TSX Scaffolds For Sale
Certified By SGS/Sac/Stork/Element
  • Adjustable Props SGS Certificate
  • Adjustable Props Certificate
  • Building Props Stork
  • Building Prop Element

The Scaffolds For Sale

  • Safer and longer system
  • Very little material required
  • Economic and versatile design
  • Maintenance free and always ready for use
  • Easy and quick to erect, efficient and save time

TSX Scaffolds For Sale, It will Be Your Best Choice.

More Than 10 Years Scaffolds For Sale

Scaffolds For Sale With Quality Control

Scaffolds For Sale With Moderate Price

Scaffolds For Sale With Professional Team

Application Of Scaffolds For Sale

  • TSX Scaffolds For Sale With Universal

  • TSX Scaffolds For Sale With Temporary Roof

  • TSX Scaffolds For Sale With Bridge System

  • TSX Scaffolds For Sale With Public Access Stair 

  • TSX Scaffolds For Sale With Stair Tower

Packing Of Scaffolds For Sale

Other Parts Of Scaffolds For Sale

Thickness: 1.6-2.5mm
Size: 225mm*36mm*1.5mm
Size: 2198mm*22mm*1.5mm
Types: Hollow or Solid
Material: Steel or Plastic

TSX Scaffolds For Sale


For many years, we have been manufacturing scaffolds for sale, this time we developed a variety of safety systems, and now we use these systems in our products. We know that when you use scaffolding, safety is the most important thing.

Our scaffolds for sale service allows you to purchase different types of scaffolding, from small structures to large company scaffolds. We use a variety of scaffolds to always provide safety guarantees for high-altitude operations.


1. What are the advantages of Scaffold for sale?

1)Scaffold for sale is simple and flexible operation, quick disassembly, and assembly.
2)Scaffold for sale is with high capacity and safety.
3)The surface treatment of the Scaffold for sale includes Galvanized, Powder Coated to ensure the anti-corrosion, prolong the service life and improve the recycling of the Scaffold.

2. Why choose TSX Scaffold for sale?

Our Scaffold for sale makes it easy to support, and the lightweight and multifunctional design can achieve seamless installation, handling, and height adjustment.

3. What should I pay attention to when using Scaffold for sale?

1)Make all plans before purchasing the Scaffold to ensure that the Scaffold for sale can be used properly.
2)Personnel with the necessary knowledge and experience to safely complete the adjustment work of the placement of the Scaffold for sale.

4. What is the purpose of Scaffold for sale?

The scaffold is a temporary platform used to lift and support workers and materials during construction, repair, or cleaning of structures or machines.
The Scaffold can be moved flexibly to facilitate construction and improve efficiency.

5. Could you design a logo of the Scaffold for sale?

Yes,Sure, We can provide you with proposals and suggestions, such as the color, the content, and the size of the Scaffold for sale.

6. What’s one Set of Scaffold for sale included?

One set of Scaffold includes 2 Scaffold Frames, 2 Scaffold Cross Brace, 4 Scaffold Joint Pins, 1 Scaffold Steel Plank.

7. What is the minimum order quantity of scaffold for sale?

Our MOQ for the Scaffold is 1 * 40 container, mixed loading is also allowed.

8. What’s the main material of scaffold system products?

Steel has a certain strength, good formability, weldability, processability, and corrosion resistance can be high in a variety of industrial structures.

9. Can you accept OEM scaffold for sale?

Yes, OEM for the Scaffold is acceptable in TSX Scaffold and Formwork Group.

10. What’s the max height can the scaffold work with?

In the scaffold for sale, such as ring-lock scaffold, it can reach 80 meters in the conventional specifications.
If the height is below 20 meters, the scaffold door frame is recommended.

11. What type of scaffold is for sale?

There are three main types of scaffolds for sale.
Scaffold Door Frame, Scaffold Galvanized pipes with couplers, and Scaffold Ring-Lock.

12.Do you have scaffolds for sale in stock?

Generally, the scaffolds for sale need to choose the right type and specifications according to the customer’s engineering needs, and different thicknesses also determine whether they are suitable, so we do not prepare to do the scaffold in stock.
The Scaffold for sale will take 4-5 weeks to make the spot production, and according to the Scaffold order quantity also.


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