Scaffolding Wheels

The TSX 8-inch scaffolding casters have a heavy-duty double-lock design that can withstand up to 750 pounds.
Scaffolding can support heavy objects, but it requires a solid foundation.

When scaffolding is assembled on the ground, it is recommended to use wheels or base plates.

750 lb capacity provides solid support

8-inch wheel size for external scaffolding (standard or arched frame)

Scaffolding Wheels

Accessory Type
Scaffolding Caster/Wheel
Casters, Weather Resistant
Zinc/Aluminum Coated Steel
Pack Size
Product Weight (lb.)
12 lb
Scaffold Product Type
Scaffolding Wheels


Product Depth (in.)
4 in
Product Height (in.)
10 in
Product Width (in.)
14 in

Scaffolding Wheels

Scaffolding wheels are a great way to make your scaffold mobile and portable.
1-1/4″ Stem 8 inch Locking Scaffold Caster
Use with Frame Scaffolding
Heavy Duty Scaffold Wheel Compatible with all major Scaffold brands.

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    1. What is the function of the Scaffolding Wheels?

    The purpose of the Scaffolding Wheels is to move the scaffold. You can move the scaffold anywhere in your work area.
    Scaffolding wheels can help you save a lot of time by saving you from having to reassemble at another location.

    2. Are scaffolding wheels safe?

    Scaffolding wheels are very safe and you don’t want to move them when you’re working in one place.
    There’s a latch on the scaffolding wheels, and it stays in one place when it’s locked which will not swipe away.

    3. What are the materials of Scaffolding Wheels?

    Scaffolding Wheels are divided into super artificial rubber Scaffolding Wheels, polyurethane Scaffolding Wheels, plastic Scaffolding Wheels, nylon Scaffolding Wheels, steel Scaffolding Wheels, rubber Scaffolding Wheels, and other types.
    The two hot-selling styles are plastic Scaffolding Wheels and steel Scaffolding Wheels.
    Different materials of Scaffolding Wheels are used in different ground environments and temperatures.
    Scaffolding Wheels must be selected according to the usage conditions.
    Please contact us if you need the Scaffolding Wheels.

    4. What should be paid attention to when using Scaffolding Wheels?

    When the Scaffolding Wheels are moved, the ground should be level and free of pits, holes, and obstacles.
    When workers need to construct, they should ensure that the lock pins of the Scaffolding Wheels are locked to ensure that the scaffold will not move.
    When using Scaffolding Wheels, the height of the scaffold should be less than 6m to ensure the safety of workers.

    5. What are the dimensions of Scaffolding Wheels?

    The conventional size of the Scaffolding Wheels is 6″ and 8″, the length of the connecting rod is 2″ or other customized lengths, and it also supports the OEM logo.

    6. What are the advantages of Scaffolding Wheels?

    ①There are two sizes of Scaffolding Wheels: 6 inches and 8 inches. The larger diameter of the Scaffolding Wheels, the more labor-saving and the more resistant to obstacles.
    ②Scaffolding Wheels are available in two materials: steel and plastic, which can meet your different needs.
    ③Scaffolding Wheels are easy to install and can be completed independently.
    ④The scaffold is matched with Scaffolding Wheels, which can directly push the scaffold, saving time and effort.

    7. Can the Scaffolding Wheels rotate at will?

    Yes, the Scaffolding Wheels can rotate 360 degrees.
    The Scaffolding Wheels can be easily converted to any direction according to your needs, and it takes very little effort to move on.

    8. What are the applications of Scaffolding Wheels?

    Scaffolding Wheels can be used in a variety of applications, including medical equipment, construction sites, indoor and outdoor, household, and so on.

    9. What is Scaffolding wheels?

    Scaffolding Wheels are heavy-duty 8-inch scaffolding casters that support up to 750 pounds.
    Scaffolding wheels provide a double lock design to ensure safety.
    Scaffolding wheels can support heavy objects, but a solid foundation is required.
    When the scaffolding wheels are assembled on a concrete floor, it is recommended to use wheels or bottom plates.
    If the Scaffolding Wheels are assembled along the outer wall, it is recommended to nail an adjustable horizontal jack to the beam.

    10. What is Scaffolding Wheels:

    Scaffolding Wheels is a kind of caster, it has a rod installation and a brake, used to move and fix any scaffold unit-the brake is the added static component of the component.

    11. How to ensure the safety of Scaffolding Wheels in use?

    Obviously, safety is a key issue when using the Scaffolding Wheels unit or working on any Scaffolding Wheels unit.
    If you are working on a Scaffolding Wheels unit, you need to make sure that the scaffolding does not roll or move when you are standing and working at high places.
    This safety concept really highlights the importance of brakes to our scaffolding wheels.

    12. What are scaffolding wheels made of?

    Scaffolding Wheels have plastic and steel, plastic weight is relatively light, the price is cheaper.
    The quality of iron Scaffolding Wheels is better and its price is higher than plastic Scaffolding Wheels.