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Why Choose TSX Formwork Props


  • Wide range of use—Formwork props can be used for different types of building structures
  • Economical and practical—Formwork props have the longest use time and are the most economical.
  • Save time—The formwork props save time spent cutting wood, wedging, and nailing.

Different Kinds of Formwork Props for Sale

Formwork Props are used for supporting the steel pipes, h-shaped steels, angle steels, and etc.

Formwork Props are general playing a supporting role which are used to improve the stability of engineering structures.

Italia Formwork Props
Made in Italy economical and versatile.
Spanish Formwork Props
Most used in Spanish-speaking countries
U head Formwork Props
Support beams used in construction

About The Formwork Props


Most Formwork Props are divided into seven parts, the inner tube, the outer tube, the top formwork props plate, the base formwork props plate, Formwork Props Sleeve, Formwork Props Nut, and Formwork Props Pin.

To adjust the length, first, pull out the inner tube and fix it with a lock pin, and then use a nut to adjust a small distance.


  • Formwork Props in 4M
  • Steel Formwork Props
  • Red Formwork Props
  • Square Plate Scaffold Props
  • Spanish Formwork Props
  • U Head Formwork Props

Distinctive Formwork Props Types


Italia Formwork Props: 48/56
Italian Formwork Props: 48/56
U Head Spanish Formwork Props: 40/48

Choose The TSX Formwork Props


Tianjin TSX Scaffolding &Formwork Group Co., Ltd is a building materials factory approved by SGS.

Specialized in manufacturing and exporting varieties of steel items including kinds of formwork props, steel formworks, steel decking, and steel pipe.


1. What are formwork props?

Formwork props are mainly used in construction, they can be used with a variety of products, and this kind of formwork props is more used with steel formwork, such as supporting wall formwork or roof formwork.

2. Is there any difference between formwork props and steel props?

Formwork props are often used together with formwork, such as push-pull props, which are not much different from ordinary types of steel props, but the styles are different, depending on the use situation.

3. What are the surface treatments of the formwork props?

We can make painted, galvanized, powder-coated and hot-dip galvanized, the hot-selling styles are galvanized and powder-coated.

4. What type of Formwork Props?

Formwork props are classified according to the carrying capacity (between 500 and 3000 kg) and working height (generally covering span height between 2 and 6 meters).
Formwork props a well-defined load capacity to be determined and has a long service life. It is a resistant material (controls the oxidation of the material).

5. What factors need to be considered before using Formwork Props?

Formwork props Acting Load.
Formwork props Pillar Carrying Capacity.
The Free Height Of The Formwork props.

6. What to consider when buying Formwork Props?

Quantity Of Formwork props:
The minimum number of pillars placed under the board must be calculated based on the load capacity of the acting load and the free working height.
Formwork props Price: Finally, never forget the price factor.

7. How can I choose specifications for Formwork Props?

You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification based on our experience in your market.
We also provide several sizes of Formwork Props for you to choose from.

8. When should I use Formwork Props?

Generally, Formwork Props are used for scaffolding or building support to aid in the completion of the following tasks or projects:
a. Construction or renovation of a building.
b. Adding a window, doorway, or archway to a wall.
c. Installing reinforced beams and concrete sections.
d. Used as support for stairs, columns, and wall formwork.

9. What are the surface treatment methods of Formwork Props?

Formwork Props have four types of surface treatment: Painted, Pre-galvanized, powder-coated, and Hot-dip galvanized.
Pre-galvanized and powder-coated Are the two best-selling surface treatments.

10. Is formwork props product quality guaranteed?

Yes, our formwork props were approved by ISO and SGS.

11. Can we visit your factory?

Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange for a professional sales team to follow up on your case.

12. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is the soul of a company.
We always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end.

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