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  • Shoring Jacks usually can be used for 5-10 years.
  • Shoring Jacks Three types : 48/60mm; 40/48mm; 48/56mm.
  • Shoring Jacks Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Adjustable Nut Shoring Jacks For Sale

Adjustable Nut Shoring Jacks

  • Inner Tube: 48mm
  • Outer Tube: 60mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm-4mm
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

The Various Types Of Shoring Jacks

Cup Nut Type Shoring Jacks

  • Tube: 40/48mm, 48/56mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm-4mm
  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coated(Red)

Shoring Jacks For Sale

Shoring jacks can be adjusted according to the different heights of the constructions.

The structure of shoring jacks is simple, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The shoring jacks can be reused. Even though it is out of work, the material can also be recycled.

Shoring jacks are adjustable because the inner tube can extend and shrink in the outer tube, so it can be adjusted according to the required height.


1. What is Shoring Jacks?

Shoring Jacks is a steel column used in the construction industry to temporarily support ceilings, walls, and trenches.
Shoring Jacks can be stretched in length to satisfy various needs.

2. What are the types of Shoring Jacks?

The following are the different types of Shoring Jacks for the construction profession:
Adjustable nut Shoring Jacks and cup nut Shoring jacks.
There are two types of cup nut Shoring Jacks: Spanish Shoring Jacks (40/48) and Italian Shoring Jacks (48/56)
There are three types of surface treatments for Shoring Jacks: Galvanized, Powder Coated, and Hot-dip Galvanizing.

3. Why do we need Shoring Jacks?

Using the Shoring Jacks to Enhance the security.
For example, the construction of basements and foundations requires excavation, and Shoring Jacks are needed to protect workers in temporary trenches and holes.
Shoring Jacks are used to support the soil wall and prevent it from collapsing, a safer workplace is ensured.

4. How is the adjustable length of the Shoring Jacks determined?

Shoring Jacks used as scaffolding and concrete formwork columns have become more and more popular among construction workers in recent years.
Shoring Jacks is adjustable, and the adjustable height is customized according to the floor and floor height.

5. What are the Shoring Jacks made of?

The Shoring Jacks are mainly composed of upper and lower bottom plates, outer pipes, inner pipes, nuts, etc.
Shoring Jacks’ height of the inner tube can be adjusted automatically, and the outer tube stabilizes the entire bracket through the bottom plate.

6. Where are Shoring Jacks mainly used?

Shoring Jacks are widely used in the construction and repair of buildings, mainly to provide ideal support for various buildings and beams of various shapes.
Shoring Jacks can be divided into light steel supports and heavy steel supports according to their bearing capacity.

7. How many types of Shoring Jacks?

We have Many types of Shoring Jacks such as:
Middle East type Shoring Jacks, Spanish type Shoring Jacks, Italian type Shoring Jacks, and Pull Push Shoring Jacks.

8. Where is Shoring Jacks used?

Shoring Jacks can be used in building houses, etc.
Shoring Jacks also can be used for buildings construction, shipbuilding, or ditches when they are in danger of collapse or when they are being repaired or rebuilt.
Shoring Jacks can be vertical, slant, or horizontal.

9. What are the surface treatment methods of Shoring Jacks?

Shoring Jacks have four types of surface treatment: Painted, Pre-galvanized,powder-coated, and Hot-dip galvanized.
Pre-galvanized Shoring Jacks and powder-coated Shoring Jacks are the two best-selling surface treatment Shoring jacks.

10. Why choose Shoring Jacks?

When protecting adjacent buildings, use Shoring Jacks to support adjacent buildings and increase the weight of the surrounding soil and additional pressure for construction.
In some cases, there is not enough space to use Shoring Jacks systems such as through boxes.
The Shoring Jacks system can be customized in length and bearing capacity according to the specific size of the excavation they anticipate.
Shoring Jacks can also reduce the risk of tilting of the top formwork and improve safety.

11. Where can Shoring Jacks be applied?

The Shoring Jacks system is used to support the excavation surface and prevent the movement of soil, underground facilities, roads, and foundations that may cause accidents.
For example, when tilting due to incorrect control of the underground depth or position, a Shoring Jacks system is usually used.

12. What is the main function of Shoring Jacks?

Shoring Jacks are mainly used to temporarily support unsafe buildings that may collapse.
It is usually used to repair or support walls in the initial stage of installation and prevent the collapse of ditches or tunnels.
When tunnels are built underground, they require a lot of Shoring Jacks to prevent collapse.
Although the soil may be able to hold its shape and maintain it for a period of time, it is extremely dangerous if no Shoring Jacks are placed because it is impossible to determine when it will collapse.
Under the above circumstances, Shoring Jacks is the simplest and safest product.

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