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The Most Popular Styles-Scaffolding Parts

The following Scaffolding Parts is conventional styles, which are convenient for workers to stand and climb during use, save space, and are safe and stable.

Hot-selling style Scaffolding Parts
Installed gravity drop Canada-Lock and rust resistant insert pins
Scaffolding Parts powder-coated ladder scaffold, 1524*1700mm, in bundle
Hot-selling style Scaffolding Parts
Install Canada Lock,suitable for South America
Scaffolding Parts with guardrails and wheels for easy movement

Modular Scaffolding Part Frame With Disposable Guardrail


  • Scaffolding Parts Ledgers
  • Scaffolding Parts  Transoms
  • Scaffolding Parts  Tubes
  • Scaffolding Parts  Couplers
  • Scaffolding Parts Adjustable Base Plates
  • Scaffolding Parts Diagonal Braces
  • Scaffolding Parts Toe Boards.

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    TSX Scaffolding Parts is a leading supplier and installer of high-quality scaffold equipment that enables your crews to work productively and safely at heights.

    Wherever you need your Scaffolding Part to take you, we have the right equipment for your project.


    Fast Delivery
    According to the quantity and specifications, delivery can be made within one week
    Save Costs
    Scaffolding Parts is suitable for use in many occasions, whether it is home or engineering
    Customized Design
    Support the customization of surface treatment, style and accessories
    Free Estimated Project Cost
    Specialized ladder scaffold system cost estimation department

    TSX Scaffolding Parts specializes in selling.


    When it comes to Scaffolding Parts, believe that we have everything you need at TSX.

    We carry everything from casters, ladders, and jacks to base plates and arms.

    These items are very useful if you want to improve the stability and functionality of scaffolding.

    This helps to make a series of tasks easier, the scaffolding is more mobile, and it also makes certain aspects of the work safer.


    1. What is Scaffolding Parts?

    Scaffolding Parts are an elevated, temporary work platform.
    There are several types of Scaffolding Parts:
    ①Ladder Frame Scaffolding Parts.
    ②Door Frame Scaffolding Parts.
    Of course, the components of the Scaffolding Parts also include Scaffolding Cross Braces and Scaffolding Joint Pins.
    And Scaffolding Base Jacks and Scaffolding Wheels can be installed at the lowest end of the Scaffolding Parts.

    2. What are Scaffolding Parts in Construction?

    Scaffolding Parts are an interim structure used to assist concrete framework, supporting the laborers in the construction industry of brickwork, paintings, repairs, installations.

    3. When are Scaffolding Parts required?

    ①Scaffolding Parts required When workers are required to perform a task at a certain height.
    ②Scaffolding Parts can be used for a couple of days of work or above, as it would take time for setting up and dismantling. It is used for long-term projects.
    ③Scaffolding Parts are used for ample jobs that allow multiple people to work at the same time, for carrying and dropping materials.

    4. How much is the price of Scaffolding Parts?

    The price of the Scaffolding Parts is not fixed, and it should be calculated according to the size and weight.
    It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials before provide the price of the Scaffolding Parts.

    5. What is your Scaffolding Parts advantage?

    Our Scaffolding Parts main advantages are as below:
    1)TSX can Provide customized OEM Scaffolding Parts.
    2)Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price for the Scaffolding Parts.
    3)One-stop service for the Scaffolding Parts, providing a complete set of building system products, including Scaffolding Parts, steel formwork, and Scaffolding Parts related products.

    6. Could you design a logo for Scaffolding Parts for me?

    Sure, We can provide you with choices and suggestions for Scaffolding Parts, such as color, content, and size, etc.
    We can meet most of your requirements about Scaffolding Parts, any request can be discussed and communicated with us at any time.

    7. What is the use of Scaffolding Parts?

    Choose from a variety of lengths of Scaffolding Parts to expand or contract the length of the Scaffolding Parts tower.
    The Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Parts is mostly recommended
    Cross support enables Scaffolding Parts to reach full load capacity
    Suitable for standard and walking Scaffolding Parts frame.

    8. What is the use of the joint pins of Scaffolding Parts?

    The replacement coupling pin with a 1-inch collar includes a locking spring of Scaffolding Parts.
    The sturdy steel structure ensures durability for the Scaffolding Parts.
    Use with standard or arched Scaffolding Parts frame.
    Used as a connector when stacking masons and arched Scaffolding Parts frames.
    The tapered end facilitates stacking for the Scaffolding Parts. Weather resistance and long-term for using the Scaffolding Parts. This pin is suitable for 1.69 inches and 1-5/8 inch pipe outer diameter for the Scaffolding Parts frames.

    9. What is the use of Base Jack for Scaffolding Parts?

    Scaffolding Parts base jack is an indispensable part of every Scaffolding Parts.
    It is used to adjust the height of Scaffolding Parts when the ground is uneven and the shape is irregular, providing a good solution for construction projects, bridges, tunnels, and civil buildings.
    It is widely used in supporting systems such as buildings and workshops.

    10. Is the coupler a part of the scaffolding?

    As a Scaffolding Part, the main function of the coupler is to connect galvanized pipes of different angles, which has been used as a temporary support.
    The common types of couplers are mainly rotating and right-angle couplers.
    As Scaffolding Parts, there are other types of couplers.
    If you need to build a galvanized pipe scaffolding system, please contact us.

    11. How many parts does a complete scaffolding system have?

    For example, the ladder frame system needs to include the Scaffolding Parts, 2 frames Scaffolding, 2 Scaffolding cross braces, 4 Scaffolding joint pins, a Scaffolding plank, 4 Scaffolding base jacks or Scaffolding wheels, a set of Scaffolding guardrails, Scaffolding ladders.
    If you need other auxiliary Scaffolding Parts, Please feel free to contact us, we support customization of Scaffolding parts.

    12. What is the specification of scaffolding part guardrails?

    The guardrail is used as the Scaffolding Part to protect the safety of workers.
    The diameter of the main pole needs to be the same as the scaffolding.
    The scaffolding joint pin is used for connection, and the height only needs to reach one meter.
    If other types of Scaffolding Parts are needed, it is welcomed.

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      Modular Scaffold Ladder frame with Disposable Guardrail

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      A Frame Scaffolding-door type 2.6ft*3ft (800*914mm)

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