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Shoring System

  • Shoring System usually can be used for 5-10 years.
  • Shoring System Three types: 40/ 48mm; 48/56mm; 48/60mm.
  • Shoring System Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot-Dip Galvanized

Spanish Type For Shoring System

1.  Shoring System Spanish type with ribs
2. Shoring System – The normal diameter is 72 and 76mm
2. The purpose is to help the Shoring System to increase the bearing capacity

The Normal Types Of Shoring System

1. Heavy-duty Shoring System with a diameter of 48/60mm
2. Adjustable length is 3.6m, the outer tube is 1.8m, and the inner tube is 2m
3. The surface treatment of the Shoring System is powder-coated, and the color and logo can be customized

What Is The Working Principle Of Shoring System

The Shoring System For Sale is a temporary and adjustable vertical load-bearing support that supports a temporary structure in a simple way. At the same time, Acrow Prop For Sale are also commonly used to support buildings during maintenance.

Because the main purpose of the Acrow Prop For Sale is to bring a cheaper but flexible alternative to other forms of building support. So far, Acrow Prop For Sale has been widely used in construction sites around the world.
Acrow Prop For Sale usually have inner tubes, these inner tubes use a welded top plate, and the outer tube is welded to the chassis,

The Acrow Prop For Sale fittings also have pins to fix the pipe when it reaches the required length.

You can also use the welded threads on the outer tube to match the nut to fine-tune the length of the tube.

The biggest advantage of Acrow Prop For Sale is its versatility, simplicity, and flexibility. Acrow Prop For Sale provides temporary support for various other tasks, including bracket support, and Acrow Prop For Sale is not complicated at all. Installing them usually requires three simple steps


1. What is Shoring System?

Shoring System is the construction of temporary structures to temporarily support unsafe structures. These Shoring System walls are transverse. When the wall is protruding, the wall is cracked due to uneven settlement of the foundation, and the cracked wall needs to be repaired, when the adjacent structure needs to be demolished when the wall is newly opened or expanded, Shoring System can be used.

2. Is Shoring System commonly used in construction?

Shoring System is popular and is used as scaffolding and concrete formwork columns. The Shoring System is adjustable, and the adjustable height is customized according to the height of the floor and floor. Shoring System is widely used in the construction and repair of buildings, mainly to provide ideal support for various buildings and beams and columns of various shapes.

3. What are the characteristics of Shoring System products?

①The Shoring System has a strong frame and horizontal support tower system, which is suitable for the most efficient support application.
②Shoring System is made of high-quality steel.
③The Shoring System can withstand the high safe working load.

4. What is the Shoring System excavation?

The Shoring System is used to support the excavation surface and prevent the movement of soil, underground facilities, roads and foundations. When tilting due to cutting depth or position is an inappropriate solution, a support system is usually used.

5. What is the importance of using the Shoring System?

The importance of using the Shoring System is that we should use it correctly. It is a way to confirm workers’ safety.

6. What is the foundation of the Shoring System?

Shoring System is lateral support for an unsafe structure that is constructed for temporary support. These support a wall laterally. Shoring systems are used under the following conditions: When we have to repair a crack on the wall due to unequal settlement of the foundation. When an adjacent structure is to be dismantled.

Shoring System is a support system used to temporarily support unsafe structures. Mainly in demolishing adjacent structures, repairing buildings, supporting concrete structures or applying to ditches, preventing displacement on both sides, etc.

7. How about the Shoring System screw section?

The Shoring System screw part is divided into two kinds, one is welded, the other is directly compressed by the outer pipe.
The Shoring System outer tube directly compressed will be more stable and of better quality than the welded one, but Shoring System requires that the thickness of the outer tube thickness must be above 2.75mm, and the thickness of the welded screw is 3mm.

8. What product is the Shoring System composed of?

The Shoring System is mainly composed of two products, steel prop, and scaffolding, both of which can be used as temporary structures to build Shoring System. The main difference between the two is that the Shoring System composed of steel props mainly supports buildings or temporary structures, and the scaffolding is composed of The Shoring System mainly supports workers and assists them in further construction.

9. Why is Shoring System needed?

The main purpose of using the Shoring System is to enhance the safety of the construction process-for example, as a temporary support structure and foundation construction, to protect those workers in temporary ditches. Ensure a safer workplace by supporting the soil wall and preventing it from collapsing.

10. Which applications are the Shoring System suitable for?

Shoring systems can be used in most building forms because they support horizontal loads. They can be used as:
Shoring System Temporary support
Shoring System Formwork reinforcement support
Shoring System support to transfer the load from one floor to another
Slab reinforcement

11. Which size of Shoring System should you choose?

When choosing a Shoring System, two things need to be considered: the height that the Shoring System needs to reach and the weight that needs to be supported

12. What are the advantages of the Shoring System?

There are many different sizes of Shoring systems, so it is easy to find the required height.
The Shoring System can withstand a lot of weight (up to 4.2 tons).
There are grooves on the Shoring System base plate, allowing multiple props to be stacked horizontally when not in use.

13. What is the bearing capacity of the Shoring System?

The bearing capacity of the Shoring System depends on its size, weight and thickness. If the thickness of Shoring System is 2mm from 2.2m to 4 m, Shoring System will have a load-bearing capacity of 2200 kg to 2500 kg when closed and a maximum length of 1500 kg to 1800 kg when Shoring System extended.

14. What kind of Shoring System is the best seller?

The best-selling Shoring System is the Middle Eastern type, which is 2.2m to 4m in size and is suitable for the US market, the UK market, some African markets such as Djibouti, Ghana, Uganda and some other countries.

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