What Is The New Vibrating Screen Design?

TSX New Vibrating Screen Design is a constant and long-term pursuit of mining vibrating screen manufacturers at home and abroad.

Mining vibrating screens are very popular not only in the coal industry but also in non-coal industries such as sand and gravel aggregates.

In this way, in order to occupy more and more advantageous national markets and high-quality customers, the manufacturers of mining vibrating screens have to make new designs, improvements, and other advantages of mining vibrating screens in a short period of time.

In China, mining vibrating screen manufacturers are also obsessed with the design of new vibrating screens. Such as TSX Group. The owner has a professional design and R & D team, forging ahead on the road of new vibrating screen design.

In recent years, AURY has made the following contributions to the design of new vibrating screens: Banana vibrating screen, Circular vibrating screen, Horizontal vibrating screen, etc.

Banana Vibrating Screen:

Because the shape is very similar to a banana, it is named banana sieve. The banana sieve is a device for screening coal or non-coal materials with relatively large materials.

The equipment can be installed for different materials and different angles.

It has a simple structure, stable production performance, stable operation, easy repair, maintenance, inspection, Easy to operate. The banana-shaped vibrating screen has the characteristics of extremely high screening efficiency and a processing capacity 1.5-2 times higher than that of traditional classifying sieves due to the principle of equal thickness of the incoming material on the screen surface by using multiple stages of different inclination angles on the screen surface.

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