What is Scaffolding & Formwork ?

Scaffolding is widely used to support the interior and exterior of buildings for Construction projects.

Scaffolding is a building structure with a platform, which can be adjusted at different heights, and provides a platform for construction workers to work on construction projects much safer.

If the project building is huge and tall, it can also be used to provide access protection to ensure the safety of workers when entering to work.


The formwork is a temporary mold in which concrete can be poured into the desired concrete building.

Put the formwork in place to maintain the shape of the concrete until it hardens and takes shape.

It is a construction system used to build structures such as concrete columns, concrete walls, and concrete slabs.


How Can Scaffolding & Formwork Help In Construction?


Scaffolding is used to help workers support the construction and cleaning of buildings or machines.

Its composed of one or more sets of scaffolds of different sizes and lengths and different support methods are adopted according to the application.

Formwork allows contractors to construct the main parts of a building that are required to be strong and support the structure such as floors and walls, as well as smaller parts of a building such as stairs.

There are many different types of concrete formworks used in construction.



Types Of  Scaffolding & Formwork Products


The main types of construction scaffoldings

  • Tube & Clip Scaffolding.
  • Frame & Brace Scaffolding.
  • Mast Climbing Scaffolding.
  • Suspended/Swinging Scaffolding.
  • Haki Scaffolding, Staircase Tower Scaffolding.
  • Systems Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding.

Formwork Comes In Several Types:

  • Flexible formwork.
  • Engineered Formwork System.
  • Permanent Insulated Formwork.
  • Stay-In-Place structural formwork systems.

Steel Formwork

When  Is  Scaffolding  Required?

  • When digging a cave.
  • When building a bridge.
  • When decorating the house.
  • When cleaning the building.
  • When building railways and subways.
  • When the building is being constructed.

When do you need formwork?

  • When Digging A Cave.
  • When Building A Bridge.
  • When Building A Concrete Design

If you plan to work outdoors at high altitudes for a long time, it is necessary to use a safer work platform, preferably a properly designed scaffolding system.

In order to reduce the risk of outdoor construction work, such as small roof repairs on houses, the use of ladders may be considered safe, but considering more safety factors, we always recommend using scaffolding or Scaffolding working platforms to increase stability and establish risks and occurrences Probability of accident.


Scaffolding Prop is the most popular Scaffolding Product in the construction Support System.


Scaffold and Formwork Prop

Why  Is  Scaffolding  Necessary


People who work at high altitudes for a long time, especially in trials or windy weather, are in danger of falling.

Having a stable platform on the safety scaffolding will reduce the risk in construction work to an acceptable level.

The Scaffolding system still allows people to walk through the building, making it easier without having to constantly climb up and down.

In addition, the scaffolding will provide a simpler method for commercial and residential construction tools and prevent possible tragedies, because even a small tool may fall from a height and kill the people below.

Except for ordinary people, those responsible for site security usually refer to contractors who need to bear legal responsibilities, but companies such as real estate developers or landlords may be responsible for the work they do.


Properties  That  Can  Use  Scaffolding


Scaffolding may be needed when constructing, demolishing, or repairing buildings.

Scaffolding has no special requirements on the size of the specifications and whether it is used for commercial purposes or public purposes.

When dismantling a multi-story office building, the scaffolding will be removed from the top down, and it will become lower as the height of the building becomes lower.


Why do we need formwork?


Choosing and using the right formwork in construction projects is critical to reducing costs and meeting budget requirements.

The correct using of Formworks can also promote the on-time delivery of construction projects, thereby further improving labor efficiency and reducing costs.



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