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Diversified Use Of Scaffold Platform

  • Scaffolding platform to Chile
  • Scaffolding platform To Philippines
  • Scaffolding platform To USA
  • East Africa - Kenya
    Scaffolding platform To Kenya

The Details Determine The Quality of Scaffold Platform

1. Thickness: 1-2mm.

2. Length: 1829mm

3. Width: 210mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm and so on.


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    1. The Scaffolding Platform has an anti-skid function.

    2. The Scaffolding Platform is made of galvanized steel.

    3. TheScaffolding Platform is suitable for trade and household use.

    4. The Scaffolding Platform has a small footprint, is convenient to place, and is light and portable.



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    1. What is the Scaffolding Platform?

    Scaffolding is usually used for construction work, so when the work cannot be completed on the ground or the completed floor, workers need a safe and stable Scaffolding Platform.
    Workers can walk and work on the Scaffolding Platform, and the hole on the Scaffolding Platform is anti-skid, thus ensuring the safety of the workers.

    2. How many types of Scaffolding platforms are there?

    There are two types of Scaffolding Platform:
    ①Scaffolding Platform without hook
    ②Scaffolding Platform with hook
    The Scaffolding Platform and scaffolding are used together to bring convenience and safety to workers’ work and improve work efficiency.

    3. Will the material of the Scaffolding Platform pollute the environment?

    No, the material of the Scaffolding Platform is steel which is environmentally friendly.
    And the Scaffolding Platform can be reused without waste of resources.

    4. How many types of Scaffolding platforms are there?

    We have two types of Scaffolding platforms.
    One Scaffolding Platform has a hook for more stability and is usually used with a scaffold distance of 1829mm.
    The other scaffolding Platform is without a hook.
    You can choose any length of Scaffolding platforms you want, such as 1-4m.

    5. How to transport of Scaffolding Platform?

    We will book a ship with the shipping company around 1-2 weeks before the completion of the Scaffolding Platform, and then the shipping company will tell us an estimated delivery date.
    On that day, we will pack this Scaffolding Platform into containers, and this Scaffolding Platform will arrive at your port after a period of time.

    6. How to prevent Scaffolding Platform accidents?

    Methods to prevent Scaffolding Platform accidents:
    Inspect Scaffolding Platform before use.
    Observe the use of Scaffolding Platform rules.
    Train workers in the proper use of the Scaffolding Platform.

    7. What are the construction requirements for the Scaffolding Platform?

    Each Scaffolding Platform must be adequately decked, the space between the Scaffolding Platform and the uprights must not exceed 1 inch wide.
    During use, the lock pin in the Scaffolding Platform needs to be locked to ensure stability.

    8. What’s the width of the Scaffolding Platform?
    Each Scaffolding Platform and walkway must be at least 16 inches wide to ensure the standing and walking of workers.
    At the same time, the Scaffolding Platform must also use guardrails or fall protection systems.

    9. What are the requirements for working on a Scaffolding Platform?

    Working on a Scaffolding Platform not only threatens the risk of workers falling but also threatens the safety of personnel working on the ground.
    Therefore, It is necessary to use a Scaffolding Guardrail together with the Scaffolding Platform to ensure safety.

    10. What’s kind of surface for the Scaffolding Platform does TSX use?

    The Normal surface of the Scaffolding Platforms is pre-galvanized. With carbon dioxide arc welded to provide longer protection against deformation, rust, and corrosion.
    The pre-Galvanized Scaffolding Platform is also the popular item that most customers choose from.

    11. Introduction of Scaffolding Platform.

    The Scaffolding Platform is used as the walkway board in the scaffolding system to ensure construction safety.
    It is an accessory to use a Scaffolding Platform in the construction & Project.
    The use of a Scaffolding Platform avoids the shortcomings of large water absorption and slippage on rainy days.
    The scaffolding Platform is light in weight, high in strength, easy to install, and reusable.

    12. What are the advantages of the TSX Scaffolding Platform?

    The Scaffolding Platform is with a high bearing capacity, is lightweight, and is with corrosion resistance.
    The Scaffolding Platform is non-slip holes and drains to ensure the safety of workers.
    The Scaffolding Platform is with the function of preventing sand accumulation and fire prevention.
    The Scaffolding Platform is with a non-slip surface.
    The Scaffolding Platform is safe and tidy.
    The Scaffolding Platform is easy to disassemble and re-use, saving cost.

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