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Multi-Purpose Of Scaffolding Ladder

  • Scaffolding Ladder For High Place
  • Scaffolding Ladder For Civic Building
  • Scaffolding Ladder For Building
  • Scaffolding Ladder For General Building

Scaffolding Ladder Type

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Scaffolding Ladder

The Details Determine The Quality of Scaffolding Ladder

  • Ladder type Scaffolding Ladder: 1700x1219mm
  • Scaffolding Ladder Main Pipe: Dia 42* Thick 2.5mm
  • Scaffolding Ladder Second Pipe : Dia25* Thick 2.0mm
  • Scaffolding Ladder Surface Treatment: Blue Powder Coated

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    Scaffolding Ladder Advantage

    • Light weight, high strength, non-conductive, easy installation
    • Suitable for construction and industrial use
    • The unique design improves utilization efficiency and saves space
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    Scaffolding Ladder For Sale

    We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding ladder. Scaffolding ladder is divided into two types according to the width: Scaffolding door and Scaffolding ladder. It has many features: non-conductive, easy installation and resistant corrosion performance, etc. It is commonly used in the power station and construction site. It has been widely accepted by users.


    1. What are the technical advantages of our TSX Scaffolding Ladder?

    Scaffolding Ladder’s non-slip, blue-textured powder-coated finish provides excellent grip and a firm foothold when climbing.
    Scaffolding Ladder cross brace, square brace, and guardrail are galvanized, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.
    Scaffolding Ladder pin lock adopts a solid steel structure, which is safe and reliable.

    2. What is Scaffolding Ladder material?

    Steel is the most commonly used material for Scaffolding Ladder.
    Steel Scaffolding Ladder is very durable and strong, comparable to other Scaffolding Ladder materials such as aluminum and wood.

    3. As a temporary structure, where can the Scaffolding Ladder be used?

    Scaffolding Ladder is a temporary structure used in various fields of construction, maintenance, and repair work.
    This is because Scaffolding Ladder provides opportunities to work in high places and/or remote areas.
    Scaffolding Ladder is mainly made of steel, bamboo, or wood.
    Scaffolding Ladder’s main purpose of erecting scaffolding is to provide a platform for workers so that they can work at different heights or lift materials for immediate use.

    4. What is Scaffolding Ladder?

    Scaffolding Ladder is a large, flat work area for painters, engineers, and other workers.
    Since equipment, workers, and enough safe space are installed on the Scaffolding Ladder, workers can step on the second tube of the Scaffolding Ladder to work at higher places.
    Scaffolding Ladder is not only safe but also easy to install.

    5. What is the size of the Scaffolding Ladder?

    The Scaffolding Ladder can be modified to suit the needs and requirements of a specific job.
    The Scaffolding Ladder’s height can be increased by connecting rods, so workers can work on several floors of buildings.
    Main Tube for the Scaffolding Ladder: 42mm/ 60mm, and the thickness is 1.6-2.5mm.
    Second Tube for the Scaffolding Ladder: 22mm/ 25mm, and the thickness is 1-2mm.
    The height of the Scaffolding Ladder is 1219mm/ 1930mm/ 1700mm/ 1524mm/ 914mm.

    6. Why is Scaffolding Ladder safer?

    Scaffolding Ladder offers more area as well as bars to encapsulate workers and equipment so it’s a lot less likely to slip or fall during work.
    When using a Scaffolding ladder, aside from addressing the job at hand, users are often limited to movement and area due to needing to maintain balance as well.
    Scaffolding Ladder frees their hands and feet so workers can be more efficient.

    7. Why is the Scaffolding Ladder safer?

    Scaffolding Ladder provides space and guardrails to protect workers and place equipment, so the possibility of slipping or falling during work is much less.
    In the process of using the Scaffolding Ladder, workers may also be limited to the area of activity, and need to maintain a balance.
    The emergence of the Scaffolding Ladder allows workers to do these things more efficiently.

    8. What is the maximum height a Scaffolding Ladder can be used?

    In theory, there is no maximum height for Scaffolding Ladder.
    When you need a higher height, need to appropriately increase the thickness of the Scaffolding Ladder or other auxiliary support.

    9. How can I prevent falls while putting up a Scaffolding Ladder?

    In the process of building a Scaffolding Ladder, guardrails, safety ropes, and extension arms can be used to protect the safety of workers.
    At the same time, the National Association of Channels and Scaffolding (NASC) document SG4 details the different methods that can be used to prevent falls when erecting, modifying, and removing Scaffolding Ladder.

    10. Can you provide samples of the Scaffolding Ladder?

    Yes, we can provide samples of the Scaffolding Ladder.
    We will refund the cost of Scaffolding Ladder samples after you purchase large orders.
    As for the transportation cost of the Scaffolding Ladder samples, you need to pay by yourself.
    We can help you find the express company to deliver the Scaffolding Ladder sample.
    You can choose to pay us the express fee, or you can choose to pay on arrival for the Scaffolding Ladder sample.

    11. What are the dimensions of a Scaffolding Ladder?

    Scaffolding Ladder has many sizes, such as 1219*1700mm, 1219*1930mm, 1524*1524mm, 914*914mm, all of which are mm.
    Most countries use a 1219*1700mm Scaffolding Ladder, and the United States uses a 1524*1524mm and 1219*1930mm Scaffolding Ladder.

    12. How to use Scaffolding Ladder safely?

    Secure Scaffolding Ladder as far as possible, such as store Scaffolding Ladder near the work area as far as possible to minimize the distance of manual handling of Scaffolding Ladder.
    Secondly, Scaffolding Ladder should be sure to use personal protective equipment, such as helmets, protective gloves, protective shoes, and safety vests.

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