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Diversified Use Of Small Scaffolding Tower

  • Small Scaffolding Tower For Painting
  • Small Scaffolding Tower For Satirs
  • Small Scaffolding Tower For Indoor


The following six types of the small scaffolding Towers are mainly sold to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia based on our Ten-Year export experience

Galvanized Door Frame Scaffolding

Scaffold Makes All Projects Simple And Easy To Operate


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Plate Measure Building Props
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    The small scaffolding Tower is used indoor. The small scaffolding Tower of TSX is lightweight and easy to be installed.

    The small scaffolding Tower is usually used to support workers during construction (bricking, plastering, painting or renewing, or repainting the structure, etc.).

    Multiple Types
    For small scaffolding Tower, we can provide various types, such as galvanized pipe and coupler combined small scaffold, door frame, indoor small scaffold, ring-lock small scaffold, etc.
    Delivery Date
    Sample support is delivered within 1-2 weeks, customized small scaffold needs to be communicated,and formal orders can be delivered within 3-5 weeks.
    About MOQ
    The MOQ of the small scaffolding Tower product is a 20ft container, and the sample supports one set.
    After-sales Service
    After the order is confirmed, we will update the production schedule for you in time, provide product photos, inspection and shipping in containers.


    They are parter
    For TSX, the small scaffolding Tower is our main product, which you can see in our logo.
    Scaffolding is not just a product, but our guarantee for the safety of workers because the height of the scaffolding needs to be at least 20 meters in height.
    For workers, stability is the most basic requirement, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the work, we What we need to do is to provide a stable foundation for the project.
    whether it is a surface treatment, specifications, certification, pre-sales, or after-sales service, TSX has made the highest requirements for itself, the highest Standard, best quality service.


    1. Do Small Scaffolding Tower employees who work on supported Scaffold need to be trained?
    All Small Scaffolding Tower employees must be trained by qualified personnel to identify the hazards associated with the type of scaffolding used and how to control or minimize these hazards.
    The Scaffold training must include the risk of falling, the risk of falling objects, the correct use of scaffolding, and the handling of Scaffold materials.
    2. What a tower-frame Small Scaffolding is?
    A Small Scaffold tower is a base of scaffolding erected to a certain height to assist workers in construction.
    3. What Small Scaffolding Tower accessories do Scaffold towers have?
    Depending on the Scaffold type and height of the Scaffold tower, The common Scaffold accessories include Scaffold wheels, Scaffold base jack, Scaffold steel plank, Scaffold guardrails, and etc
    4. How much is the price of a Small Scaffolding Tower?
    The price of the Small Scaffold is not fixed and should be calculated according to the Raw Material price, Dollar exchange rate, Scaffold size, and Scaffold weight accordingly.
    Please provide the Scaffold size, Scaffold quantity, and Scaffold Type for our reference first.
    5. What is your Small Scaffolding Tower’s advantage?
    Our Small Scaffolding Tower main advantages are as below:
    1) OEM Scaffold is welcomed For Sale
    2)Our Small Scaffolding Tower is Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price.
    3)One-stop service for the Scaffold, provide a complete set of building systems Scaffold products, including Scaffold, steel formwork, other related Scaffold, and formwork products.
    For more details about the scaffold and formwork products, please refer to our website.
    6. Space advantages of TSX Small Scaffold:
    The stacking space of the TSX  Small Scaffolding Tower is 30% less than that of the ordinary and can be interlocked for safer storage and transportation, thereby creating a safe Scaffolding system.
    7. Except for the Small Scaffold frame, what is the surface treatment of other parts?
    The Scaffold cross brace, Scaffold Joint Pins, and Scaffold guardrail are galvanized, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.
    8. How safe is the Small Scaffold?
    The scaffold is the solution to many construction access issues, providing a safe and legal means of access for workers at height.
    9. Can I put up Small Scaffolding myself?
    Of course. The scaffold is very simple to build, and we can also provide you with remote technical guidance.
    10. What are the Small Scaffold-related products?
    Scaffold Steel Plank, Scaffold Wheels, Scaffold Base Jack, Scaffold U Jack, Scaffold guardrail, and so on.

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