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WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge Made In China

Diversified Use Of WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

  • WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 1
  • WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 2
  • WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 3
  • WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 4

Accessories Used of WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

Rotating Mechanism

The WSL series of centrifuges utilize only the highest quality import SKF bearings with high load carrion capacity and low noise characteristics. Screen basket angles have been developed to maximize dewatering performance while providing high throughputs, and are easily changed.

Rotating junctions are sealed using a double oil seal/labyrinth oil seal system to ensure no oil leaks or contamination of oil, ensuring long service life.

Vibrating Section

The two vibrating motors are reliable and easily serviced. The units utilize greased and sealed bearings preventing oil leakage and reliable trouble-free operation.

Machine Section

High-strength alumina tiles lined for all wearing surfaces of the centrifuge of the box design.

All assembly surfaces are processed by CNC machines to ensure high precision and axiality.

All welded parts reach to Level 1 standard by NDT tested prior to annealing treatment. The centrifuges are high strength, greater stability, compact size, high safety factor.

Lubrication System

The forced circulation lubrication system is used for lubrication, cooling, and cleansing. Maintenance of the oil feed system is simple.

WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge Details

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