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Tianjin TSX Acrow Supports Hot Sale Countries
  • Steel Props to AU
  • Mongolia Steel Props
  • Kenya Steel Props
  • Steel Props To Canada

Acrow Supports Production Process

  • Acrow Supports Prenatal Inspection 3 times :  Choose the Raw material ( Q235 Material )
  • Acrow Supports Inline Inspection 4-6 times: Cutting Pipe -Outer Tube Wire – Inner Tube Punching – Stamping Hole – Welding
  • Acrow Supports Final Inspection all the time: Packing – Loading

Acrow Supports For Sale

Acrow Supports are easy to use for a wide range of applications.

Acrow Supports are designed to Support a range of  Floors And Temporary Beams.

TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports For Construction


TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports ( 1.6-2.9M) , Load Capacity 13.2 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports ( 1.7-3.0M) , Load Capacity 12.06 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports ( 1.8-3.2M) , Load Capacity 10.85 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports ( 2.0-3.6M) , Load Capacity 8.14 – 15.62 KN

TSX Italia Light Acrow Supports ( 2.2-4.0M) , Load Capacity 6.2- 15.62 KN


  • Steel Props
  • U Head Steel Props
  • Cup Nut Steel Props
  • Steel Prop
  • Galvanized Steel Props
  • Wing Nut Steel Props

DIN EN 1065 Class D Acrow Supports


TSX Acrow Supports Class D 30 T (1.82-3.0M),Load Capacity 21.1 – 39 KN

TSX Acrow Supports Class D 35 T (2.1-3.5M),Load Capacity 20.6 – 30 KN

TSXAcrow Supports Class D 30 (1.73-3.0M),Load Capacity  29.3 – 39 KN

TSX Acrow Supports Class D 35 (1.98-3.5M), Load Capacity 23.9 – 39 KN

TSX Acrow Supports Class D 35 ( 2.10-3.5M),Load Capacity 20.6 – 30 KN


Acrow Supports Production Processes

Cutting The Shuttering Props' Pipe
Automatic Cutting The Pipe By Machine
Welding The Steel Props Screw
Weld The Acrow Supports Screw In Outer Tube
Welding The Steel Props Plate
Acrow Supports Welding The Plate On The Tube
Powder Coating the Shuttering Props
Powder Coating after the Welding
Assembling the Steel Props
Packing the Steel Props in Bundle
Packing The Steel Props
Packing the Acrow Supports in the Waregouse

Acrow Supports Manufacturer-TSX Group


The Acrow Supports is adjustable vertical pipe support used for concrete formwork support.

High-strength Acrow Supports pins pass through the outer groove and the inner hole for coarse adjustment.

A Acrow Supports cast collar located under the pin allows fine adjustment of leveling or percussion.

The Acrow Supports thread ensures that no material or strength is lost at this critical point.

This is to ensure the safety of Acrow Supports during construction.


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