Adjustable Scaffolding Planks

  1. Convenient for workers to walk on high building.
  2. Stamping holes are helpful to resist skidding for workers.
  3. Various size of steel scaffold plank could be custom-made.
  4. Galvanized surface makes scaffold plank more stronger in the rainy days.

Adjustable Scaffolding Planks

  • Anti-deposited sand, fireproof.
  • Slip resistant surface.
  • Foolproof, weather resistance.
  • Safe and neat construction.
  • Environmental protection.
  • High bearing capacity and low weight, anti-corrosion.
  • Easy to assemble & dismantle, reusable, cost saving.

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    1. What type of wood is used for Scaffold Planks For Sale?

    Wood, such as fir or pine, is the most common material used for Scaffold Planks For Sale.

    High-quality wooden planks, such as Kennison Forest Products solid sawn scaffold planks or sure-lam LVL (laminated veneer lumber) scaffold planks, provide durable to Scaffold Planks For Sale.

    2. How big is the Scaffold Planks For Sale?

    The Scaffold Planks For Sale are quite “thick” as far as wood goes, which gives them a wonderful rural and industrial aesthetic and feel.

    3. Can I use the Scaffold Planks For Sale to build the floor?

    The cheaper option for flooring is to use Scaffold Planks For Sale and you just recycle a small portion of the floor and get more coverage.
    With a little bit of DIY knowledge, time, money, and manual labor using Scaffold Planks For Sale the result is great.

    4. What materials can be used for Scaffolding Planks For Sale?

    For the Scaffolding Planks For Sale, there are mainly three materials, steel, wood, and aluminum. Steel Scaffolding Planks For Sale are the most common. The processing technology is simple and the price is competitive. We can provide you with three materials. It also depends on different use environments, but the purpose is the same, that is, as a scaffolding platform if needed, We can recommend suitable styles for you.

    5. What is the maximum distance allowed between the Scaffolding Planks For Sale?

    The most common Scaffolding Planks For Sale length is 1829mm. This specification is suitable for the span of the scaffolding cross brace, and it is also the most suitable specification for most scaffolding.
    In addition, 2m, 3m, 4m, etc. can be made. 4m is the recommended maximum length. The longer the length, the higher the load-bearing capacity of the Scaffolding Planks For Sale, and the corresponding thickness needs to be increased.
    If other specifications are required, please contact us to match the suitable thickness and width for you.

    6. What should Scaffolding Planks For Sale be checked for?

    The Scaffolding Planks For Sale are mainly divided into hooks and without hooks. Both have their own locking methods. Before using, make sure that the lock pin is locked to prevent the Scaffolding Planks For Sale from moving during the construction process and causing danger.
    In use, care should be taken not to place heavy tools to prevent damage to the Scaffolding Planks For Sale.
    It is important to regularly inspect all Scaffolding Planks For Sale for damage, rot, or any other features that may reduce the board’s strength.

    7. What is Scaffolding Planks For Sale and their use in construction:

    In order to adapt to different Scaffolding Planks For Sale purposes, different types of metal Scaffolding Planks For Sale can be provided;
    Today, a series of Scaffolding Planks For Sale types are used in construction. Scaffolding Planks For Sale depends on the type of structure being built and the project budget.

    8. Why is Scaffolding Planks For Sale so important in today’s industry?

    There are many reasons why Scaffolding Planks For Sale are important, but a very good reason is that Scaffolding Planks For Sale cannot be replaced by any other technology.
    Using Scaffolding Planks For Sale, concrete structures can be quickly constructed in the most affordable way.
    During the entire construction phase, the Scaffolding Planks For Sale provides a proper passage and working platform, which greatly improves the safety of workers’ scaffolding.

    9. What are the advantages of using Scaffolding Planks For Sale?

    1. The Scaffolding Planks For Sale greatly reduce the Scaffolding Planks For Sale and cost of the project, which means that more projects can meet their budget needs.
    2. The Scaffolding Planks For Sale helps the construction manager to mobilize and release Scaffolding Planks For Sale resources accurately and on time, thereby improving project efficiency and resource utilization.
    3. The Scaffolding Planks For Sale provide excellent structural safety by providing solutions for all covered loads, resulting in a very safe and practical structure.

    10. How many types of Scaffold Planks are there?

    There are two types of Scaffold Planks, one Scaffold Plank with hooks that can be attached to the scaffold, and the other Scaffold Planks without hooks.

    11. What are the surface treatment methods of Scaffold Planks For Sale?

    Scaffold Planks For Sale the surface treatment is Pre-galvanized. This Pre-galvanized finish can prevent it from rusting in a short time. The Scaffold Planks also can be reused

    12. What if I require Scaffold Planks of a different length or width?

    You are lucky, we can make all kinds of sizes of Scaffold Planks For Sale
    length up to 4 meters, of course, we can also do 1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m length Scaffold Planks For Sale, width we can do 210mm,240mm 250mm 300mm 480mm 500mm Scaffold Planks For Sale. So you just tell us what length and width you need about Scaffold Planks For Sale, and we’ll cut it for you.

    13. Why are many holes in the Scaffold Planks surface?

    There are two kinds of holes on the Scaffold Planks surface: diamond hole and round hole. The most important role is to prevent slip, to ensure the safety of workers. The Scaffold Planks is used with scaffolding, and workers will stand in a higher position to work and walk, so the surface of the Scaffold Planks has holes, which will strengthen the stability of the Scaffold Planks.

    14. How many types of Scaffold Planks are For Sale?

    There are two types of Scaffold Planks For Sale:
    ① Scaffold Planks without hook
    ② Scaffold Planks with hook
    Scaffold Planks without hooks must be used with scaffolding. The Scaffold Planks are built on top of the scaffolding, so the Scaffold Planks are more stable and the safety of the workers is more guaranteed.

    15. What are the advantages of Scaffold Planks For Sale?

    ①The bearing capacity of Scaffold Planks is large.
    ②The operation of Scaffold Planks is simple and convenient.
    ③Scaffold Planks are more economical and practical.