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The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Small Acrow Props, as well as the basic needs of building a set of Size 2 Acrow Prop.

The Details Determine The Quality Of Size 2 Acrow Prop

  • Size 2 Acrow Prop Type:Spanish,Italian,Middle-Eastern Type.
  • Wall Thickness:1.6-4.0 mm
  • Surface Finish: Powder Coated, Painted, Galvanized.

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    1.How much weight can an Size 2 Acrow Prop take?

    An Acrow Prop can take approximately 4,300kg.

    The axial compression load limits of Acrow Props range from 7kN right up to 42.5kN. The maximum weight Acrow Props can support is approximately 4,300kg.

    2.What are Acrow Prop used for?

    Generally, Acrow props are used for scaffolding or building support to aid in the completion of the following tasks or projects: Wall removal or interior wall renovation. Adding a window, doorway, or archway to a wall. Installing reinforced beams and concrete sections.

    3.Why is it called Size 2 Acrow Prop?

    De Vigier named his product Acrow Props, after his business solicitor Mr. A Crow, to make his product both easy to pronounce and easy to identify at the start of alphabetical listings.

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    1.What‘s Your MOQ?
    One 40’full container, Estimated 300-600 Sets.

    2.What‘s Your  Delivery Time?
    3-5Weeks after receiving the 30% TT advance payment.

    3.Can You DCustomized Design?
    Yes, We have rich experienced to make OEM Products. You can provide us with your drawing and product details,and we will produce your drawing.

    4.Which Type IYour Good Selling Item? 
    In different markets, customers have different needs.
    In Africa, Kenya, South Sudan, and other countries, door frame scaffolding is a hot-selling item.
    In South America, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and other countries, ladder scaffolding is a hot-selling item.

    In Europe, European-style scaffolding is a hot-selling item.

    5.What is Small Acrow Props?

    Put simply, an Small Acrow Props is a temporary vertical support used in the construction industry to hold up load bearing objects, preventing them from colapsing while building or repair work is carried out below.

    6.How much weight can an Small Acrow Props take?

    An Small Acrow Props can take approximately 4,300kg.

    The axial compression load limits of Small Acrow Props range from 7kN right up to 42.5kN. The maximum weight Small Acrow Props can support is approximately 4,300kg.

    7.Can Small Acrow Props be used permanently?

    My understanding is although acrow must obviously provide adequate support they are generally a temporary measure and permanent use would required some sort of inspection regime.

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