1. Formwork is higher support strength, bearing capacity
  2. Formwork is recyclable, energy saving and environmental protection
  3. Formwork is easy assembly, flexible assembly and disassembly efficiency
  4. The formwork is provided with climbing holes specially designed for the placement of counter bolts, which is applicable to the foundations of buildings both at home and abroad


1. How many kinds of Formworks can be for choosing?

For Formwork, there are mainly 3 types, flat Formwork, special-shaped Formwork, and column Formwork.
The column Formwork is divided into square column Formwork and round Formwork, and the square column can be produced as an adjusted type.

2. What’s the material of the Formwork used?

The formwork can be divided into 5 types according to the different materials. Including Aluminum Formwork, Steel Formwork, Steel Frame + Plywood Panel Formwork, Plywood Formwork, and Plastic Formwork.
The Steel Formwork is mostly recommended.
The price of the steel formwork is moderate and can be recycled used 200-300 times and can be.

3. What is the minimum order quantity of the Formwork?

The MOQ of the regular type of Formwork is around 200 square meters
And it also depends on the type of the Formwork.
We can provide customization formwork if you have the demand, and please send us the OEM Formwork drawing for reference before the quotation.

4. What is OEM Formwork?

OEM Formwork means we can produce the special shape of formwork based on the request of the client.
Generally, the client sends us the drawing or sample of the formwork for reference first, and we send the official quotation sheet.
After the formwork order is finalized, we will make the formwork according to the client’s request or as the drawing.
The OEM Formwork is normally suitable for the project or construction demand.
We have professional engineers who can match and make Formwork according to the drawings or client’s ideas.

5. What does the wall look like after using the Formwork?

Using wood or other materials to make the wall sometimes leaves a texture after the concrete surface is fully cured.
However, the wall is good and clean on the surface after using the steel Formwork.

6. Loading capacity of steel Formwork:

Steel Formwork is made of a very strong metal, and it can withstand very heavy loads.
The advantage of steel Formwork showed that Steel Formwork is a good choice for concrete projects.

7. What is Formwork?

Formwork is a form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting.
Formwork includes the formworks such as steel formwork on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing which provide stability.

8. How can I choose the sizes of Formwork?

You can choose the normal size from our formwork catalog.
And if you have a special request for the size, you can send us the request or the drawing or sample for our reference.
OEM Formwork also is welcomed.

9. Can I have an estimated price for the Formwork?

The price of the Formwork will be generally calculated according to the size and weight.
But the Raw material price & the US Exchange rate are unstable in the market now.
The price of the formwork only can be provided after we have your sizes, quantity, and the formwork market price when you decide to purchase.

10. What are accessories should I need for the Formwork?

You may need u-clips, tie rod and tie nut to connect or strengthen the Formworks.
And the Square Column Formwork requires the use of connecting corners and some screws and nuts.

11. Can the Formwork do galvanized surface?

The normal surface treatment of the Formwork is painted, we recommend that you choose brick red.

12. What are your relative Formwork products?

Steel Formwork, Round Column Formwork, Square Column Formwork, Corner Formwork, and formwork accessories.

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