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Introduction of high-quality Post Shoring

Inner tube size of Post Shoring: 40mm
Outer tube size of Post Shoring: 48mm
Square plate size of Post Shoring: 120*120*4mm

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    Advantage Of Post Shoring

    1.The Post Shoring has a solid pallet to ensure convenient and safe transportation.
    2.The high-quality steel pipe supported by Post Shoring its high load-bearing capacity.
    3.The surface treatment of Post Shoring includes: galvanizing, spraying, hot-dip galvanizing.
    4.The design of inner tube, pin and adjustable nut with Post Shoring to prevent accidental falling off.
    5.Special design between the inner and outer pipes supported by steel to prevent operator hand injury.
    6.The size of the Post Shoring bottom plate is the same as that of the bottom plate, and the column head is easy to insert into the inner tube and the outer tube.

    OEM & ODM Avaialble for the Post Shoring
    Within 5% Tolerance for the Post Shoring
    Quality Guarantees for the Post Shoring
    SGS Passed Certificate for the Post Shoring

    What is Post Shoring?


    Post Shoring is basically used to build temporary structures to support unsafe structures. These are horizontal supporting walls. It is used when wall protruding, uneven wall settlement and other cracks and cracks need to be repaired, and it can also be used when adjacent structures need to be demolished.

    Today, the service provided by our company is outstanding. The cost of Post Shoring service is not high, in fact it is very budget friendly. Our company can provide services because they ensure the safety and success of the project.


    1. Where is Post Shoring needed?

    Cracked wall repairs require Post Shoring to support. If there are cracks in the construction site walls, they need to be repaired. But first, measures must be taken to stabilize the unstable foundations.

    2. What are the types of Post Shoring?

    ①Adjustable Nut Shoring
    ②Spanish Type Shoring
    ③Italian Type Shoring

    3. Do you customize for Post Shoring?

    Our company provides customized Post Shoring packaging sizes and can produce Shoring according to customers’ drawings and specifications.

    4. How does Post Shoring work?

    There are two main uses for Post Shoring. The first is to calculate the corresponding distance and place it in the entire tunnel to support the weight and structure of the tunnel. The second type is a concrete form used to temporarily support the top structure and to pour the walls. This creates a safe and safe environment for workers to work.

    5. Why choose steel Post Shoring?

    Steel Post Shoring is usually used instead of wooden props to support porch roofs and overhangs, including when digging tunnels or digging under buildings, because they have sufficient bearing capacity, and can be quickly deployed and removed, can be retracted, save space, and repeat high utilization rate. In addition, they have proven their effectiveness in horizontal spreading and supporting applications, or placed at an angle to repair unbalanced walls, etc.

    6. Do you support special custom steel Post Shoring?

    Our best-selling type is steel Post Shoring, while the other main materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum. Our existing Post Shoring types are about fifteen types, most of which are customized according to customer drawings and requirements, so if you need special types, please provide drawings and required materials, we will do our best to make it for you.

    7. What should I pay attention to when using Post Shoring?

    1. Make all plans before the sound Post Shoring to ensure that the Post Shoring can be used properly.
    2. Personnel with the necessary knowledge and experience to safely complete the adjustment work of the placement of the Post Shoring.
    3. Consult the architect or other person in charge about the supporting weight to be Post Shoring supported.

    8. Who can use the Post Shoring?

    1. The Post Shoring must not be used by minors or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Post Shoring are designed for healthy adults.
    2. Anyone who is temporarily or permanently disabled must seek expert advice before using them.

    9. About Post Shoring:

    We can customize for almost any Post Shoring project.
    We have professional engineers who can match and make Post Shoring for you according to your drawings and your ideas.

    10. What is the bearing capacity of the Post Shoring?

    The bearing capacity of Post Shoring depends on its size, weight, and thickness. If the thickness of Post Shoring is 2mm from 2.2m to 4 m, Post Shoring will have a load-bearing capacity of 2200 kg to 2500 kg when closed and a maximum length of 1500 kg to 1800 kg when Post Shoring extended.

    11. What kind of Post Shoring is the best seller?

    The best-selling Post Shoring is the Middle Eastern type, which is 2.2m to 4m in size and is suitable for the US market, the UK market, some African markets such as Djibouti, Ghana, Uganda and some other countries.

    12. How about the Post Shoring screw section?

    The Post Shoring screw part is divided into two kinds, one is welded, the other is directly compressed by the outer pipe.
    The Post Shoring outer tube directly compressed will be more stable and of better quality than the welded one, but Post Shoring requires that the thickness of the outer tube thickness must be above 2.75mm, and the thickness of the welded screw is 3mm.

    13. What is the value of Post Shoring?

    ①The Post Shoring has a high load-bearing capacity.
    ②Post Shoring is easy to operate.
    ③The Post Shoring can quickly release the pin, which is easy to assemble and disassemble.
    ④The Post Shoring has high-quality and various surface treatments.

    14. Can the Post Shoring be operated by one person?

    The Steel Post Shoring is the world’s first adjustable Post Shoring, completely changing the building. This is a simple and innovative design. Post Shoring allows versatility for multiple purposes, including Middle Eastern Post Shoring (48/60), Spanish Post Shoring (40/48), and Italian Post Shoring (48/56). The Post Shoring can be installed quickly in three simple steps and can be operated by one person. The Post Shoring is reliable and economical.

    15. What kind of Post Shoring is best for my project?

    There are three types of Post Shoring: Middle Eastern Post Shoring (48/60), Italian Post Shoring (48/56), and Spanish Post Shoring (40/48).
    We will fully investigate your market and recommend the most suitable Post Shoring for you. We will also discuss with experienced engineers which Post Shoring are best for your project. If your project has unique requirements, we will work with you to develop a customized solution.

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