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Scaffold Parts Types

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Scaffold Parts

Packing For Scaffold Parts

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    Scaffold Parts Makes The Job Easier

    Scaffold Parts protects your building as the weight is supported on a separate platform. We can install and fix them anywhere as it is made up of different parts.

    Scaffold Parts, also known as multi-purpose, all-purpose, or utility Baker Scaffold,  has become popular for use on interior projects, such as painting, drywall, plastering, or any job that requires frequent movement.

    Whatever your project, know that with the Scaffold Parts you’ve found a product that is easy to work with, is light and stable, and provides you the safety you need as you work on those hard to reach places.

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    Scaffold Parts

    • STRENGTH – Built to perform the duty. The high-tensile steel is sturdy enough to bear the weight of anything that this scaffold parts carries.
    • DURABILITY – The galvanized and powder-coated steel ensures that the scaffold resists rusting and corrosion, which reduces scaffold parts lifespan.
    • USE – Build according to the industry standards. Use with confidence for any commercial or residential construction project as it is designed for general use.
    • BUILD QUALITY – Designed to serve and last a lifetime. The powder-coated finishes and galvanized finishes make it one of the most reliable scaffold parts frames on the market.


    1. How to transport Scaffold Parts?

    We will book a ship with the shipping company 1-2 weeks before the completion of the Scaffold Parts, and then the shipping company will tell us a date.
    On that day, we will pack these Scaffold Parts into containers, and these Scaffold Parts will arrive at your port after a period of time.

    2. What is your Scaffold Parts advantage?

    Our Scaffold Parts main advantages have three points:
    1)TSX Provides customized OEM Scaffold Parts
    2)TSX is an Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price.
    3)TSX Provides a One-stop service and a complete set of building system products, including Scaffold Parts, steel formwork, and other products, please refer to our website.

    3. Could you design a logo for Scaffold Parts for me?

    Sure, We can provide you with choices and suggestions for Scaffold Parts, such as color, content, and size.
    We can meet most of your requirements about Scaffold Parts, any request can be discussed and communicated with us at any time.

    4. What do Scaffold Parts include?

    1)Scaffold Parts cross bracket.
    2)Scaffold Parts bottom plate.
    3)Scaffold Parts decks, planks, and walking boards.
    4)Scaffold Parts doors and guardrails.
    5)Scaffold Parts ladder.
    6)Scaffold Parts pins, clips, and locks.
    7)Scaffold Parts screw elevator.
    8)Scaffold Parts side/end bracket.
    9)Scaffold Parts stairs.
    10)Scaffold Parts wheel.
    11)Scaffold Parts truss/Putlogs and etc.

    5. What are the most commonly used Scaffold Parts?

    1)The base jack or board is the load-bearing base of the Scaffold Parts.
    2)Scaffold Parts have standard, upright components that are connected with connectors.
    3)Scaffold Parts ledger, a horizontal brace.
    4)Scaffold Parts crossbeam, a horizontal cross-section load-bearing component, is used to fix slats, wooden boards, or floor units.
    5)Scaffold Parts support diagonal and/or cross-section support components.
    6)Scaffold Parts are used to make slats or deck components for working platforms.

    6. In construction, what is the role of the Scaffold Parts?

    In the whole building system, the Scaffold Parts mainly play a supporting role to assist workers in construction, and at the same time are used to place tools in use.
    In many cases, the buildings that need to be built in the project need to reach a high height, so the Scaffold Parts are an indispensable part of the project.

    7. What do Scaffold Parts products include?

    For the ring-lock Scaffold Parts, in addition to the main support Scaffold Parts.
    The Scaffold Parts mainly include vertical post standard, horizontal ledger, diagonal brace, base collar, u head, ladder stair, plank with hook, rosette, ledger head, diagonal brace head, wedge pin, etc.
    The Scaffold Parts require different accessories according to different scaffolding types, any questions please feel free to contact us.

    8. How do I know the budget for Scaffold Parts in the project?

    For Scaffold Parts, the most important thing is the main body of the scaffolding, such as galvanized pipes, ladder frames, or horizontal ledger.
    As for the Scaffold Parts, the number of these accessories can be increased or decreased.
    Because the Scaffold Parts are not a necessary quantity, which can be adjusted according to the budget of the entire project.
    If you need the Scaffold Parts, we can match for you the Corresponding quantity.

    9. Can you supply customization services according to our Scaffold Parts requirements?

    Yes. Our customization service includes the following items: Scaffold Parts of special sizes, customized colors.
    Just tell us your Scaffold Parts requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you.

    10. What are your most durable Scaffold Parts?

    Our durable galvanized support Scaffold Parts include connecting pins, base plates, screw jacks, etc.
    Our supporting Scaffold Parts meet or exceed the most stringent industry safety standards, and are weather-resistant, and can be used continuously under harsh outdoor working conditions.
    Scaffold Parts are made of common steel pipe materials into tool-type standard parts, which are assembled at the construction site.
    There are two types of our Scaffold Parts: Ladder Scaffold Parts and Door Scaffold Parts.
    A set of Scaffold Parts= two pieces of Frames+2 pairs of Cross braces+ 4 pieces of Joint Pins.
    You can choose corresponding Scaffold Parts based on your application environments.

    11. What are the benefits of using Door Scaffold Parts?

    1)The Door Scaffold Parts are lighter than the Ladder Scaffold Parts, which means that the lifting equipment and erecting/disassembling of the Scaffold Parts themselves will cause less burden on your body.
    2)The Door Scaffold Parts Reduce the impact of carrying heavy objects on your body.
    3)The lighter weight of The Door Scaffold Parts also allows you to carry more equipment to complete the work faster.
    4)Workers and small carts can pass through the middle of the Door Scaffold Parts, which is more convenient.

    12. What is the role of scaffolding accessories in the entire scaffolding system?

    Scaffold Parts cross bracket: Used to connect two pieces of the shelf to stabilize the scaffold.
    Scaffold Parts planks: Let workers stand steadily on the scaffold and have a safe working platform.
    Scaffold Parts wheel: A time-saving and labor-saving push for scaffolding.
    Scaffold Parts guardrails: When workers are working, they need to stick out to protect them from falling to a certain extent.

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