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Diversified Use Of Scaffolding Platforms

  • Scaffolding Platforms For Ladder
  • Scaffolding Platforms For Ladder
  • Scaffolding Platforms For Ladder
  • Scaffolding Platforms For Scaffold
  • Scaffolding Platforms For Scaffold Frame
  • Scaffolding Platforms For Ladder Frame

The Details Determine The Quality of Scaffolding Platforms


1. Thickness: 1-2mm

2. High: 45mm-50mm

3. Width: 210mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm and Customized



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    TSX only asks for the best of itself of the Scaffolding Platforms

    The Scaffolding Platforms are one of the main components of the scaffolding.
    Scaffolding Platforms are the foundation of our work, so it must have characteristics that enable us to work safely.
    The Scaffolding Platforms must be wide enough, non-slip, and must avoid elements on the surface that may cause falling, and be easy to assemble.

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    Scaffolding Platforms For Sale

    Build a Scaffolding Platforms on a scaffold is very easy. The Scaffolding Platforms have some hooks on the ends, which allow them to easily join the lateral structure, being able to place them at different heights. Two people are enough to easily install the necessary Scaffolding Platforms along a scaffold.

    If you are looking for a Scaffolding Platforms, please choose us, you will find different solutions for different Scaffolding Platforms. Each Scaffolding Platforms is designed to fit perfectly with large structures and to bear heavier weight.


    1. How many types of Scaffolding Platforms you can provide?

    There are two types of Scaffolding Platforms:
    ① Scaffolding Platforms with hook
    ② Scaffolding Platforms without hook
    Scaffolding Platforms with hooks are usually used with scaffolding to support the weight of workers and construction materials.

    2. What are the advantages of Scaffolding Platforms?

    A.The Scaffolding Platforms can be conveniently and quickly installed, which is conducive to improving the working efficiency of workers.
    B. The weight of the Scaffolding Platforms is relatively light, easy to carry, and storage.
    C. The Scaffolding Platforms can bear a certain weight.

    3. What is the function of holes on the surface of the Scaffolding Platforms?

    The holes on the surface of the Scaffolding Platforms are circular and diamond shapes to avoid slipping, preventing workers in the work from slipping, resulting in danger.

    4. What’s the normal size of Scaffolding Platforms?

    The Scaffolding Platforms with hooks are more stable and are usually used for a scaffold distance of 1829mm.
    The Scaffolding Platforms without a hook is also very popular for construction need.
    You can choose the suitable length you want, such as 1-4m.

    5. What’s the Delivery time for Scaffolding Platforms?

    The Delivery time for the Scaffolding Platforms is around 3-5 weeks in the different seasons.
    If you need the Scaffolding Platforms urgently, please advise your requested time for our reference first.
    So that we can check if it any possible to arrange your purchase order ahead first.

    6. How to make sure the quality of Scaffolding Platforms?

    1) Inspect the Raw Material when it comes to the warehouse.
    2) Double-check with the producing details before the purchasing order is confirmed.
    3)QC inspect the Quality inline when the production started.
    4) QC inspects again before and during the delivery.

    7. When will Scaffolding Platforms be used?

    Scaffolding Platforms will be used when a large work area is needed to complete the project.
    Scaffolding Platforms will be used when the project takes a long time to complete.
    Scaffolding Platforms will be used when aerial work platforms cannot be placed close enough to complete the project safely, for example, uneven surfaces or obstacles.

    8. Important notes to remember when assembling Scaffolding Platforms.

    Assess any risk of falling before assembling the scaffolding Platforms.
    Place the foundation of the scaffolding Platforms on a firm surface.
    If someone needs to pass under the scaffolding Platforms, workers must install screens to prevent falling objects.

    9. Precautions when using scaffolding Platforms.

    Keep the upper body inside the working scaffolding Platforms.
    Using the shortest possible lanyard will still allow you to complete the project scaffolding Platforms.
    Do not exceed the manufacturer’s rated capacity for horizontal force scaffolding Platforms.

    10. How many Scaffolding Platforms have to be covered?

    According to international practice, under normal circumstances, the fall protection height of the Scaffolding Platforms is 6-10 feet, and the corresponding height should be adjusted according to different national standards.

    11. How wide does Scaffolding Platforms have to be?

    The space between the Scaffolding Platforms and the uprights is required to be no more than one inch wide unless the customer requires more space.
    However, the Scaffolding Platforms must still be covered with planks or decks as much as possible.

    12.How many Scaffolding Platforms will be needed for the project?

    Usually, the Scaffolding Platforms needs to be placed every 2 meters to protect the safety of workers.
    The number of each layer needs to be determined according to the number of Scaffolding Platforms, but the interval cannot exceed 1 inch.

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      A Frame Scaffolding-door type 2.6ft*3ft (800*914mm)

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