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Diversified Use Of Small Scaffold

  • Small Scaffold For Painting
  • Small Scaffold For Satirs
  • Door Parts Of A Small Scaffold Packing
  • Scaffold Platform Ladder
    Small Scaffold
  • Ladder Parts Of A Small Scaffold Packing


The following six types of the small scaffold are mainly sold to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia based on our Ten-Year export experience

Galvanized Door Frame Scaffolding

Scaffold Makes All Projects Simple And Easy To Operate


Plate Measure Building Props
Plate Measure Building Props
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Length Measure Building Props

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    The small scaffold is used indoor. The small scaffold of TSX is lightweight and easy to be installed.

    The small scaffold is usually used to support workers during construction (bricking, plastering, painting or renewing, or repainting the structure, etc.).

    Multiple Types
    For small scaffold, we can provide various types, such as galvanized pipe and coupler combined small scaffold, door frame, indoor small scaffold, ring-lock small scaffold, etc.
    Delivery Date
    Sample support is delivered within 1-2 weeks, customized small scaffold needs to be communicated,and formal orders can be delivered within 3-5 weeks.
    About MOQ
    The MOQ of the small scaffold product is a 20ft container, and the sample supports one set.
    After-sales Service
    After the order is confirmed, we will update the production schedule for you in time, provide product photos, inspection and shipping in containers.


    They are parter
    For TSX, the small scaffold is our main product, which you can see in our logo.
    Scaffolding is not just a product, but our guarantee for the safety of workers because the height of the scaffolding needs to be at least 20 meters in height.
    For workers, stability is the most basic requirement, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the work, we What we need to do is to provide a stable foundation for the project.
    whether it is a surface treatment, specifications, certification, pre-sales, or after-sales service, TSX has made the highest requirements for itself, the highest Standard, best quality service.

    1. Can we offer a free Small Scaffolding sample?

    For we will do a good deal, our factory can offer free Small Scaffolding sample, but the fright needs to pay by yourself.

    2. Which payment type of Small Scaffolding can be accepted?

    For Small Scaffolding payment ,we can accept T /T,L/C,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow.

    3. How about the MOQ of Small Scaffolding?

    Our factory mainly does wholesale, so the MOQ of Small Scaffolding is a 20ft container. This is good for each other,20ft container Small Scaffolding can be mass-produced so it will save time and money for buyers.

    4. What services can you provide for Small scaffolds?

    Our company handles all aspects of Small Scaffold design, production, transportation, etc. We also provide later installation tutorials, etc.

    5. Do I need to wear a seat belt on Small Scaffold at all times?

    Yes, when the Small Scaffold is set high, you need to be equipped with seat belts. Remember not to attach the harness to the Small Scaffold.

    6. How to prevent falls when using a Small Scaffold?

    The cross braces are part of the Small Scaffold and help prevent the operator and material from falling. The cross braces can be directly fixed on the Small Scaffold, which is also useful for guiding people around the site, and the cross braces are matched according to the Small Scaffold.

    7. What are the advantages of Small Scaffold?

    The components used in Small Scaffold a Frame are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with higher durability, lower cost, and Small Scaffold less risk of components loss.

    8. What is included in a set of Small scaffolds?

    Two Frames Small Scaffold, Two cross brace, Four joint pins, One steel plank.
    We also have other Small Scaffold accessories, the above are the basic accessories of Small Scaffold, we also have wheels, base jack, and so on

    9. Could you design a logo for Small Scaffold?

    Sure, We can provide you with choices and suggestions for Small Scaffolds, such as color, content, and size. We can meet most of your requirements about Small Scaffold, any request can be discussed and communicated with us at any time

    10. What does a complete Small Scaffold include?

    All Small Scaffold Towers include:
    Small Scaffold full plank working platform
    Small Scaffold Guardrail
    Small Scaffold bottom plate, screw elevator, or casters
    Small Scaffold all necessary pins, clips, and locks

    11. What safety issues should be paid special attention to when using Small Scaffolds?

    Don’t ride Small Scaffold!
    Small Scaffold Lock the casters before climbing!
    Remove all materials before moving the rolling Small Scaffold!
    Pay attention to obstacles (wires, branches, etc.) overhead!

    12. Where can the TSmall Scaffold be used?

    Small Scaffold provides the safest alternative to using ladders to work above the ground.
    Whether Small Scaffold house painting and decoration, drain or window cleaning, garden trimming of hedges and trees, or advanced industrial maintenance or construction work, Small Scaffold can provide solutions for any access problem in almost any location at a very competitive price.
    Narrow paths, chimneys, sloping or uneven ground can be easily solved by choosing the available accessories Small Scaffold, or if you need a mobile tower with casters, Small Scaffold has a variety of options to meet all budgets!

    13. What is the use of a Small Scaffold?

    Designed to be easily moved, Small Scaffolds are used for operations such as painting, drywall installation, plastering, and other jobs where workers must frequently change positions. Small Scaffolds can be adapted to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces. In some instances, scaffolds may be a better and safer choice than ladders.

    14. How to make a Small Scaffold?

    First, you insert each caster of Small Scaffold and secure it with the connector pin. Then attach the frames to the side. Braces. Make sure all four L-shaped lock pins are completely inserted into holes on the frame.

    15. What is a Small rolling Scaffold?

    Small Rolling scaffolds, also known as mobile scaffolds, are supported scaffold sets on casters or wheels. These scaffolds are powered or unpowered and allow for easy movement and a more efficient work environment.

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