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TSX Folding Scaffold Hot Sale Countries

  • North America - Mexico
    North America - United States
  • South America - Chile
    North America - Mexico
  • East Africa - South Sudan
    South America - Chile
  • North America - United States
    East Africa - South Sudan
  • Southeast Asia - Philippines
    Southeast Asia - Philippines
  • South Asia - Sri Lanka
    South Asia - Sri Lanka

Types of Folding Scaffold Most Frequently Enquiry and loading

The following six types of Folding Scaffold are mainly sold to South America, North America, Europe and Africa based on our Ten-Year export experience

Powder-coated Modular Scaffold Door Frame
Hot-selling door style Folding Scaffold
Modular Scaffold Door Frame With C-Lock Pins
Installed gravity drop C-Lock and rust resistant insert pins
Modular Scaffold Door Frame Loading
Blue powder-coated Folding Scaffold door frame, 800*1700mm, in bulk
Powder-coated Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame
Hot-selling ladder style Folding Scaffold
Modular Scaffold With Canada-Lock Pins
Install Canda Lock, suitable for South America
Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame Loading
Red powder-coated Folding Scaffold ladder frame, 1524*1700mm, in bundle

Folding Scaffold Ladder Frame With Disposable Guardrail

1.The surface treatment of the Folding Scaffold system is powder-coated
2.Folding Scaffold style Size: width * height-1219*1700mm
3.The distance between the two Folding Scaffold frame is 1829mm
4.The width and length of the ladder is 100*1780mm

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    TSX-Folding Scaffold System

    TSX Folding Scaffold is sold all over the world, popular markets include North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

    At the same time, our Folding Scaffold systerm have attracted many loyal customers in public construction, mechanical maintenance, house decoration, and other chemical industries.

    TSX Folding Scaffold has passed ISO-9001 certification and registration ,to ensure the quality assurance of Folding Scaffold raw materials and the service guarantee for customers.

    Save Costs for Folding Scaffold
    Mass production capacity for Folding Scaffold around 1,000 tons per month
    Customized Design for Folding Scaffold
    TSX is a Folding Scaffold manufacturer that supports OEM.
    Fast Delivery for Folding Scaffold
    According to the quantity for The Folding Scaffold, the fastest time is one week
    Free Estimated Project Cost for Folding Scaffold
    Specialized Folding Scaffold system cost estimation department

    Folding Scaffold Manufacturer-TSX Group in Tianjin, China


    Folding Scaffold or system support is a type of scaffolding, which consists of a single part or unit, used for construction and maintenance in buildings.

    With the development of the Folding Scaffold industry, many new systems of scaffolding have appeared, such as ringlock scaffold, door frame scaffold, shoring frame scaffold, Folding Scaffold, and A-frame scaffold.

    According to different scenarios and regions, we cannot say which system is ranked first, but the only thing that can be determined is that existence is reasonable, and the scaffolding of each system is all with its advantages and disadvantages.

    At the same time, we provide Various types of Folding Scaffold accessories, such as steel planks, ladders, guardrails, base jack, wheels, etc.

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      Modular Scaffold Ladder frame with Disposable Guardrail

      Modular Scaffold Manufacturer

      A Frame Scaffolding-door type 2.6ft*3ft (800*914mm)

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