TSX Galvanized Scaffolding Tube For Sale
TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube For Sale

What Is TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube

Galvanised Scaffold Tube as long been one of the most widely used building materials in the world

TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube Sizes

TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube Sizes

TSX Galvanized Scaffolding Tube Countries we sell to

Galvanised Scaffold Tube To Kenya 
South Sudan
Galvanised Scaffold Tube To South Sudan
South Africa
Galvanised Scaffold Tube To South Africa
Galvanised Scaffold Tube To Nigeria 

Why choose TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube

  • Protection.  Pack carefully to protect the Galvanised Scaffold Tube.
  • Communication. Will communicate with customers in real-time about the packing process for the Galvanised Scaffold Tube.
  • Check. Professional QC is responsible for the TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube inspection and packing

TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube Packing and shipping

Professional QC is responsible for the TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube inspection and packing

TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube Product Description


We are happy to cut the Galvanised Scaffold Tube according to your project specification.

The TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube is available in cross-sectional sizes from ½ inches to 24 inches on each side and is available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

The TSX Galvanised Scaffold Tube is a versatile product that can be used as a structural part of a building or vehicle, such as a fence, for lightweight and durable fencing or road signs.


1. What product information do I need to provide?

You need to provide the width, thickness, coating, and the number of tons you need to purchase.

2. About product prices?

Prices vary from period to period due to cyclical changes in the price of raw materials.

3. What are the shipping ports?

Under normal circumstances, we ship from Tianjin, you can choose other ports according to your needs.

4. What is Galvanised Scaffold Tube?

Galvanised Scaffold Tube, especially iron and steel, has been covered with zinc in order to protect them from rust and other damage.

5. What are Galvanised Scaffold Tube made of?

Galvanised Scaffold tubes are normally made from steel or aluminum. The type of steel used is typically hot-rolled steel.
In special circumstances where there is a risk from live overhead electric cables, filament-wound tubes of glass fiber in a nylon or polyester matrix can be used.

6. What Galvanised Scaffold Tube size do you have?

We stock a large range of Galvanised Scaffold tubes for sale with 5ft, 7ft, 8ft, and 10ft lengths available off the shelf.
We can cut your Galvanised Scaffold Tube to any size, add the cutting list at check out and we’ll do the cutting for you.

7. What is a Galvanised Scaffold Tube?

Galvanised scaffold tube is a temporary structure used to support people and materials during the construction and maintenance of buildings and other large structures.
For galvanized scaffold tubes complying with EN39 this European standard, the specified outer diameter is 48.3 mm and the specified wall thickness is 3.2 mm or 4.0 mm.

8. What is the usual surface treatment of Galvanised Scaffold Tube?

Unless requested by the buyer, the pipe shall be dip galvanized.
Galvanised scaffold tube shall comply with EN10240 coating quality B2 or comply with EN ISO1461.
The minimum zinc coating thickness on the outer surface is 80g for the pre-galvanized Pipe and 200-500g for the Hot Dip Galvanized.

9. What kind of surface treatment is the best?

Hot-dip galvanized pipe is ideal for most processing techniques.
Galvanized pipe is A36 hot-rolled steel or low carbon steel that has been immersed in the molten zinc coating process (ASTM A123).
Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) can be identified by its crystalline pattern, also known as the “sequins” on the surface of the material.
Good corrosion resistance, very suitable for outdoor use or exposed environment.

10. What is the diameter of galvanized scaffold tube?

The hot sell type is 48.3mm.
Galvanised scaffold tube should be made to EN39 and be galvanized steel.
The diameter is 48.3mm and thickness is 1.6mm – 4.0mm.
Tubes should appear straight visually and not deviate by more than 15mm in any 3m length.

11. What are galvanized scaffold tubes made from?

The galvanized scaffold tube is usually made of steel.
The type of steel used is usually hot rolled steel and steel grade is usually Q235, 345, or Q195.
The best-selling material type is Q235.
In special cases where there is a risk of overhead cables being charged, glass fiber filaments in a polyester matrix can be used to wind the pipe.

12. What is the main purpose of galvanized scaffold tube?

Galvanised scaffold tubes are usually used in combination with couplers to construct scaffolding systems for construction, used to lift and support temporary platforms for workers and materials during construction, repair, or cleaning, and various support methods are adopted as needed.

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