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Diversified Use Of Small Scaffold Platform

  • TSX W 6 Walk Through Frame Scaffolding
    Galvanized Small Scaffold Platform For Construction
  • Painted Small Scaffold Platform Scaffold
  • Galvanized Small Scaffold Platform
  • Powder Coated Folding Scaffold
    Powder Coated Small Scaffold Platform
  • Yellow Small Scaffold Platform
  • OEM Bule Folding Scaffold
    OEM Bule Small Scaffold Platform

Small Scaffold Platform Type

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Small Scaffold Platform, as well as the basic needs of building a set of Small Scaffold Platform.

The Details Determine The Quality of Small Scaffold Platform

Small Scaffold Platform With Hooks

  • Small Scaffold Platform With Hooks
  • Small Scaffold Platform Without Hooks
  • Small Scaffold Platform In Consutration

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    At the same time, strict control of raw materials, new-style accessory design, and complete manufacturing process make the Small Scaffold Platform stronger than any other supports.

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    We are actively preparing to continuously expand and diversify our service scope to meet the various needs of customers.

    Our excellence lies in the design, live installation, and 100% high-quality after-sales service, as well as the provision of Small Scaffold Platform products, including all-around on-site support and perfect safety record keeping.

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    1. Are you the factory of Small Scaffold Platform?

    Yes, we are the one of biggest Folding Scaffold factory in Tianjin, our factory always offers the best price with the best quality Folding Scaffold.

    2. What kinds of Folding Scaffold do you have?

    We produce two types of Folding scaffolds: ladder frame and door frame.

    3. What is the surface treatment of Folding scaffolds?

    The main surface treatments for Folding Scaffold are pre-galvanized, powder-coated, we produce Folding Scaffold according to your requirements.

    4. How fast do you ship?

    We will ship immediately after production. Sometimes the demand is high and it takes longer. We promise you a fixed time for shipment or arrival, and we do our best to get it out as quickly as possible.

    5. What is Folding Scaffold?

    A construction site, you might imagine a half-finished building surrounded by tall steel structures. Often referred to as Folding Scaffold, this structure is an essential part of construction, ensuring workers can operate it safely and build it efficiently.

    Folding Scaffold is installed at the very beginning of a construction project or maintenance work. It is a temporary structure that provides support and height, allowing workers to carry materials and easily access construction sites, providing a safe and secure environment while working at considerable heights.

    6. When is Folding Scaffold needed?

    Determining the need for Folding Scaffold is usually done through a risk assessment, requiring employees to work at heights to ensure the work is carried out safely. For low-risk jobs, such as minor home repairs or low-level painting, a ladder may be considered safe. But for continuous work at heights or movement at heights, safe Folding Scaffold is essential.

    7. What are the advantages of Folding scaffolds?

    Folding Scaffold are resilient and have a longer life span
    Since there are no loose parts involved, Folding Scaffold systems require less maintenance.
    The components used in all Folding Scaffolds are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with higher durability, lower cost, and less risk of components loss.

    8. What is the purpose of Folding Scaffold?

    Folding Scaffold is a temporary platform used to lift and support workers and materials during construction, repair or cleaning of structures or machines. Folding Scaffold can be moved flexibly to facilitate construction and improve efficiency.

    9. Is it safe to fold Scaffold?

    Safety, Folding Scaffold is a safe elevated work platform, you can move around the work area. It is safe, easy to erect and does not require disassembly before moving. The Folding Scaffold has a wheel at the bottom when you don’t want to move it, and the wheel has a latch to hold it in place.

    10. What should I pay attention to when using Folding Scaffold?

    1. Make all plans before the sound Folding Scaffold to ensure that the Scaffolds For Sale can be used properly.
    2. Personnel with the necessary knowledge and experience to safely complete the adjustment work of the placement of the Folding Scaffold.
    3. Consult the architect or other person in charge about the supporting weight to be supported.

    11. What protective equipment do I need to wear when using Folding Scaffold?

    Folding Scaffold should wear the following personal protective equipment: safety boots, safety helmet, safety helmet, gloves.

    12. Who can use the Folding Scaffold?

    1. Folding Scaffold must not be used by minors or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Scaffolds For Sale are designed for healthy adults.
    2. Anyone who is temporarily or permanently disabled must seek expert advice before using them.

    13. What is the Folding Scaffold assembly process?

    Building process – 1 meter Platform Height
    1. Insert casters into the folding frames. Lock 2 castors in one frame and roll the other frame outwards until the folding diagonal braces lock. Lock the other 2 castors. Clip one horizontal brace to the frame lowest rung. See pic A.
    2. Clip 1 horizontal brace on either side of the frame on the 6th rung. See Pic B
    3. Clip 1 horizontal brace to the 4th rung opposite the diagonal braces.
    4. Fit trapdoor platform to the 3rd rung & engage wind lock. See Pic C.

    14. What are the advantages of the Folding Scaffold?

    Folding Scaffold, this work platform provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective solution for low-level access for all types of contractors – roofing, shop fitting, electrical, sign-writing, painting and more, and offers Platform Level 1.0 m and 1.3 m.
    It’s compact to store and can be transported in a small van or standard elevator lift. Designed to conform to the Working at Height Regulation, this podium is a fully enclosed work platform.

    15. What are the features of Folding Scaffold?

    Self-latching gate for Folding Scaffold added safety and security while working. Braked Castors for rigidity when in use.
    Casters are bolted to the unit for a firmly fixed connection.
    Tough design to withstand the rigors of site use.
    Designed to be pushed through most standard doorways.

    16. How high can a Folding Scaffold be?

    There is no maximum height when using Folding Scaffold.
    Under the condition of ensuring safety, you can continuously add Folding Scaffold up to get the height you want.

    17. What are the accessories for Folding Scaffold?

    The bottom end of the Folding Scaffold can be matched with wheels, which can easily push the Folding Scaffolding, making the whole work very flexible and convenient.
    The bottom of the Folding Scaffolding can also be matched with the bottom bracket, which makes the whole Folding Scaffolding more stable.

    18. Does your Folding Scaffold accept customization?

    Of course, our Folding Scaffolding accepts customization.
    There are two kinds of surface treatment for Folding Scaffolding: galvanized and powder coated. You can customize the color you like.
    The size of the Ladder Scaffolding is also various, which can satisfy your different needs.
    We also accept customization of Folding Scaffolding product packaging.

    19. Do I need to provide drawings for my Folding Scaffold?

    Please check our webpage to see if there is the Folding Scaffolding type you need.
    Under normal circumstances, our Folding Scaffolding is suitable for most countries.
    If necessary, we can provide you with the design drawings of our Folding Scaffold.
    If you need a special style of Folding Scaffolding, please provide drawings.

    20. Can you provide Folding Scaffold for projects of any size?

    In the ten-year history of Tianjin TSX Scaffolding & Formwork, we have provided customers with various specifications of Folding Scaffolding to complete the work, including large-scale projects such as real estate companies, engineering contracting, resale, water conservancy projects, etc.

    21. Is it necessary to add a ladder inside the Folding Scaffold?

    Safety ladders are a necessary product in all Folding Scaffolding systems.
    Although the Folding Scaffolding can be used as a ladder, within the Ladder Scaffolding, proper ladder passages and safety platforms are required to cooperate with workers to ensure the safety of workers and normal construction.

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