Scaffolding Mason Frame

  • A set of ladder h door frame scaffolding has 2 pieces of welded frames,2 pairs of cross braces,4 pieces of joint pins.
  • Steel ladder H door frame scaffolding system is a type of light duty scaffolding system which can support the heavy duty concrete slab.
  • Light duty ladder h door frame scaffolding can be used with u-head jack to support the concrete slab, it also can be used with scaffolding castor wheels for outside mason construction.
  • Matching accessories of ladder h door frame scaffolding are u-head jack, jack base, ladder, walk board, safety net, adjustable or fixed wheel.

Scaffolding Mason Frame

Scaffolding Mason Frame 1

1. Metal ladder scaffolding is a ladder type frame scaffolding which is for concrete slab supporting.

2. Ladder scaffolding is suitable for exterior wall masonry and building decoration.

3. You can climb up and down ladder scaffolding system without extra ladder by stepping on ledgers.

4. A ladder frame scaffolding has 2 pairs of welded frames, 2 pairs of cross braces,4 pieces of connect pins.

5. Metal ladder scaffolding is well painted to resist rustiness.

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