Scaffolding For Sale

  • Safer and Longer System Scaffolding For Sale
  • Very Little Material Required Scaffolding For Sale
  • Economic and Versatile Design Scaffolding For Sale
  • Maintenance Free Scaffolding For Sale
  • Efficient and Save Time Scaffolding For Sale

Scaffolding For Sale

  • Main Tube: 42mm/60mm  Thickness:1.6-2.5mm
  • Second Tube: 22mm/25mm  Thickness: 1-2mm
  • Height: 1219mm/1700mm/1930mm/1524mm/914mm
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized/Powder coated

Packing Of Scaffolding For Sale

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    TSX Scaffolding For Sale


    For many years, we have been manufacturing scaffolding for sale, this time we developed a variety of safety systems, and now we use these systems in our products. We know that when you use scaffolding, safety is the most important thing.

    Our scaffolding for sale service allows you to purchase different types of scaffolding, from small structures to large company scaffolding. We use a variety of scaffolds to always provide safety guarantees for high-altitude operations.


    1. Can you provide customized Scaffolding For Sale?

    Yes, OEM Scaffolding for sale is accepted.
    Please send your details of request withdrawing or samples for producing need.

    2. Could you tell me the hot sell type of Scaffolding For Sale?

    There are 2 types of Scaffolding For Sale s popular now:
    ①Ladder Scaffolding For Sale.
    ②Door Scaffolding For Sale.

    3. What is the specification of Scaffolding For Sale?

    Scaffolding For Sale’s Main tube size: 42mm/ 60mm, Thickness: 1.6-2.5mm.
    Scaffolding For Sale’s Second tube size: 22mm/ 25mm, Thickness: 1-2mm.
    Scaffolding For Sale’s Size: 1219mm*1700m, 1930mm*1700mm, 1524mm*1524mm, 914mm*1700mm and etc.
    Scaffolding For Sale’s Surface treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated.

    4. What kind of Scaffolding For Sale do you recommend?

    About the Scaffolding For Sale, we recommend the mainly 4 types, door frame Scaffolding For Sale and ladder frame Scaffolding For Sale, Ring-lock Scaffolding For Sale, Scaffolding For Sale built with galvanized pipes and couplers Scaffolding For Sale, indoor Scaffolding For Sale, and so on.

    5. Can I check a sample of Scaffolding For Sale before buying?

    Yes, The Scaffolding For Sale sample pictures can be sent for your reference first.
    Or we can arrange a video meeting to show the Scaffolding For Sale sample in our factory.
    If you think thousands of USD for the Scaffolding For Sale sample freight is acceptable, we also can provide the Scaffolding For Sale sample for your test by express.

    6. How to install the Scaffolding For Sale?

    For the Scaffolding For Sale, we have complete installation instruction videos for customers’ reference, and online technical support can also be provided.

    7. Definition of Scaffolding For Sale

    Scaffolding For Sale means “a temporary elevated or suspended work unit and its supporting structure used to support workers or materials or both”.
    In detail, Scaffolding For Sale is a temporary system built along with the structure with the purpose of lifting workers, materials, and equipment for construction, renovation, repair, or demolition work.

    8. What is the purpose of using Scaffolding For Sale?

    Scaffolding For Sale is a strong, sturdy frame built next to buildings or other structures (such as bridges).
    Scaffolding For Sale, working platforms are placed at different heights and positions, allowing workers to enter different areas for construction or maintenance.
    Scaffolding For Sale is a temporary structure built specifically for lifting workers, materials, and equipment.

    9. How to ensure the safety of using Scaffolding For Sale?

    On construction sites, using Scaffolding safely is always the most important issue.
    It is essential to choose a Scaffolding For Sale installation team with the correct training and certification to assemble and disassemble the Scaffolding For Sale structure safely.
    Scaffolding For Sale fall prevention guidelines must be followed to prevent serious injury and death.

    10. What are the advantages of your Scaffolding For Sale?

    Our Scaffolding For Sale mainly advantages are as below:
    1)OEM Scaffolding For Sale is warmly welcomed.
    2)Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price for our Scaffolding For Sale.
    3)One-stop service of Scaffolding For Sale, providing a complete set of building system products, including Scaffolding For Sale, steel formwork, and other building products.

    11. How many Scaffolding For Sale can fit in a 20 ft or 40ft container?

    If it’s a ladder Scaffolding For Sale of size 1219*1700mm, it usually holds 120-150 sets of Scaffolding in a 20ft container and up to 400 sets in a 40ft container.
    If it is a door Scaffolding For Sale of size 1219*1700mm, it usually holds 150-200 sets of Scaffolding in a 20ft container and up to 600 sets in a 40ft container.

    12. How much discount can I get if I order one 40ft Container of Scaffolding For Sale?

    Generally, we will provide a moderate price of the Scaffolding For Sale for our clients according to the request at first.
    But for the first cooperation client, I can try to apply a discount of around 1-2% to show our sincerity when the Scaffolding For Sale order is finalized.