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Items of Accro Prop

There are various Items of the Formwork Props Can meet your Business and Project demand.

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    TSX Accro Prop Your Best Formwork Props Manufacturer in China

    TSX Formwork Props is widely used in the Construction Project area.

    • TSX Formwork Props is with professional Manufacturer experience over 16 years.
    • The OEM & OED Items of Formwork Props are welcomed if you can send us the drawing.
    • TSX Formwork Props can provide the One -Stop Scaffold & Formwork Products, especially for the Formwork Props.

    Whether you need Formwork Props for Renting or your construction project own use, TSX Formwork Props will be always your best choice.

    Send your Formwork Props inquiry sheet to us now!

    OEM & ODM Avaialble for the Formwork Props
    OEM & ODM Formwork Props are welcomed if you can provide the sample or drawing.
    Within 5% Tolerance for the Formwork Props
    Control the tolerance of the TSX Formwork Props within 5% to make sure the Quality and Loading Capacity, which is higher level than the other suppliers
    Quality Guarantees for the Formwork Props
    1 year quality guarantees for the TSX Formwork Props can be offered after you confirmed the order.
    SGS Passed Certificate for the Formwork Props
    TSX Formwork Props normal sizes are already passed the SGS Test, can provide you a Certificate copy for reference.

    1. Q: What’s your Formwork Props MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
    A: One full 20ft container, mixed items of Formwork Props is acceptable.

    2. Q: What are your packing methods for the Formwork Props?
    A: TSX Formwork Props Packed in bundle or bulk (customed is accepted).

    3. Q: What are the payment terms of Formwork Props?
    T/T 30% in advance by T/T,70% will be before shipment under FOB.
    T/T 30% in advance by T/T,70% against the copy of BL under CIF.
    T/T 30% in advance by T/T,70% LC at sight under CIF.

    4. Q: What’s your Lead Time for the Formwork Props?
    A: 15-45days after receiving the advance payment.

    5. Q: Where’s TSX Formwork Props’ Factory Located?
    A: TSX Formwork Props factory is in Tianjin city (near Beijing) afforded enough production ability and earlier delivery time.

    6. Q: Can we visit the TSX Formwork Props factory?
    A: Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange a professional sales team to follow up on your case.

    Raw Material-What Acrow props raw material do we use?

    About the Formwork Props, we use Q235 and Q345 steel material.

    Type-Which type Can I get about the Formwork Props?

    We have the Middle East /German type Formwork Props, Italian and Spanish Formwork Props.

    What is the difference between the Formwork Props?

    About the Middle East / German type Formwork Props , the Inner tube is 48mm and the out tube is 60mm.
    About the Italian  Formwork Props the Inner tube is 48mm and the out tube is 56mm.

    About the Spanish Formwork Props the Inner tube is 40mm and the out tube is 48mm.

    What plate can I have about the Formwork Props?

    We have a flower plate and square plate and a U head plate.

    What is the difference between the Formwork Props plate?

    For the flower, one 20ft container can load 2020 pcs Formwork Props, but the square plate 20ft container only can load 1500pcs Formwork Props.
    In order to save your transportation cost, we suggest you buy flower plate-type Formwork Props.

    The surface-What surface of Formwork Props can I have?

    We have painted, powder-coated, Pre-Galvanized &Hot-dip galvanized.

    What is the difference between Hot Dip Galvanized & Pre-Galvanized for the Formwork Props?

    ☛Hot-dip galvanizing for the Formwork Props protects materials, such as steel electrochemically through the principle of zinc resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
    ☛The protective zinc carbonate film on the surface of the Formwork Props slows down the rate of zinc corrosion, and even if it is destroyed, a film layer of zinc is formed again. Pre-Galvanising for the Formwork Props, it has good environmental performance.
    ☛The vast majority of pre galvanizing solvents and diluents do not contain toxic organic solvents, and the pre galvanizing process also reduces the volatile amount of organic solvents, reduces drying energy consumption, is conducive to environmental protection.

    What Pin can I have about the Formwork Props?

    We have a G pin, line Pin, and Chain pin for the Formwork Props.

    Which type of pins is better for Formwork Props?

    Normally we are using the G pin for the Formwork Props, but if you like the Line pin, it’s also a good choice when you buy the Formwork Props.

    Regarding the Formwork Props, which color can I choose?

    We can make different Formwork Props colors for you, and you have a lot of choices for the color of the Formwork Props.
    For example, red, yellow, blue, green. Of course, you can also choose the same color for the Formwork Props accessories.

    Is the color I want the same as the color Formwork Props I actually got?

    If you have the Formwork Props color number you want, we can make it according to your color requirements.

    Weight- What Formwork Props weight can I have?

    ☛The weight of Formwork Props is from 7kg to 20kg, also we can make more heavy-duty props.
    ☛The more heavily represents the thickness of the wall thickness, the stronger the load capacity of Formwork Props, and the longest using time will the Formwork Props be.
    ☛The load-bearing capacity of an Formwork Props is determined by its wall thickness.
    ☛We can recommend the weight of the Formwork Props suitable for your country according to your market.

    For example:

    In tropical countries, the required Formwork Props weight is around 10-15kg.
    In cold region countries, the required Formwork Props weight is around 15-25kg.

    What is the load-bearing capacity of the Formwork Props?

    When the Formwork Props are in a closed state, the load-bearing capacity of different wall thicknesses is different. The 2mm thickness Formwork Props can bear 10-15 kN, and the 3mm thickness Formwork Props can bear 15-30 kN.

    How far apart should Formwork Props be?

    If you need a rule of thumb, though, most experts recommend using one Formwork Props about every 1 meter, particularly to support brickwork and masonry, such as skin walls. In addition, Formwork Props should always be evenly spaced

    When should Formwork Props be removed?

    When it comes to masonry, the rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours before removing Formwork Props that are supporting masonry, whether it’s with timber needles or Strongboys. You need to wait for the mortar to settle and dry completely.

    How do you use Formwork Props?

    Typically, the best way to secure Formwork Props with a scaffolding tube is to attach them to each Formwork Prop in sequence diagonally. Doing so will allow the forces absorbed by the Formwork Props to be distributed properly across multiple Formwork Props, and increase its horizontal and vertical stability.

    How do I figure out how many Formwork Props I need?

    Usually, 1 square meter will use 4 Formwork Props, each Formwork Prop size interval of 0.5 meters or 1 meter, Or you can just tell us the size of your building, or how many floors the building has, and our professional technicians will match you with the corresponding number

    Can Formwork Props be used permanently?

    We recommend that, while Formwork Props clearly must provide adequate support, they are usually temporary measures and permanent use will require the agency to review and assess quality to ensure its safety in use.

    Size-Which size can I have for the Formwork Props?

    You will find different sizes of Formwork Props. They are available in different sizes ranging from 1050mm to 6000mm. You have a choice of five regular Formwork Props sizes:
    The No.0 Formwork Props. ▪  adjustable length from 1700 mm up to 3000mm
    The No.1 Formwork Props. ▪ adjustable length from 2000 mm up to 3500mm
    The No.2 Formwork Props. ▪  adjustable length from 2200 mm up to 4000mm.
    The No.3 Formwork Props  ▪ adjustable length from 2500 mm up to 4500 mm.
    The No.4 Formwork Props. ▪  adjustable length from 3000mm up to 5000 mm.

    What are the main benefits of an Formwork Props

    Formwork Props are a kind of supporting column which used to give support to the building planks. For the advantages of using Formwork Props, we can list them as the following shows.
    ★1-1. Good performance and cost-effective,Lightweight and Can Hold Certain Loads
    ☞Formwork Props weigh lightly; hence, they can be carried around easily.
    ☞This is great not just for construction projects but also for the home improvements that are done once in a while right in your own home.
    ☞Even if they are lightweight, they can hold up some load to enable the confidence of use. This way when props are properly in place, the worker can easily finish the job in as little time as possible. As it can be recycled in use more than 300 times.
    ☞Adopting Formwork Props which has good performance in its strength makes the pouring of concrete of high quality.
    ★1-2. Formwork Props are basically the simplest form of propping
    ☞These props are used in order to support each level of a building while being constructed in order to make quality infrastructure for everyone.
    ☞This makes do-it-yourself little construction simple and can be done by anyone who is willing to get their hands dirty.
    ★1-3.Replacement Of Materials
    ☞Formwork Props are easy to use that is why they are the preferred type in renovating small areas or replacing old materials that are positioned overhead. Ceiling materials that need improvement or already have to be replaced, Formwork Props can do the support it requires in order to have a safe area for work.
    ☞In the same way, the props allow the workers to have a safe area for them to work on and not worry about materials breaking down on their heads as the Formwork Props are already in place.
    ★1-4.Environmental friendly
    ☞The use of steel instead of wood can save the forest resource. What’s more, it can also help to save the non-renewable miner resources due to the small amount of steel resource will be used to make Formwork Steel Props
    ☞Unlike the wooden support, the Formwork steel prop can be reused many times. There is no need for buying wooden support every time, which contributes to the completion of the national policy of energy-saving and emission-reducing.

    Can I have Customize for the Formwork Props?

    Sure, TSX Group can customize your Formwork Props according to adjustable height, inner & outer tube dimension, top & bottom plate size, and plate shape.
    In terms of load capacity, there areFormwork Props light-duty and Formwork Propsheavy-duty 
    The Formwork Props have their own features, characteristics, and uses.
    What’s more, you will find TSX Formwork Props available in different finishes.

    Can you make Formwork Props samples according to my requirements?

    How long does it take to make an Formwork Props sample?

    No problem at all. Please provide drawings or detailed parameters for the Formwork Props.
    According to our experience, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to finish an Formwork Props sample. According to the complexity of the Formwork Props, such as laser cutting, special treatment, etc.

    What if I want to change the length of the Formwork Props of the inner and outer tubes?

    Give these guys a shout and they’ll be able to do it for you before we booked the material.

    Can I make modifications or changes before my Formwork Props are shipped out?

    If you just want to change the color or the accessories, we can change them for you before everything is finished.
    If you want to change the specification and thickness, this cannot be changed if we already booked material.
    ★Our factory will schedule Formwork Props production as soon as the style is determined, although modifying one of the details sounds very simple.
    But the actual operation is very troublesome and will cause a lot of Formwork Props unnecessary waste.
    To avoid such waste, our staff will confirm the details and process of the Formwork Props with you several times.

    Will you make something custom of the Formwork Props for me?

    Of course, you can, we will make Formwork Props for you based on your drawings.
    If you don’t have drawings but have an idea about the Formwork Propss, that’s okay, our engineers can design the Formwork Props drawing for you and make it according to your idea.
    What is the difference between the quantity of 20 ‘container and 40’ container?

    1. A.20ft container can usually hold 1500-2000 pieces of Formwork Props.
    2. 40ftt container can usually hold 2000-2800 pieces of Formwork Props.

    Can you put our company logo on Formwork Props?

    Sure, We have different types of logos for the Formwork Props to choose from, whether you want a sticker type or a printed type, we can make them for you. But you need to pay for the related cost.

    Which country is your best sell area? Where is your main market?

    Our products sell well all over the world, but Europe and South America are the most popular markets. Among them, Britain, France, Australia, the United States, and other countries, we have a long-term cooperation.

    What are your popular styles?

    Our most popular Formwork Props are the Middle East type, which is 48/60mm in inner and outer diameter and the most popular adjustable length is 2200-4000mm.
    What’s the minimum quantity of an order
    Formwork Props the minimum order quantity is 1*20 feet container, which can hold about 1500-2000 pieces

    How to control your quality?

    ☞We have a dedicated technical department, purchasing department, and quality inspection department to ensure that every step is inspected by a dedicated person, and any problem at any step can be traced to the source, reducing the time to deal with after-sales problems.
    ☞We have a QC department and will check online for every producing process 3 times a day at least.
    ☞And will provide our inspection report for the client before delivering the containers.

    What is your company’s advantage?

    TSX Scaffolding & Formwork One-Stop Supply has been standing in China’s steel market for more than ten years with the best service and high-precision product quality. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. So far, after retail issues, please refer to the catalog for details.
    Our main advantages have three points:

    1. Provide customized OEM.
    2. Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price.
    3. One-stop service, provide a complete set of building system products, including scaffolding, steel formwork, and other products, please refer to our website.

    Shipping question-How long does it take to ship by sea?

    If you want to know the transportation time of Formwork Props, you need to tell me your country and your port, and I will confirm the shipping time for you.

    What is your production time?

    If your Formwork Props are more than three 20 ‘containers, we will treat you as our VIP customer and we will prioritize the production of your products. The production cycle is about 3 to 5weeks.

    Do I have to pay any fees at the port of destination?

    More than likely, yes. You will be responsible for all associated taxes. The fees are determined by your local government.

    What about the freight charge?

    ☞We have an experienced freight forwarder who can provide us a quotation.
    ☞The FOB cost includes the cost of the factory to the port, customs declaration, and port miscellaneous.
    ☞The CIF fee includes the FOB fee and the fee for sending from Tianjin Port to your port.
    ☞We support you to find a freight forwarder locally, before shipping, both parties compare the price of ocean freight.

    What about your payment terms?

    Support TT, Credit card, Western Union, L/C, Credit Insurance, if you need other payment methods, please contact us.
    Regarding currencies, we support currencies in more than 30 countries. The conventional currencies are USD, SGD, GBP, and RMB.
    FOB Terms: Advance payment of 30% upon confirmation of quotation, balance to be made before loading.
    CIF Terms: Advance payment of 30% upon confirmation of quotation, balance to be made receipt copy of B/L.

    Why the price is so high?

    Regarding the price, First of all, we can make samples, provide corresponding inspection certificates, measure product dimensions at delivery and accept tripartite inspections.
    These processes are to ensure that you can get the products of the corresponding value for the money you pay.
    Secondly, from your order to delivery, every step of the production process is inspected by QC Department.

    Can I change my order?

    That depends on whether the Formwork Props have been finished production or not.
    If you want to increase the Formwork Props quantity, we can modify the proforma invoice, modify the quantity and amount, and you should pay the increased amount in the balance payment part.
    If the changes are urgent please give us a ring call.

    What is Formwork Props Photo Contest?

    At the beginning of each year, we rate the best Formwork Props customer feedback photos. Please submit photos or videos about how to use the Formwork Props to us from December 1st to December 31st, and we will award the best photo based on our design.
    Submit an Formwork Props photo with our TSX logo before the required date, in the highest resolution photo you can use, and describe one of the 3 winning categories:

    1. Best Overall Building Award $500 Gift Voucher
    2. The most dedicated staff $250 gift voucher
    3. The most interesting-a $250 gift voucher

    You can also post your feelings about the use of the Formwork Props at the bottom of the photo, and we will make improvements and corrections.
    I really want to see your Formwork Props’ application photos. This is exactly what members of the TSX family do.

    How do I enter?

    Please submit your entry here. The form is the only way to enter. Post your Formwork Props photos on our Facebook page or other social platforms. We may use your photos for promotions, banners or on websites. If you do not allow us to do so, please write in your email.

    Any ideas for cool Formwork Props pictures?

    ☛If your boss is by your side, please take a photo with them.
    ☛If Formwork Props are used for high-rise buildings, maybe you use a telephoto lens to take photos of the Formwork Props being placed on the ground.
    ☛If you live in the country, put it in a warehouse, surrounded by Formwork Props, and take a picture of your house being repaired.
    ☛If you are using Formwork Props for the first time, you can place some previously used wooden Formwork Props next to them to make an interesting comparison and leave this historic moment.
    ☛Be creative. With your colleague, a house to be repaired, in front of a beautiful building, etc.

    Miscellaneous Questions-Where can I see your Formwork Props in person?

    Please follow our LinkedIn account and YouTube video account, we will update the video and photos of the Formwork Props every week.
    Can I be a distributor or sell your Formwork Props in my store?
    Yep, We welcome you to participate in the TSX family and become one of us. And we provide you with free Formwork Props promotional materials, after-sales service support, etc.

    How do you use Formwork Props?

    First, extend the inner tube of Formwork Props below the required height, and then insert the pin to the nearest position. hole. Turn the screw ring to precisely adjust the height of Formwork Props.
    Please click the link below to see the complete video–dwsKWw

    What’s the difference between Formwork Props and Wooden Supports?

    Unlike wooden support, Formwork Props can be reused many times. There is no need to buy wooden supports every time, which is helpful to the completion of the national energy-saving and emission reduction policy.

    Whats your after-service about the Formwork Props?

    1. 24/7 service is online available for the Formwork Props.
    2. Sales Team after service support you here for the Formwork Props.
    3. Technical support online and after service is available for the Formwork Props.
    4. OEM and ODM Acrow Props are welcomed.
    5. Assembling instruction of the Formwork Props can be provided
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