Formwork Frames

Formwork Frames of high re-usability

Formwork Frames of easy customization and repairability

Formwork Frames of unmatched building quality and durability

Concrete Column Formwork Certificate
Formwork Construction Certificate

The versatility and long lifespan make steel Formwork Frames and steel hardware popular for construction work. Even if it’s expensive, steel Formwork Frames is highly dependable for various projects. It’s the no.1 choice for jobs where reuses are common.

Steel Formwork Frames presents several benefits:

  • Formwork Frames is waterproof
  •  Formwork Frames gives a smooth finish to the concrete surfaces
  •  Formwork Frames is strong and long-lasting
  •  Formwork Frames is  adequate for curved structures
  •  Formwork Frames reduces the risk of the honeycombing effect of concrete
  •  Formwork Frames is easy to put together and to take apart
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