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    Application Of Shoring Post

    Suitable Occasions For Shoring Post:

    Many Shoring Post that support the floor. Shoring Post can be used in most building forms because they support horizontal loads.
    ①Shoring Post can be temporarily supported
    ②Form reinforcement support
    ③Shoring Post can be used to reinforce the floor
    ④Shoring Post can be supported by the floor to transfer the load from one floor to another

    OEM & ODM Avaialble for the Shoring Post
    Within 5% Tolerance for the Shoring Post
    Quality Guarantees for the Shoring Post
    SGS Passed Certificate for the Shoring Post

    What is Shoring Post?


    Shoring Post refers to constructing a temporary structure that would serve as lateral support to an unstable structure. Here are some situations for the use of Shoring Post:

    ①Shoring Post can repair protruding walls
    ②Shoring Post can support adjacent structures
    ③When the wall is cracked due to uneven settlement of the foundation, the Shoring Post can repair the cracked wall



    1. What is the advantage of Post Shoring?

    Post Shoring requires minimal maintenance and can be converted to pillar frames if needed. They are durable, reduce labor costs and help you complete your work on time.
    Due to its lightweight, the rear support is more effective. Men can handle, assemble and disassemble Post Shoring, providing simplified operations.

    2. What type of Post Shoring can you offer?

    We provide a fast, simple and safe way to support the structure. Our Post Shoring has a variety of heights (5 feet to 16 feet) and a load capacity of up to 8,000 pounds per unit, making them an excellent solution for a variety of wire applications.

    3. Does your Post Shoring can help me save money?

    Post Shoring allows you to save money for other projects and opportunities because there is no need to invest in purchasing or repairing column supports.

    4. What are the specifications of the Shoring Post?

    Shoring Post outer tube is made of 50NB (60.3mm OD) intermediate tube
    Shoring Post internal components made of 40NB (48.3mm OD) intermediate pipe
    Shoring Post top and bottom plates consist of 150x15x6 mm M.S. plates
    Shoring Post heavy-duty malleable cast iron pillar nut for fine adjustment of leveling
    “G” pin made of “high-strength” steel for coarse adjustment

    5. Benefits of using Shoring Posts:

    Shoring Post is strong and sturdy
    Shoring Post can guarantee a high level of safety
    Shoring Post is a high assembly rate
    Shoring Post is simple and fast maintenance
    Shoring Post is very adaptable
    Shoring Post can be a higher level of impact protection

    6. What does a Shoring Post include?

    A Shoring Post includes an outer tube, inner tube, threaded tube, clamp nut, tension bolt, top plate, and bottom plate. Our Shoring Post are powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion and make them look beautiful.

    7. How can I choose specifications about Shoring Post?

    You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable Shoring Post specification based on our experience in your market. We also provide several sizes about Shoring Post for you to choose from.

    8. How many Shoring Posts can fit in a 20 ft container?

    If it’s a flower plate, it usually holds 2020 pcs Shoring Post and up to 2,200pcsShoring Post
    If it is a square plate, it usually holds 1500 pcs Shoring Post and up to 1750 pcs Shoring Post.

    9. Where is Shoring Post used?

    Shoring Post can be used in building houses, etc. It can also be used to Shoring Post up buildings, ships, or ditches when they are in danger of collapse or when they are being repaired or rebuilt. Shoring Post can be vertical, slant, or horizontal.

    10. Can the Shoring Post be adjusted?

    The Shoring Post can be adjusted at the standard working height without the need to bend over or reach out. Various sizes and allowable loads are available. The Shoring Post can be precisely adjusted in height by adjusting the nut, which can meet any of your needs.

    11. Why choose our Shoring Post?

    ①Safety. Our Shoring Post has SGS inspection report.
    ②Efficiency. The high load-bearing capacity of Shoring Post requires fewer props to use, reduces material and labor costs, and uses fast adjustments without loose components.
    ③Durability. The material of the Shoring Post is steel, which can be reused.
    ④Environmental protection. We use steel materials, which will not pollute the environment and waste resources.
    ⑤Flexibility. Various sizes and different load capacities to meet your changing needs.

    12. What is the difference between Scaffolding and Shoring Post?

    Shoring Post and Scaffolding are two independent systems used in the construction and engineering industries. For many reasons, it is important to understand the difference between Scaffolding and Shoring posts.
    ①Scaffolding is a temporary system built together with the structure to raise workers, materials, and equipment for construction, renovation, repair or demolition work.
    ②Shoring Post is a temporary system used to support a structure during construction, renovation, repair, or demolition work.

    13. Why are hot-dip galvanized Shoring Post is the most expensive?

    One of the most important reasons for the high price of hot-dip galvanized Shoring Post is its surface treatment. We all know that the thicker the zinc layer, the better the anti-corrosion effect, and the surface treatment method of hot-dip galvanizing, the amount of zinc is about 200- 300g, the longest time to keep rust-free.
    The second reason is its thickness. Because the temperature of hot-dip galvanizing is very high during the galvanizing process, the thickness of the Shoring Post is required to be more than 2.5mm, so the single piece is very heavy, The price is determined based on weight and surface treatment.

    14. Can I choose the color of the Shoring Post?

    There are currently five surface treatments for Shoring Post, including electro-galvanized, pre-galvanized, and hot-dip galvanized. The colors are all silver. If other colors are needed, we can perform secondary treatments on the surface for you, such as painted or powder-coated. According to the color you need.
    The color of powder-coated and painted can be directly selected, and the common ones are red, yellow, and blue.

    15. How is the Shoring Post packaged?

    Our conventional packing method is to bundle steel straps. Three straps are placed on the Shoring Post to protect it from damage during transportation.
    The number of Shoring Post in a package is 50, the normal size is 850*500*2200mm, and 2200mm is the length of the Shoring Post.
    In addition, we also support the use of pallets, customize pallets according to customer requirements, and add protective measures to the outer layer, such as adding plastic film.

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