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1. What is your main product?

Our Steel Adjust Prop is our top-rated item.
The Steel Adjust Prop has 3 types of plate: flower plate, square plate, and u-head plate.
Inner tube: 48mm
Outer tube: 60mm
Thickness: 1.6-4mm
Surface treatment: galvanized, powder-coated, hot-dipped galvanized
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

2. Could you send me your Steel Adjust Prop and price list?

Okay. Our Steel Adjust Prop has a lot of detailed information, so it is too hard to send all of the price lists to you. Please inform us of the style you are interested in, we can offer the price list for your reference.

3. Do you also supply galvanized Steel Adjust Prop?

Yes, Steel Adjust Prop is not only galvanized but also powder-coated and hot-dipped galvanized.

4. When should I use a Steel Adjust Prop?

Generally, Steel Adjust Prop is used for scaffolding or building support to aid in the completion of the following tasks or projects:
1)Construction or renovation of a building
2)Adding a window, doorway, or archway to a wall.
3)Installing reinforced beams and concrete sections.
4)Used as support for stairs, columns, and wall formwork.

5. How can I choose specifications for the Steel Adjust Prop?

You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification based on our experience in your market.
We also provide several sizes of Steel Adjust Prop for you to choose from.

6. What Quality Certifications can you provide for the Steel Adjust Prop?

We can provide the test report from the Client, the Test Video, the ISO9000, and SGS certifications for the Steel Adjust Prop.

7. What are the accessories for the Steel Adjust Prop?

In the Steel Adjust Prop, the accessories that can be used together include a forkhead, U head, tripods, and parts connected to the wall. If you need other types, we can also customize them according to the drawings.

8. What part of a Steel Adjust Prop?

Composed of seven parts, top plate, bottom plate, screw, nut, G pin, inner tube, and outer tube.

9. What are the different types of the seven parts of the Steel Adjust Prop?

1)Top plate – Flower Plate, Square Plate, U Head, those are hot sell types.
2)Pin – G Pin, Line Pin, Chain Pin.
3) Inner tube & Outer Tube – Heavy Duty and Light Duty (Italy and Spain).

10. What is Steel Adjust Prop?

The Steel Adjust Prop is a simple but innovative construction device that provides temporary and adjustable vertical load-bearing support.
Also known as adjustable steel props, shore pillars, or pillars, are often used for support during building repairs.
For example, to support beams, doors, and window frames during renovations.

11. How does the Steel Adjust Prop item work?

Steel Adjust Prop has a variety of designs, but most include:
Two sections of adjustable high-strength telescopic steel including an inner pipe with a welded top plate and an outer pipe with a welded bottom plate.
And a pin mechanism that locks these tubes in place when the required length is reached.

12. What are the benefits of using Steel Adjust Prop?

Versatility: Steel Adjust Prop can be used to perform a variety of temporary support tasks, including supporting scaffolding.
Simple: To be easy to use, most adjustable steel props require a quick 3-step setup, which can be installed by only one person.
Flexibility: The double adjustment system of the Steel Adjust Prop allows fine adjustments after the Steel Adjust Prop is in place.

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