TSX Scaffold Plank Supplier

  1. Convenient for workers to walk on high building.
  2. Stamping holes are helpful to resist skidding for workers.
  3. Various size of steel scaffold plank could be custom-made.
  4. Galvanized surface makes scaffold plank more stronger in the rainy days.

Metal Scaffolding Catwalk

  • Anti-deposited sand, fireproof.
  • Slip resistant surface.
  • Foolproof, weather resistance.
  • Safe and neat construction.
  • Environmental protection.
  • High bearing capacity and low weight, anti-corrosion.
  • Easy to assemble & dismantle, reusable, cost saving.

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    1. What are the specifications of the Scaffold Plank?

    There are two sizes of Scaffold Plank, one is with hooks and the other is without hooks.
    The Scaffold Plank with hooks can be placed on the scaffold and can bear a certain amount of gravity.
    The width of the Scaffold Plank is 210mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm, and so on.
    The thickness of the Scaffold Plank is 1-2mm, most of which is 1.2mm.
    The waist height of the Scaffold Plank is 45-50mm.

    2. What’s the length of the Scaffold Plank can be?

    The Normal Distance between 2 pieces of scaffolding is 1829mm, so the length of the Scaffold Plank should be also1829mm.
    And the Length of the Scaffold Plank can be adjusted if the distance between the scaffolding is different.

    3. How is the quality of your Scaffold Plank?

    Our Scaffold Plank is manufactured strictly according to national and international standards.
    And our QC will inspect the Scaffold Plank online and also before the delivery.
    If you want to see our quality certifications and all kinds of testing reports for the Scaffold Plank, please just contact us directly.

    4. What if I require a Scaffold Plank in a different length or width?

    Yes, all kinds of lengths for the Scaffold Plank from 1- 4 meters all can be accepted.
    Such as 1.5m,1.829m,2m,2.5m,3m and etc lengths for the Scaffold Plank.
    For the Scaffold Plank’s width we can do 210mm,240mm, 250mm, 300mm, 480mm 500mm.
    If you have any special size, please provide your request or the drawing of the Scaffold Plank for our reference ahead.

    5. How to ensure Scaffold Plank quality?

    First of all, The QC department is doing the inspection for the Scaffold Plank online every day and before the delivery.
    Secondly, we have a test report about the Scaffold Plank.
    Or you can find a third-party testing agency to verify our Scaffold Plank quality before Delivery.

    6. Can you reuse Scaffold Plank Products?

    Yes, You can purchase the Scaffold Plank Products once, and reuse them over many times.
    In other words, the reusable Scaffold Plank Products will save you money and time again.

    7. What are the Advantages of Scaffold Plank?

    Scaffold Plank is Reliable, robust, consistent, durable, and tough in corrosive environments.
    In addition, Scaffold Plank is lightweight and durable, so it can be easily moved to high places.

    8. Why use Scaffold Plank?

    Scaffold Plank is easy to assemble, disassemble, and suitable for repeated use.
    Scaffold Plank is with extra grip, which can be perfectly installed on the scaffolding of any height.

    9. Could you Provide OEM Scaffold Plank?

    We can accept any type of Scaffold Plank customization.
    If you have any ideas about the new design of the Scaffold Plank, please contact us directly.
    We have a professional team who can process the OEM Scaffold Plank according to your requests and drawings.

    10. Is the material of the Scaffold Plank all steel?

    The Scaffold Plank is used as a platform for supporting workers to stand or place tools.
    At present, there are two materials made of Scaffold Plank, one is made of all steel, the other is aluminum frames on both sides, and the middle panel is wood.
    For the Steel Scaffold Plank, Because of the strong bearing capacity, high quality, and low price, it is suitable for most countries and is also our best-selling style.

    11. What is the regular size of the Scaffold Plank?

    The dimensions of the Scaffold Plank are mainly width, length, height, and thickness.
    The 2 hot-selling specifications of the Scaffold Plank are 420*45*1.2*1829mm and 500*50*1.2*1829mm.
    The length of the Scaffold Plank is determined by the distance of the scaffold, and the width of the Scaffold Plank is determined by the width of the scaffold.

    12. How do I know the quality of the Scaffold Plank?

    1)Our Scaffold Plank is made in strict accordance with SGS testing standards, and we have obtained the testing report issued by SGS.
    2)The Scaffold Plank will pass through 6 inspection procedures before leaving the factory to ensure that there is no defect.
    3)Welcome to visit our factory at any time if you want the Scaffold Plank.
    4)Support to provide video or online calls to view the factory and Scaffold Plank products.