Steel Shuttering Plate

sConcrete Steel Shuttering Plates application:

  • Building wall, beam, ceiling, staircase.
  • Tower modular.
  • Bridge modular.
  • Tunnel shutters
  • Special shape construction walls.
  • Dam.
  • Foundation of constructure Concrete

Steel Shuttering Plate

Concrete Steel Shuttering Plates description:
1. Steel shuttering is a kind of modular table formwork for building concrete construction.
2. The steel shuttering plates are reinforced by steel ribs so that it can bear high loading.
3. This concrete shuttering is perforated, you can use srew or u clip to fix them together.


ItemCommon Size
Length availableMM450000750900120015001800
Width  availableMM150200250300400500600

Picture of Flat Formwork

Steel Shuttering Plate


Steel Shuttering Plate

Steel Shuttering Plate

Steel Shuttering Plate


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    1. How long is your steel shuttering plate’s delivery time?

    In General, the Delivery Time for the normal size of steel shuttering plate can be 3-4 weeks.
    But if the steel shuttering plate is OEM Item, it will take a longer time around 4-8 weeks accordingly.
    In a word, The steel shuttering plate products will be delivered as soon as possible on the basis of quality assurance.

    2. How can I get your steel shuttering plate quotation as soon as possible?

    We’ll send you the steel shuttering plate quotation by email.
    Please give us your requirements, order information, and specifications (steel grade, size, quantity, and port of destination) for the steel shuttering plate, we will work out the moderate price of the steel shuttering plate within 24 hours after your inquiry.

    3. How is the quality of your steel shuttering plate products?

    Our steel shuttering plate products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards, and our QC will make an inspection for steel shuttering plates before delivery.
    If you want to see our quality certifications and all kinds of testing reports of the steel shuttering plate, please just contact us directly.

    4. How much is the price of a Steel Shuttering Plate?

    The price of the Steel Shuttering Plate will be calculated according to the size and weight normally.
    It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials before providing you with the price of the Steel Shuttering Plate.

    5. What is Steel Shuttering Plate?

    Steel Shuttering Plate means the surface of the form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting.
    Steel Shuttering Plate includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing which provide stability.

    6. How can I choose specifications about Steel Shuttering plates?

    You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification based on our experience in your market.
    We also provide several sizes of Steel Shuttering plates for you to choose from.

    7. What kind of project is more suitable for steel shuttering plates?

    The steel shuttering plates are very suitable for large concrete construction projects and can be reused to create repetitive structures.

    8. How does steel shuttering plate maintain its value?

    Steel is the most common type of engineering steel shuttering plate, and there are many types of shuttering plates on the market, with many new and second-hand options.
    Since the steel shuttering plate can be reused thousands of times, steel can retain its value well.

    9. Compared with traditional formwork, what are the advantages of steel shuttering plate?

    Compared with traditional formwork, steel shuttering plate does not absorb water, so honeycombs occur less frequently.
    The steel shuttering plate is more durable, stronger, and stronger.

    10. What is a steel shuttering plate?

    The steel shuttering plate is sold well in the African market.
    The standard specification of the steel shuttering plate is 450*1200*40, which is mostly used in pouring roofs or other scenes.
    The steel shuttering plate is light in weight, easy to operate, and can be reused.
    Common colors of the steel shuttering plate are red or blue.

    11. What is the cost of a steel shuttering plate?

    The Price of the steel shuttering plate is according to the specifications and quantity.
    Our steel shuttering plate weight is calculated according to per square meter and the thickness of the comprehensive consideration, usually in 30-40 kg/m2.
    If The steel shuttering plate is not a regular length, like 2.5 m, then it is necessary to change the calculation and consider whether a reinforcing pipe should be added to achieve the required bearing force.
    Please send the specifications and quantity of the steel shuttering plate you need for our reference first.

    12. What is the thickness range of the steel shuttering plate?

    The thickness of the steel shuttering plate is between 2-6mm.
    The thickness of the steel shuttering plate should be matched according to the required specifications by the customer.