your Ultimate Construction Solution


Our Shoring Frames meet the strictest tolerance tests in the industry. With safety in mind when designing, and provide excellent quality and extremely high durability according to the different requirements of customers.

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line shoring frames that are designed to make your construction projects smoother and more efficient. With our products, you can rest assured that your project will be completed safely and on time.

Our shoring frames are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, making them the ideal choice for any construction site. They are designed to be lightweight yet strong, making them easy to install and remove as needed. Our frames are also adjustable, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific project requirements.

But that’s not all. Our shoring frames are also incredibly versatile, making them the perfect solution for a wide range of construction projects. Whether you’re building a high-rise skyscraper or a small residential home, our frames are designed to provide the support and stability you need to get the job done.

So why choose our shoring frames? Because they are the ultimate construction solution. With their high-quality materials, adjustable design, and versatile applications, our frames are the perfect choice for any construction project. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our shoring frames and how they can help you take your construction project to the next level.

TSX -02 Shoring Frames
Highest Quality Powder Coated Finishes for Durability
TSX -02 Shoring Frames
Rich Porduction Experience for 15 years
TSX -05 Shoring Frames
Competitive Pricing For Your Requirements
TSX -04 Shoring Frames
ISO9001 Management Shoring
TSX -05 Shoring Frames
OEM Shoring Frames Manufacturer
TSX -06 Shoring Frames
More Size can be Customized

Shoring Frames For Sale

No. Items Width Height Main Tube
TSX-V01 1.83m V Shoring Frame 1.22m 1.83m OD60x3.5mm
TSX-V02 2.13m Shoring Frame 1.22m 2.13m OD60x3.5mm
No. Items Width Height Tube Size
TSX-HV01 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.2m 0.9m OD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV02 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.2m 1.2m OD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV03 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.2m 1.8m OD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV04 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.2m 2.1m OD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV05 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.25m 1.0m OD48.3×3.5mm
TSX-HV06 Australian H Shoring Frames 1.25m 1.5m OD48.3×3.5mm
No. ITEMS DIMESION(W*H) Lock Distance Weight  (LBS)
TSX-2W-3H Shoring Frame -2*3 2’x3′ 2′ 25
TSX-2W-4H Shoring Frame -2*4 2’x4′ 3′ 37
TSX-2W-5H Shoring Frame – 2*5 2’x5′ 4′ 45
TSX-2W-6H Shoring Frame – 2*6 2’x6′ 4′ 58
TSX-4W-3H Shoring Frame – 4*3 4’x3′ 2′ 34
TSX-4W-4H Shoring Frame – 4*4 4’x4′ 3′ 46
TSX-4W-5H Shoring Frame – 4*5 4’x5′ 4′ 54
TSX-4W-6H Shoring Frame – 4*6 4’x6′ 4′ 67
TSX-W-4W-6H Walk Through Shoring Frame-4*6 4’x6′ Walk Through 4′ 69
TSX-5W-6.6H Shoring Frame-5*6’6 5’x6’6 4′ 75


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    Shoring Frames For Sale The Shoring Frame Height Range Between 4' to 18'

    The Shoring Frame For Suspended Slab Support Shoring for Low Rise Building.

    Shoring Frames Used As Temporary Replacements For the Building’s Columns or Walls.

    A full set Shoring Frame includes components as follows: 4 pcs U Head Jack, 2 pcs Shoring Frame, 2 pcs Cross Brace, 4 pcs Joint Pins and 4 pcs Base Jack.

    99.9% Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Ensure Product Quality and Ruduce Loss
    24 Hours Online Service
    Provide Great Quality Service with 24H
    6-7 times of Quality Inspection
    Control from the Raw Materials until the Shipment is finished
    Manufacture 15 years
    Manufacture 15 years of Shoring Frame

    TSX Shoring Frames for Sale


    In fabrication, the Shoring Frames are manufactured according to ISO 9001.

    Our Shoring Frames are renowned for high stability, ease of erection, and quality.

    Shoring Frames are almost universally used systems in the industry, ideal for most construction applications.


    1. What is Shoring Frames?

    Shoring Frames are the process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench with a shore (pillar) in case of a danger of collapse or repair or replacement.
    The coast is from the coast, timber or metal pillars.

    2. What is the advantage of Shoring Frames?

    The advantage of Shoring Frames is its durability. The steel is stable in size and does not expand or shrink by changes in water content.

    3. Where to buy or rent Shoring Frames?

    You can buy Shoring Frames at TSX. Our Shoring Frames is good in quality and we have products quality certification.

    4. How to layout a Shoring Frames system?

    1. Place the 4 base jacks on the ground at a certain distance. The base screw should not extend more than 600 mm.
    2. Install the Shoring Frames on the jack, level the Shoring Frames and connect the cross brace. Lock all safety pins after connecting the cross brace.
    3. Install a U-shaped jack on the top of the Shoring Frames, parallel to the Shoring Frames. The extension of the U-shaped head socket does not exceed 600 mm.
    4. Place the beam in the U-shaped head to balance the entire Shoring Frames system.

    5. What should be paid attention to when installing the Shoring Frames system?

    1. Do not put pressure on the U-shaped head jack that will cause the Shoring Frames system to be unbalanced, let alone deflect the beam.
    2. Before the concrete is poured, it is necessary to check whether the pressure of the formwork and concrete exceeds the Shoring Frames bearing capacity, and confirm the
    correct installation of the formwork and Shoring Frames.
    3. When adjusting the height of the bottom base jack or U head jack, do not exceed the original length.

    6. Where can Shoring Frames be used?

    Shoring Frames are commonly used to build scaffolding towers, indoor applications, and where more precise adjustments to the height of the working platform are required.
    They also allow you to create a standing Shoring Frames platform and a relatively high working platform, allowing you to keep tools and materials at waist level for easier construction.
    According to the type of scaffolding, the Shoring Frames allows the frame itself to be used as a ladder.

    7. What units are our Shoring Frames usually sold in?

    Shoring Frames are usually sold in sets.
    The Shoring Frames kit includes four clips.
    Generally, it is cheaper to buy Shoring Frames in groups than to buy each piece of scaffolding individually.
    Buying Shoring Frames by package also makes it easier to calculate how much your project needs.

    8. What is the space before the Shoring Frames frame under normal circumstances?

    By default, Shoring Frames each group has 7’cross brackets.
    If you want greater spacing between the Shoring Frames frames, you can choose to upgrade to a 10′ cross-bracket.

    9. What new types of Shoring Frames do we have?

    We have walking Shoring Frames, which are used to create long working platforms, and ladder-shaped Shoring Frames that span multiple sets of Shoring Frames, usually used for scaffolding towers or when the standing platform and the working platform need different elevations.

    10. Is Shoring Frames safe?

    Shoring Frames has a safe working load, so be careful not to exceed this range. Shoring Frames saves more people, equipment or materials for ladders and brings convenience to workers. The Shoring Frames is more stable by connecting the two frames with cross braces.

    11. What is the purpose of Shoring Frames?

    Shoring Frames is a temporary platform used to lift and support workers and materials during construction, repair or cleaning of structures or machines for Shoring Frames. It can be moved flexibly to facilitate construction and improve efficiency.

    12. Could you design a logo Shoring Frames for me?

    Sure, We can provide you with choices and suggestions for Shoring Frames, such as color, content, and size. We can meet most of your requirements about Shoring Frames,any request can be discussed and communicated with us at any time

    13. Is the Shoring Frames?

    The Shoring Frames is designed with safety in mind, providing high quality and extremely high durability for all your Shoring Frames needs. Both ends of the Shoring Frames are equipped with cross braces, which can connect two pieces of racks to make the whole Shoring Frames more stable. This makes our Shoring Frames the most commonly used and recognized Shoring Frames on the market today.

    14. Can Shoring Frames satisfy building projects?

    Shoring Frames are commonly used to build scaffolding towers, indoor applications, and where more precise adjustments to the height of the working platform are required. You can also stack multiple work platforms together, this framework allows you to reach the specific height you need in your project. Shoring Frames can meet the different heights of the project, the use of Shoring Frames is more flexible, and it also brings convenience to workers’ work.

    15. What are the characteristics of Shoring Frames?

    With rich experience in the Shoring Frames industry, our Shoring Frames various parameters under the supervision of our experts to provide maximum customer satisfaction. The Shoring Frames are designed by our experts and are corrosion resistant. In addition, it has the characteristics of stability, cost-effectiveness, and long life of Shoring Frames.


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