Steel Tunnel Formwork

  • The trolley developed by TSX is concentrated on commonality, humanity construction. Structure reliable, convenient operation, good tunnel surface etc.
  • The trolley widely used in highway, railway, water projects, hydraulic engineering, public projects, and defense industry projects.
  • The tunnel trolley which consist of formwork assembly, traveling device, portal-frame assembly, Principal and master-slave traveling device, lateral hydraulic oil cylinder, lateral support jack and portal-frame support jack etc.

Steel Tunnel Formwork

Steel Tunnel Formwork
There are 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m different specifications. Customers can choose it according to tunnel length and construction period. The lining trolley can be divided into side & roof arch type, fully round acerate-beam type, the bottom platform needle-beam type, fully round through type etc.

Design principles:

  • lightweight;
  • simple, strong and stable structure;
  • moved, mounted and stripped easily;
  • strong reusability;
  • small deformation under force;
  • adequate space under traveller and providing a big space for bars and formwork construction operation.

Steel Tunnel Formwork 1

Steel Tunnel Formwork 2

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    1. How does your factory do regarding quality control for the steel tunnel formwork?

    Quality is the soul of a company, Our company always attaches great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end when producing the steel tunnel formwork.

    2. What kind of steel tunnel formwork do you produce?

    We design and manufacture steel tunnel formwork products according to the clients’ project needed.
    It is normally called OEM steel tunnel formwork.

    3. Can I order one steel tunnel formwork sample to test the quality?

    Yes, you can order steel tunnel formwork samples to test quality and sales market before you finalize the mass order.

    4. What is a steel tunnel formwork?

    Steel tunnel formwork is a formwork system designed for the Construction Tunnel Project.

    5. What are the advantages of steel tunnel formwork?

    The steel tunnel formwork system brings speed, quality, and accuracy to tunnel construction.
    Steel tunnel formwork not only improves the accuracy of concrete construction but also helps to create efficient load-bearing structures that are earthquake resistant and can be used in various applications.

    6. Why choose steel tunnel formwork?

    Steel tunnel formwork is economy
    Steel tunnel formwork is fast and reliable
    Steel tunnel formwork is safer
    Steel tunnel formwork is fireproof
    Steel tunnel formwork provides high bearing capacity.

    7. Major Advantages of the Steel Tunnel Formwork system?

    The monolithic structure of the Steel Tunnel Formwork system reduces the number of joints and improves water tightness.
    The Steel Tunnel Formwork system can reduce the labor costs and mobilization costs on-site, but instead of using the tower crane.

    8. What are the Advantages of Steel Tunnel Formwork?

    The advantages of Steel Tunnel Formwork are durability and robustness.
    The Steel Tunnel Formwork provides a uniform and smooth surface finish to the structure.
    The Steel Tunnel Formwork is reusable and easy to fix and remove.

    9. How much will the Steel Tunnel Formwork cost?

    The price of the Steel Tunnel Formwork should be based on the drawing provided by the client.
    Steel Tunnel Formwork is a kind of OEM Formwork.

    10. What is steel tunnel formwork?

    The tunnel formwork is a formwork system that applicated in Tunnel Construction Projects.
    The Advantages of the steel tunnel formwork is highly flexible, shock-resistant, and provides a proposal to the sound transmission.
    Each unit of steel tunnel formwork in the structure is called a “tunnel”, and the formwork is inverted.
    The form of “L” is divided into half units.
    The two halves are then bolted together at the top of each tunnel to form the entire tunnel formwork system.
    During the construction process, the contractor is allowed to pour walls or floor slabs every day.
    In addition, because it is made of steel, the steel tunnel formwork can be reused in different sizes.
    Therefore, the tunnel formwork is very versatile and economical.

    11. Why choose steel tunnel formwork?

    1)The steel tunnel formwork can be concreted 200-300 times on different projects.
    2)Only a few high-quality architects and ordinary workers need to carry out the construction, saving labor costs and not wasting human resources.
    3)In addition, the steel tunnel formwork still has economic value after using, because it can be sold again after completion of work or damage.

    12. What are the specifications of the steel tunnel formwork?

    In fact, the steel tunnel formwork does not have specific specifications, because the height and required strength of each tunnel is different according to the different project requirement.
    The conventional length of the steel tunnel formwork is generally 2m, 3m, 6m.
    Other specifications of the steel tunnel formwork need to be matched according to the drawings, and we can also according to the drawings to match the appropriate specifications from the customer.
    Please send the specifications or drawing you need for the steel tunnel formwork.