Tie Rod Formwork

A tie-rod hole is a hole left in a concrete structure after removal of the tie rods used in the concrete formwork. While tie rod holes do not significantly affect the overall strength of the finished concrete structure, they are known to be the cause of leaks, particularly in foundations or basement walls。

Concrete Column Formwork Certificate
Concrete Column Formwork Certificate

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1. How many Tie Rod Formwork to buy to get the discount price?

We are the Tie Rod Formwork factory and mainly do wholesale, the MOQ of Tie Rod Formwork is 20 ft container. When your order is more than MOQ, then will get a discount price.

2. How do you guarantee the quality of Tie Rod Formwork?

We are a professional manufacturer of Tie Rod Formwork. Therefore, our sales will confirm all details of your order before producing and our workers will use good material during producing.

3. What is Tie Rod Formwork?

Tie Rod Formwork for construction is used in industrial as well as housing sectors.

4. What is a Tie Rod Formwork?

Tie Rod Formwork is a temporary structure. The main function of Tie Rod Formwork is to hold the formwork in place by holding them together during the concrete pouring operation. Tie Rod Formwork does this by clamping the formwork, preventing either side from expanding under the wet weight of the concrete.

5. How does Tie Rod Formwork work?

Tie Rod Formwork Connect opposing faces of the formwork to limit the applied concrete pressure. Tie Rod Formwork transmits tension loads between rigid vertical or horizontal members associated with the formwork.

6. Can I replace the Tie Rod Formwork myself?

Worn outer Tie Rod Formwork ends can be easily repaired. Sometimes you can knock the Tie Rod Formwork out with a big hammer. If you pull the Tie Rod Formwork out, be sure to count the number of turns you unscrew the old Tie Rod Formwork, then screw the new Tie Rod Formwork on the same number of turns.

7. What is the material of the Tie Rod Formwork?

Casting Tie Rod Formwork anchor nut is widely used in formwork construction. It is made of cast iron with high tensile strength for both the cold-rolled tie rod and hot-rolled tie rod. Different base plates and weights of anchor nuts are available for choosing.

8. Which Formwork the Tie Rod applies to?

The anchor wing nut and the related formwork tie rod system accessories are used in all Formwork systems. It is used popularly in Slab Formwork System,  Column Formwork System, Wall Formwork, Beam Formwork, Pre-cast Concrete Elements, and all kinds of concrete works.

9. How to prevent Tie Rod Formwork accidents?

Methods to prevent Industrial Tie Rod Formwork accidents:
Inspect Tie Rod Formwork before use
Use safe Tie Rod Formwork
Understand Tie Rod Formwork load capacity

10. In the case of Tie Rod Formwork, what materials are usually made of?

The Tie Rod Formwork is made of wood or steel, and the surface in contact with the concrete is selected to provide the desired finish.
The Tie Rod Formwork and its associated fake work must have sufficient strength to support the weight of the wet concrete without significant deformation.

11. Under what circumstances can the Tie Rod Formwork be removed?

Generally speaking, once the Tie Rod Formwork gains sufficient strength, the Tie Rod Formwork is removed, although in some cases it may stay in place.

12. How to remove the Tie Rod Formwork correctly?

The removal of the Tie Rod Formwork should start with the removal of the vertical members first.
The crowbar should not be fixed on the side to remove the Tie Rod Formwork, as it will damage the edges of the concrete.
Loose Tie Rod Formwork or any other materials found at the edges and corners will be removed.
The safety engineer should check the construction site before removing the Tie Rod Formwork to ensure proper conditions.
For the safety of workers, check whether the Tie Rod Formwork position provides sufficient support and a working platform to remove the template at a higher height.

13. What is Tie Rod Formwork?

Tie Rods Formworks are temporary structures. Their primary function is to secure the formwork by holding them together during concrete pouring operations. They do this by clamping the formwork, preventing either side from bulging under the wet weight of the concrete.

14. What are concrete Tie Rods in Formwork?

Tie rods/snap Ties are small metal Rods that are found in poured concrete Formworks that go through the foundation from the inside to the outside. On the inside of the foundation, the tie rods/ snap ties look like a series of small pinholes/dimples.

15. What is Tie Rod in column Formwork?

Concrete Tie Rod in column Formwork. A wellmade concrete tie rod is also called a tie bar or rebar. It is all thread construction reinforce bars. … All of the tie rods grades are used popularly for concrete formwork & shuttering including wall formwork, column formwork, slab formwork, beam formwork, bridge formwork, etc.


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